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ALSong is a full-featured music player which, despite being a newcomer to the world of software, well deserves a chance for its great potential in usability, design and functions.

Its appearance is reminiscent of other programs of the style (without going any further, the popular Winamp), but ALSong says its own personality-based skins and a wide range of colors that allow you to modify your interface in a few clicks.

ALSong meets and exceeds its main function: play music. It supports various formats, boasts a ten track equalizer, allows to use playlists and has even a utility to create personalized with your favorite songs albums.

But here not just the thing. ALSong also boasts a small window where you show the lyrics of the songs you play with more than one million songs in its database. And if the song you hear is not, you can look it up yourself and add it easily from the program.

ALSong also has a special module that allows you to play music more slowly, allowing you to finally understand that blessed phrase that always eludes you.

Minimize the window to the toolbar, to control the program with global hotkeys, editor of tags ID3... leave you to discover the rest for yourself.

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nice presentation, but poor implementation: Install it and when trying to use it, only thing it does is give the appearance that is shutting down my pc and then enlarge the icons on my desktop and you mess them, but the application never opens, I think not worth it give him the chance, ending say the uninstall.


not worth the hassle to download it: install it but will try to use it the screen goes black and the restart leaves all the cluttered icons and never connects the application


Very good: The truth is that all players I've tried I'll take this, sounds excellent, fast, not me has brought niingun problem with the pc, which if passed with others! The only drawback that we could say that it has esque is in English and not me operation much in the language... But it is easy to use!


Bad to regulate: In 95% of the songs I have, could not find letter. The Tags are complete at all because it is a way to categorize them for my programs and however that did nothing. Bad boy.

marta ines

Update: This program is beautiful, but I can't use it with windows 7, I wonder when they will it update? hopefully soon. By today it can not use thank you


NeCiVoTuP: Great player for those who like us know we're listening / sing. The lyrics database is very large, and if there is any song, always yourself can add it very easily. The sound quality is very good.


b-mox: It is a very good music player and as for which we like to read what we hear or either sing it maybe even better since it has a wide repertoire of letters... also you can add them yourself if it is not in existence... in addition to find the cacniones in any list is very easy in the end for me this very complete...


Perfect: It is perfect, the only downside for me is that in English and do not understand much English, although there is a translator, but as always use it in English and I never had any problem.


Much more than you think: The truth left me surprised this program turned out to be much more of what I imagined is a box of surprises spectacular sipero expectations is good proograma I recommend it, the majority of songs are written jajajajaja finally to the interesting in audio only lacking more advertising but very good


Excellent: It looks like a simple player, but it's really excellent, since it combines the lirycs with a unique sound, which consumes very few resources.


spectacular performance: In addition to very good sound, the lyrics (lyrics) and the possibility of highlighting the voices, to better understand the letters, make it a delight...


The best: Look for the letters automatically in a few seconds and the sound quality is very high. I recommend it to everyone.


adaila: Is surprising that you get to offer this player, good sound with your best songs ability to customize it as you want and also the option that offers you to get the lyrics of the songs organ worded, ultimately all a plan for music lovers!


the best for me: I just formatted my machine and the first thing I've done is down again. Something will be, no? It is amazing to see the amount of songs both foreign as Spanish and the speed with which finds the letter. One pass. I was before with JET AUDIO which is good, for my better than WINAMP, but it sounds the same and up date the letters "pop the face". It is clear, I like!


Excellent...: If you are looking for is an excellent player, with a spectacular sound and low consumption of resources is indicated, also has the great advantage of reproducing the lyrics of your songs, which you also can edit when you think that this is necessary or you can also upload your own letters, also you can customize virtually everything in the and repeat the sound that has is spectacular the best, even if your speakers are not the best.


Fantastic! versatile and few resources finally all in 1!: I love this program, I can browse, have a game that is minimized, use photoshop or flash or after effects, all listening and seeing the letter in a corner of the screen much better than winamp company ;)


Speechless alsong: He is a player with high quality sound, in all aspects I can only say that it is very good, I have tried many is more already resigned aimp, I'm not saying this that the aimp is bad it is excellent but I tried alsong and not desinstalare it, I've been as my default player, i.e. all my songs and audio are aggregated with alsong, besides what I liked, most it is the novelty that only I found it with alsong songs bring the letter good fate brings it for some reason, and you can edit from the very beginning, i.e. not is if it is very impertinent on my part, but we have one of the best sound integrated with a kind of karaoke playersI have only praise for this program. Meaning it is not only that there are many more features to discover, recommend it try it and insurance are surprised until grade, not what is. But to my good in short I recommend it.


What are cool are the lyrics: The great advantage of this player is already seeking you the lyrics of the songs automatically surely through a data base on the internet without having to set up / down pluggins for this function. The songs are also timed what will make time for karaoke, and minimarlo can and have letters at the bottom of the screen at all times. Good skins and preferences. by ReBoRN




Formidable: Surprising the ability to search for lyrics. High quality sound. The best thing on the web


winamp ke: This program is much better winamp ke, value, not you pull resources, having the lyrics of the songs, and so good komo the aimp2!


