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AVG Anti-Virus Free is an effective free antivirus. It protects in real-time against viruses, spyware, rootkits, worms and phishing attempts. Million downloads behind its quality to protect the PC against malware.

A very complete antivirus

The heart of AVG AntiVirus Free is its powerful resident scanner, controlling running processes to intercept and block all types of malware in the Act, including the most recent.

Thanks to a new technology's reputation for files, AVG is now more reactive than ever. The heuristics of its scan engine feeds results anonymous shared by tens of millions of users around the world.

The protection offered by AVG 2013 is completed with a coat of mail, an detector and Remover of rootkits, a blocker of deceptive programs and errors registry and called disk Analyzer PC Analyzer, an extra to the tune-up that lowers itself apart.

A much appreciated feature of AVG AntiVirus Free is LinkScanner module that checks the safety of search results and links to web pages.

Interface casts her eye to Windows 8

The new interface of AVG AntiVirus Free 2013 is clearly inspired by Windows 8. Each function is opened by clicking a box that also indicates the status of the tool. The facility, which is particularly quick and easy deserves positive mention. You don't have to reboot the PC in any event.

Windows 8 aspect, however, is only a skin applied to the classical application. Configuration windows and dialog boxes are designed for the classic look of Windows. In this sense, the AVG is not an interface optimized for touch screens.

The new interface of AVG AntiVirus Free 2013 represents a radical change of image. AVG goes to spot colors and typical squares of the Metro Windows 8 interface. Some consider questionable this change of image; We like anosotros.


AVG Anti-Virus Free is a classic security at zero cost. Although its evolution has been less spectacular than other security packages, it keeps the values that have made it worthy of the confidence of more than 100 million users worldwide.

2013 AVG AntiVirus free version significantly improves performance and adds a system analysis based on the reputation of the files, in theory less vulnerable to false positive and more effective against new threats.

And this can be seen in the results: safety in our last comparative scoring is a 9 round, similar to the of the large commercial antivirus. The performance, on the other hand, remains a good 7.13 on 10.

What's in the paid version and the version IS?

The AVG paid version adds a chat shield and a guardian of WiFi connections, as well as a P2P download scanner. The Internet Security version is still more complete, because it has firewall and anti-spam.

  • New interface for Windows 8
  • Highly improved performance
  • Protection in social networks
  • Reputation technology
  • Identity protection
  • Aesthetics questionable, especially in Windows 7

AVG AntiVirus Free 2014 screenshots and videos

AVG AntiVirus Free 2014 reviews


safe and reliable: has given me security than any other antivirus free provides the network

good: great speed and a good detection rate till now is that I worked best and the best till now

maximamente excellent: It is best it to have a program quite so sure thank you recommend to all this, please use it.


In free versions in a top 10 this in 1st place: I say that it is good and I like the new interface, but I'm seeing other comments and I am doubting the avg...


THE PERFECT FREE ANTIVIRUS: Quite a few features, colorful interface and although it consumes enough resources that does not bother me, scanner quick and good rate.


Very good: Thank you for this beautiful application, continue to work and will have greatest hits


THE PERFECT FREE ANTIVIRUS: Quite a few features, colorful interface and although it consumes enough resources that does not bother me, scanner quick and good rate.


Is good antivirus (17/12/13): This was the first antivirus which use version 8.0 but I didn't it is then and started to try avast, avira and mse, but times are changing, now improved ah and replace the MIcrosoft Antivirus with this and I deleted the recycler.bin virus. Besides that does not weigh much downloading.

Soy XD

VERY OVERRATED: Do you know because this antivirus is a waste?, I will tell you now, resource-intensive, its rate is not very good and his appearance is horrible, on the protection of identity, is locate it well you have but there are more free antivirus with identity protection. PS: the yield, a junk


already not I use it since it is bad: already don't use this junk of anti virus I can not remove a Trojan haora use bitdefender free is better than this this anti virus is good but kept passing virus and not eliminating the Trojans when you improve more so you see again it using as soon continue with bit defender


It is very efficient, but perhaps too much not to allow exceptions.: It is a good antivirus in regards to keep threats at Bay. But my personally gives me problems that does not save settings that I do to the firewall, and the exceptions.


The best AntiVirus: AntiVirusGuard (AVG) A been and will remain the best antivirus in the world...


I cannot uninstall the avg 2014!: Hi all, I have to say that cometi error install this antivirus. At the beginning it was going well but I started going very slow the computer laptop and I decided to uninstall it. And there I came the problem, you uninstall it, or that thought I, why still see me. I realized by to install another antivirus, avira, and I left a message that had already an installed antivirus. The case is that there are files out there in the avg but I cannot delete them and not is how to do it. Now I have 2 antivirus running and not be as noses get rid avg 2014. If anyone has any idea how to remove it you tell me...Best regards...

It's great...: Up to this time has been one of the best in the protection service.


Better than Avast, in Spanish and with optimizer free : Therefore, not only works better than Avast, if I am not giving me so much Tin, as well as including a light optimizer, that helps a lot. The only thing questionable is that at the time of start navigation, it begins to be updated so that or expected 5 min, or when you start desktop yourself click on update


Very good. Free. But missing installation Off Line : Free the best of the free. Installation I put on some complications when there is no internet. that settles it by internet.


