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Ad-Aware Personal Security is a powerful security suite. Detects and eliminates any virus, spyware, adware or Trojan. It protects your PC in real time with high-efficiency and consumes very few resources.

Anti-spyware security suite

Many users were aware of the benefits of the program anti-spyware of Lavasoft Ad-Aware. Version 10, the developers added GData antivirus engine to convert him into a full antivirus program. In this version 11, changed engine antivirus (that of BitDefender), have renewed the interface and added some interesting features.

Protection in real time, team analysis, and more

Ad-Aware Personal Security offers protection in real time. In addition, offers three types of on-demand scan: quick, full and custom. Custom analysis has been enhanced and allows you to configure the scan to the maximum. Also allows programs analysis, something that is very practical.

Included in this version 11 engine is that of BitDefender, showing an very good detection rate and a moderate resource consumption. To put it in perspective, it is slightly less effective than GData but much lighter.

Something that we liked in the version 10 was the inclusion of the Game mode, that it mutes the antivirus and moderates their activity so that it does not interfere with the games.

To all this, Ad-Aware Total Security adds additional modules such as the protection of downloads and safe navigation.

This version

Ad-Aware Personal Security: the features of the free version adds protection for purchases on the Internet and phishing, as well as the possibility to scan external drives for malware.

A completely new interface

Ad-Aware Personal Security interface has been revamped and now looks better than ever. It's really a joy, both in terms of design and usability. It is very easy to access the functions from the left menu and different modules are very visible.

The most serious alternative to the big names

With this version, the Lavasoft anti-virus is prepared to fight with the "older". Ad-Aware Personal Securityhas nothing to send to their counterparts of avast!, Avira, AVG, Panda and company.

Antivirus engine, without being the best that exists, is effective and lightweight, engine anti-spyware is one of the best on the market (if not the best) and its interface is modern and pleasant. Now yes, it has everything you need to succeed. The only thing that we take on face is the lack of some more advanced features that its competitors include.

Multiple Installer

Ad-Aware Installer is only for the four versions, and enabled by default Ad-Aware Free Antivirus +.

  • Excellent engine anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Web and anti-phishing protection
  • Reduced memory and processor usage
  • Modifiable scanning priority
  • Nice GUI
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Improved detection rate

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Ad-Aware Personal Security reviews


Not so good.: This antivirus is not good, since it does not have all the tools having a personal antivirus. What I liked was the interface.

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