I loved it: It is very easy to use, lightweight, and the things that I like most is of course showing you the lyrics of the songs, and if any us upload them you.


Excellent: A very good alternative if Winamp already does not convince you. It is the version before this, but improved. It fulfills its function and not spent many resources. Does not have media library, which is not essential though if useful. The appearance could improve, but it is not all bad. The way in which shows you the lyics is the best thing has, will be synchronized with the song, is very good.


Very good alternative: I thought it was a great program, a really good alternative, good database with lyrics that increasingly grows already than users themselves them added, therefore a continuous growth. A very good appearance, ease of use, nothing to envy to other players. Preferred Toltalmente.

Great audio player: He is a good player, takes up little space and songs do not lose quality and hear quite well. It is served with multimedia keyboards, allowing to pass from song, control the volume and other functions through the keyboard, this use does not allow (at least to me) players such as Winamp. The interface is quite eye-catching, though it has many Skins (skins) to customize it a bit more. Another of the features that I love are the lyrics, which allows you to see the lyrics of the song while it is playing, almost like a karaoke. To my I like, because I put my favorite song and while heard it the song, haha. In short, this player seems very interesting and is among the best. I highly recommend it.


It is the mondaaaaa: It is great is not missing nadaaaa think k no player k reach you the ankles


I love it!: Excellent player and with that to also see the lyrics of the song "karaoke" type is great ;)


It is the maximum!: I love everything about this program, it makes me easy and very dynamic, in addition to be modern. I use it on my pc as a unique reproductive system of music to have problems my windows in the office computer. Since I have it I do not what to use and I have connected it to my keyboard


Are there any better?: Excellent and powerful player sound, very light and with a display of the lyrics of your songs by way of karaoke.desde that lower it is became my sound pre determined player -

Arum. L

They listen well: Very good player is listen well I love I like...excellent


[email protected] DARWIN (user): holas ps noc q truth is that program but I'm going to download to see q such s, and x lo q have commented I see q is very good!


ALSong vs Aimp2: I like although I would have liked to have more bands of Equalization and compared with Aimp2.. .mmmmm I stay with Aimp not by that ALSong is bad if that streaming Aimp is not much better (for the onl; ine RADIUS) and its equalization is more faithful... greetings!


PA ke do not know the songs: It's very good performance is excellent had been looking for a program like this until I saw it in this great animense softonic


VERY GOOD AND INNOVATIVE: Simple, does not consume too many resources, less than winamp, and very innovative in terms of having the lyrics of the songs online and but give you the opportunity to provide them your and upload them. as you are playing the song the lyrics go down. You can be sailing with music and a semi-transparent bar pequenya down or where cured it with the lyrics of the song.


good, but fails: the download days ago and it worked fine, then tube k foratear and kise reinstall and no longer kiso function as all time mark as not responding... no is what happens to my I loved


The best player who has left: Better winamp, better than itunes, better than the musicmatch and windows media (that disgust), is easy to use, music glue, fader, the best song lirycs, consume half of memory than winamp, it can be minimized to the taskbar with its functions in sight!that programon!I have tried many and now uninstalled winamp.es true has no skins, but at least brings a very good one, it is certainly not has cd burn but so want that if I burn a disc with nero.es better that you can find it on players, free and for my ¨ which is better than winamp¨ try it so you can see truth

Xavier Ocampos

Sobers: With all due respect, do not have the most minimal idea of what you speak, you let yourself carried away by your fanaticism or you simply like to be contrary. An audio player to be designed for that, to play audio. Winamp is payment, this is free and itunes consumes 20 times more resources than this alsong which is what makes you think that after using these 2 programs will think otherwise this program which has the right and need to play audio without consuming resources and completely free? What is the downside that you can find? What does not have skin? You stand to look at the player while listening to music? Would not this in Spanish? Is it so hard to give the play or stop in English? Sorry to be direct, but it is that you annoying form of trying to remove them merits to a freeware program by comparing it with other payment that over have nothing that does not have this.


Excellent alternative to Winamp: Very good, very good. Excellent. I've been using winamp since always and just try this for that give you a chance. Winamp may have more range of files and any other function that lacks alsong, but nothing you can not do with nero or programs for editing and standardisation, courts, etc, which at the end and at the end are those used for these extra needs. However half of resources required, and has new features that don't have winamp as the power handle from the taskbar. It works without problems. In short, a very good alternative to winamp. Why change if we already have winamp and we'll wonder? There is no reason; simply for change and have something new if it is that you take time using the other and you want to change. Although Softonic does not designate it, in the author's page you can access a link where you pillarás the pack in Spanish. -Note from softonic:- Yes that we indicated in the tab of the program (in 'related programmes') that there is a pack, in fact, is even published in softonic: http://alsong-spanish-language-pack.softonic.com/ie/56087 Best regards! ------------------------------


Alsong Is an excellent program, apparently reminds you to winamp but with a big difference is more interactive for that allows you to read the lyrics of the song that hear (in real time), not to mention that it weighs less and allows you to correct the lyrics wrong or simply select them from a list, really recommend it because it is more pleasant review good programs that criticize fellowsBest regards...


