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Avira Antivirus Premium is the commercial version of Avira Antivirus, a powerful German antivirus. Its effectiveness is one of the highest category, outstanding performance and rates of detection which come very close to 100% .

As payment, the Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 version offers, as well as technical support and preference updates, more security modules: web protection, coat of mail, anti-phishing protection, mode of play and proactive defense.

The installation of Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 is very fast and does not require a restart. If you have a license file valid hbdev.key or a serial number, them can enter from the same step by step wizard, either activate the 32-day trial period (in this case, requested to fill out a form).

The interface has just changed with the passage of the versions, something that typical users will appreciate. Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 is more elegant and maintains two modes of Setup (basic and expert).

If you are looking for a pure, without unnecessary additives and effectively beyond doubt antivirus, Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 is an excellent choice.

  • Unbeatable virus detection rate
  • Very high speed of scanning
  • Low consumption of resources (even analyzing)
  • Beginner mode and expert mode
  • Installation without reboot
  • Practical but a little obsolete interface

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Avira Antivirus Suite reviews


Without a doubt the best antivirus AVIRA!: Excellent antivirus, if you are looking for speed, fluidity, simple and clean interface and above all the best detection you came to the right place on a scale of 1 to 100 le daria 99.9 already than any antivirus is perfect but I recommend it 100%


The best Avira!: It is undoubtedly the best Antivirus on the market. Lightweight, powerful, quick scans and a detection rate that borders at 100%. Perhaps its interface is not the best, but that is irrelevant.

Effective, powerful but with problems in chrome and flash applications.: Completely true, to my I happened the same with avira and chrome, especially with flash applications, instabilities and occur crasheo the application. