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AVG PC Tuneup is the AVG system optimization suite. Like its relative antivirus, AVG PC Tuneup also scans the system, but with a different purpose: find garbage files and errors. Its goal is to make your computer work faster than before.

Scanning of AVG PC Tuneup, which is released from the first tab, is fast and looks for errors in the Windows registry in several categories, indicating the severity by colored bars. At the same time, investigating the existence of records, temporary files for browser and errors on the disk.

In the second and third tab, AVG PC Tuneup brings together tips to improve the performance of the system and a resource monitor. The latter gives access to the impressive Task Manager AVG PC Tuneup, which indicates the reliability of each process and allows you to block it in case of emergency.

Finally, in advanced tools, AVG PC Tuneup plays his most interesting letters, with an uninstaller and bootloader, an Assistant to increase connection speed, an administrator's settings and a recovery of deleted files.

Compared with the large category, AVG PC Tuneup suite not lackluster hardly, because all profits are of good quality. However, there is nothing particularly novel in its approach. Ideal for anyone looking for a reliable and well designed optimization solution.

  • Scanning errors, waste and footprints
  • Advanced optimization tools
  • Excellent Task Manager
  • Configuration tips
  • Basic resource monitor
  • No whitelists for cleaner

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AVG PC Tuneup reviews


Excellent: I had a problem with my laptop, I was failing much and practically wifi not servi, install you the trial version of AVG and I fix all the problems to me, now I have the wifi working perfect and the truth not be that it was what he did but my computer's performance improved markedly


Unique!: It's unique... I recommend it to everyone. You'll feel your pc like new, but really, even better than freshly formatted... Disable unnecessary services, internet optimizes 1000% (I'm exaggerating, but notice the reality and good product), deletes junk from the registry, defragment it (of truth), and much more!


excellent optimisador for windows: It is very good program and what I like most of the is that helps you to recover much disk space


Excellent program: It is good that they made that program, since at the time of install it release me approx. more than 25 gb and that is flatly good for the equipment and its operation.


Installed well but it fails to uninstall, there are orphan files.: I installed it on my pc and put it to work. Even there, but then I uninstalled it and it did not come off well, now it seems that missing files and not what I can fix or delete all and every little bit out alerts and errors so thanks to this little program I'll perhaps have to reformat all the PC. Nothing like me.


Very good and trusted to be AVG: Almost none of those who use this type of software we have sufficient knowledge to give a truly valid opinion about the effectiveness of these programs. Why report scan presenting this application after scan errors of the system is very convenient. Relying on this report, which is clear, precise and concrete, can know what exactly the changes that are going to perform on the computer.


true pc doctor: the best repair my pc excellent does not consume resources optimizes and repairs the best cleaning program


CATERS ALL THE USER REQUIREMENTS: To my experience this program supplies all the requirements you need a user


Much more than what could be expected.: Very good, much speeds up the computer, after passing it back to operate a SD card reader I read not long ago.


Buenisimo (recommended) I accelerated much internet : I charm I met much since I come looking for programs like this long just to the other funcionavan and I had a tuneup utilitis and truth does not have the same strength that this preferred progragrama for those who walk them slow the internet go to internet automatic optimization and choose your internet speed gives them to choose if you are average slow or fast really really good I loved it thank you very much avg and Softonic


It is not at all convincing...: Best regards. I previously installed this program is 2 computers and at the beginning, I felt satisfied and certainly excited about the development that had the program in his home. Did not deny it, improve the performance of the machines, but then I started to conflicts with shut-off and the ignition of these. Normally the time to shutdown and power was short (approx. 15 seconds by turning on, turning 8), after having executed maintenance tools, this time was lengthened and on several occasions was forced to shut down forcibly. The problem was, so I think, at the time of defragmenting the registry entries that what he did was replace them with ones that the program & quot; recommended & quot;. Lastimosamente did not give me time to do a restore point to resolve this mess...I formatted the 2 Pc's. I do not know if you recommend it, but at the beginning was promising, the end not much. I hope to be careful about activities that carry out this type of program, because for those who do not know much, it can be a dangerous thing.


As they say here is a copy!.: Well someone as Victor2k said here, this program is a total copy of Auslogic Boot Speed!. As concerns the user Victor2k everything has been copied, the interface, the order of each module, options... everything!, what I don't understand is if this is possible, if it is possible to copy to another program and just rename it. Unfortunately this is something very common in registry cleaners and the like, such is the case of Slow Pc Fighter and Registry Reviver, to mention some. About this program Avg pc tune up, because the truth is it does not clean better than Auslogic Boot Speed resgistro if both are compared, but in General if you liked this avg pc tune up as they should test the program that were copied and then comment here. So the followers of Avg (grisoft), although I do not like to tell them that this is a copy, see Auslogic program first and then think and boten!.


Missing programs like these: (La verdad que me sorprendi con este programa, está bastante bueno, y ya lo dejé instalado en mi pc como optimizador principal =), is very ordered partly graphic and easy to use too, complies with what he says! Although it could be a bit more comprehensive when it comes to automatic optimization, but insurance already accommodated in later versions, some missing that other functions have other optimizers, but the truth is that pretty pretty good. The part of & quot; & quot; I really like and TWEAKS of windows too, since it explains everything, as it is each option and makes you a recommendation that this good or bad choice. Very good =)


AVG products: always worth it, I recommend it your WP is very good does not consume many resources and is effective even if the optimization I wonder if I wanted to remove the aeleos from windos 7 and said that if I now have a little more of ram memory


Martin: The truth is excellent, better TuneUp 2010 hope TuneUp 2011 to improve in several ways to make competition to the AVG


Response to Victor2k: Hi Victor, well then I is... going to try like you you say, and also proves the translation of AVG serves me for the Auslogic, of all shapes you've seen Auslogic anti-virus? Thus it is the BitDefender XD anyway I command an email to Avg which tend to be quite nice people and they tell me if they use auslogic technology, or simply copied XD. Victor greetings


Response to Victor2k: Hi Victor2k, is not bad copy is more in Spanish and the auslogic does not have the botspeed translated to the Spanish. you will see that some programs such as AOL antivirus before Kaspersky only changed the name, but was based on that antiviral, then passed it to mcafee and only changed the title. Steganos internet security was based on the antivirus AVG Acronis internet security if I remember was not based on bitdefender. And so a few more, I have tried it and well I liked enough, the functions are very clear, very simple to use, and the truth that this cleaning very very. Screwed up on AVG leave many with the pc & quot; & quot;... well also happened to symantec, avast... and well... there still, and avast for me is the very best as you say if you can then reinstall it and watch it again really as not ;) disappoints you a greeting.


Response to Storm22: Cases that you well indicate are not copies but use of licenses or a company pays to another, or sells the bsse's data etc ect what do AVG is a copy faithful programme in all its aspects to thing inedita think I (maybe this case of some registry cleaner) for the visual part or all of the functions of the avg tuneup (up to the titles is plagiarized) non-grisoft but Auslogics is very rare that tap is a program which is true copy of another if put you a nine to this copy to the original that you put I the program install it and compare it only do this install both run 1st the auslogics false then restart and run the original you will see that the problems q the falsely said that clean did not in terms of the optimization run the registry cleaner does not eliminate the shortcuts broken the auslogics original if you do, I repeat is a dreadful copy


Pauley copy: This program is a copy of the auslogics boot speed, but not some aspects if not in its entirety a bad copy, they can prove the two programmes and is amazed to think that they see double is another step back from grisoft, last year left millions of computers with a problem for your users by bad updates now this copy is necessary that softonic you space to this



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