Exelentisimo: Excellent program, the best in its class, previously used winamp and me VAT very well, but from that probe to the song left me surprised, as a exelentisimo is program, very light and with an excellent interface and sound great, I really recommend it.


Excellent player: Truth I surprised many this player, usually use winamp, but this is the winamp without any plug, and even with plug, it competes very well (I have winamp with plug and sounds more strong, but the alsong is not far behind in terms of quality), the equalizer is just great, very functional and effec, it has functions like the task bar (something that definitely you made in face of the winamp), the lyrics, good interface, easy use, also can take the multimedia functions of the keyboard, something that I couldn't do with winamp consumes much less memory than winamp, in my case 14 + mb vs 38 + mb (by the skin that I have installed on the winamp + the plugs + all kla views less video)This is an interesting fact to those who have computers with little ram, since the quality of sound is very good and does not require + added, I would say that is ideal for computers with little ram, I do not very interested in me because I have a lot, but to others i interesar.pero can you as everything has its butreally need you a media library, that allows you to do searches of the songs on the pc with the program, since it is annoying having to use file manager (and I call him so that I do not use explorer) to search for the song you want to hear... If estal the playlist but not too much and much better interaction... the otherlyrics finder is good, but the minilyrics is better, he has more songs (weno... will be that which do not go are the Japanese songs?), but that of the alsong is the best known without problem (and built-in = - resources), another thing is that it does not play me aqlgunos not so extended formats, but sure there are plugs for eso.lo uninstall that translation I damage the player, not salian lyrics (not is if only to my), I'm still not sure reinstall (even though AALL what I said), simply by the library, the winamp makes it more comfortable, but if you use the mediaplayer and don't like winamp you have a pc with low ram, definitely this is the perfect choice, fully recomendao

A REVELATION: Although I've tried winamp, I-tunes, videolan, realpayer, and quintessential, so far it had not given with any player that, for my taste, igualase the musical quality of the widowsmediaplayer. Well, well, we have here, trying to you to your to the referred wmp, and even surpassing it in musical transparency when I compare both players in flat (without Equalizer) response. For the EQ, I do still preferring the effects achieved in wmp. But in addition to this worthy technical tie, aol brings important advantages that make it preferable alternative to the wmp for me: -your skins, allowing to adapt it in size and layout, not the way us in absolute sre desk. -the synchronized display of the lyrics of songs, obtained from a database online, is great. - and what for me has been the great discovery: edit labels CDDB in block, for all the songs in a folder or playlist: ended the edit one by one. The only flaw I found is an excessive sensitivity to defects file: some mp3 that I downloaded via p2p and that sound perfectly in the wmp are not recognized by aol, but it's very exceptional cases. Otherwise, senscional.


!!Buenisimo!And now with pack in Spanish: This better than winamp, itunnes, RealPlayer and the windows media.no crap has ripper but so you need it if you can make a cd with another program, does not burn cd but so you want if you have nero, this player is handled from the taskbar it winamp does it?It has lirycs box perhaps winamp does it?And best of all!only cumsume half of memory than winamp and some other brand player wow for my excellent, you have to try it and best of all is that now there are pack in Spanish!!!!who most need?Download the pack from here http://www.altools.net/portals/0/alsong-spanish-v1.52.zip


GREAT alternative: Alsong is a great alternative to the huge winamp. So I say, an internet user with a pentium ii 400 MHz, with few resources and that, with programs like this, I can listen to music without the pc is pete I. It has many functions, intuitive system, and not the complication of winamp... Stating that no man pagao, is that the program is worthwhile and I gave joy finally find something to listen to music and that not petara me pc, and if above it has many functions and is free better...


Recommended but with deficiencies: Recommended. Until the letter is a "point" (provided that you find it in your database, although you can introduce it yourself) Made missing the random playback. And that you can display any type of image when you are listening to music. However, it is worth.


A few more things and it would be perfect: Until you have tried it never thought to be "unfaithful" to winamp, but I still need one or two more versions to be perfect. It is missing put a "patch" for Spanish and a little configure internet access (proxy, user, password, etc) to connect to the server of lyrics, and some extras like library management and visualization of those moving to the rhythm of the music.


Simply spectacular: It is a program very versatile and stable, with functions as innovative as the lyrics, a good sound and an excellent graphical interface. Maybe can add you functions more important as the resource library, to search for files on your pc. But nothing is perfect.


OK: I tried the program by chance And I'm glad you did It is easy to use and that q is in English xd, comfortable, stable... I love the transparent window That allows you to have the minimized program and being able to change song And also read letters, big q xd


Super!: Very good. Nothing more to say. Meets its functions largely and add some own very interesting. The equaliser, subtitles and the retarder are very useful.


Without words: It is an excellent program and that is new, no doubt it include the lyrics of the songs, it's great that they likes to sing your favorite songs is phenomenal, and if not can upload it your mismo.gran program and with many more functions download it not is regret


Full 5.666

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