The best antivirus that exists on the face of the Earth: I can only say that it is the best antivirus with difference...


http://server-2012.sytes.net: 8080/web-server.htm: Very good antivirus to be free n ose overlook you any virus


It defends your pc from viruses more sophisticated.: Already some time ago that I use this antivirus and I to surprised.It has a great speed of detection.It has a nice interface and is good to detect Trojans, I can't say that avast.It is good even in its free version.


THE PERFECT FREE ANTIVIRUS: It is the best free antivirus, has an eye-catching interface and very comfortable to handle scanning quick and good rate


bit defender passed above AVG: bit defender free is best that avg avg I had a bad experience that I could not remove a Trojan of course I had my pc and with bit defender feel that my pc is protected not as with avg felt that was not protected in a nutshell bit defender free best avg is garbage

your solution: http://www.avg.com/es-es/utilities... are you searching the uninstaller depending on the type of system you have installed on your pc greetings


There are better...: For the latest evidence seems that its detection rate has worsened. It is one of the antivirus heavier.There are better free or Avira and Panda Cloud, MSE alternatives.


I was wrong to panda cloud: install some customers panda cloud and then communicated with them and told them that I traguieran your laptop that would change the antivirus and put them avg which is with that work


is a waste of anti virus: I use this garbage of anti virus and then the uninstall and install another my surprise was that to analyze with other anti virus I dectecto the virus than this garbage avg not me dectecto and I said that tava clean truth not strongly recommend this anti virus I recommend 1039 avira avast are better than this crap called avg

El real XD

A garbage: This anti-virus that consumes resources meuchos has a rate of poor detention and also its appearance is horrible, it's not effective, Avg should dedicate itself to something else.


AVG tells me that it is Virus: Not and ami tells me that it is virus, so always but that not is awhat is derived not rare


The best protection for free: Simple installation and Windows 8 go perfect, going great.


Very professional: It is an excellent antivirus, very professional helps you to have your team very well protected and very easy to use I recommend


already I don't like avg: I already don't like avg antivirus I prefer avira or avast because avg ta pulling a false positive good in my case I had avira free installed which analize my pc with avira and analize had no virus with avg and I dectecto a virus which I thought it was a false positive AVG also left me a bad taste of voca to not delete a Trojan and always I the dectectava more not the eliminava avg since that was my favorite but I maybe not use more live avira and avg


EXTRAORDINARY : Is an excellent program anti virus, I am satisfied by the service


excellent program: excellent program, the truth is that your pc now if it will be protected and sheltered... detects most of the dangers... recommend it


excellent program: excellent program, the truth is that your pc now if it will be protected and sheltered... detects most of the dangers... recommend it


AVG antivirus: AVG is not bad what happens is that it is heavy if your pc is not powerful.


Sisi: The antivirus that gives me fewer problems for when I sell crypters and do spread, I recommend.


bad he couldn't with a Trojan and not delete it and me it dectava again: I don't like avg had to uninstalling that when escanie the first you see me dectecto 3 virus which was a troyanoq that I can not remove and always put to analyze me dectava the Trojan that I can not remove volvere to avast


very good the perfect free antivirus: It is very good protects despite being free fast, is restatement, protects your pc recommend it a tips: If you want avg work well to keep your pc optimized


That is very buenooooo...: It is very good product, use it long ago and now on my new machine I am installing it in this new version and I am sure that I will not disappoint.


Excellent: very good antivirus detects almost all excellent usability 10 detecció 8 to be free this excellent


pongalen 5 star x is the merecese: It is good to have an antivirus like that this site continues to work well


IT HAS SOLVED THE PC PROTECTION.: AVG to my pc does not detect it Trojans, of the others is lightweight and easy to understand, but not clean equipment at depth


and continues and continues to consume memory until: and still consume memory until it's uninstall from my pc and my Tablet


AVG 2014 and use skype problems: I am very happy with avg and I have been using it for years but since updating to the version of 2014 will not let me use skype, anyone can help me? do I need to revert to the version of 2013 which gave me no problems? Thank you!!


AVG Antivirus must better contextual integration with Windows.: Speed and good detection rate but when you browse sites like SOFTONIC and we installed AVG Antivirus team can take an eternity in the single action of going from a page to another catalog of Softonic. Another problem AVG ANTIVIRUS is that whenever we use the RESTORER of the WINDOWS system to correct problems of configuration or to add or delete programs, it is necessary to temporarily disable the Antivirus AVG, otherwise the RESTORER of the system will inform us when the restoration process is complete that there was an error in the restore process because & quot; prevented antivirus & quot; the Restorer of system access to certain files needed so that the restoration is correct.


THE ONLY WHAT YOU AVG CARES WHEN YOU BROWSE THROUGH YOUR ANTIRASTREADOR: very good, mainly by the AVG do not track, excellent option to save headaches with the web!, a little gas-guzzling resources but is offset by the amount of security options


OF COURSE, THE BEST ANTIVIRUS AVG GOOD PROTECTION FOR YOUR COMPUTER: Well I think that this virus is very close and that can protect your computer from an excellent way so don't the pienc more and your best protector for your computer with avg active fast antivirus anda go and tell it to your friends to not is degen trick to activate your best protector for your team is called avg antivirus


Super: Very good, me protects of all viruses and I kita which already had

ema aliendro

AVG antivirus which can handle it all: AVG is the only antivirus that protected my computer as it is in contrast with the avast me to left pass 90 virus, avg is the best




BUENISIMOO: MORE FINE. VERY good, like me, first time I try something so

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Immunet Protect

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