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Maybe that it has happened. Download stores such as iTunes songs and when you want to listen to them on your MP3 player or burn them on your CD, you discover that no, that is impossible.

It is usually because the subjects are protected by DRM. 5star FreeTunes allows you to move files from WMA, WMV, M4P, AAC, MP4 and M4V formats you choose, including MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV.

The process is very simple. Select the song or songs and click on the "Record" button. The rest is to wait. At the end, you will have issues without protections that prevent you to listen to them wherever you want without the addition, loss underlying, such as title and artist information.

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Very useful: As usual buyer of music on iTunes, I have to recognize that this program is very useful, intuitive and simple to use. Although it is not in Spanish use is extremely simple: load the songs that you want to unlock and let the program do the rest. That's it!


Very slow. much better soundtaxi: How is it possible? this! Softonic (by clicking on English or American flag) if we can find, if we put it in the search box, the soundtaxi 2.2.0 (great for removing drm, the best) program, this is the link http://soundtaxi.En.Softonic.Com/, and in the pages of Spain, France, Germany and Italy if we put it in the search box does not appear anything. This leads me to think that that have 82334 programs, as you say at the beginning of all your web pages (Spanish, English, American etc.), is false and that this program is in English and American home, but not in the other nationalities. the 5star is payment, well but very slow. While the sountaxi is very good, and if you take the professional version you will see that it is excellent; also from payment. the professional not what you will find at softonic, but on their website if. http://www.Ultimatedrmremoval.Com/



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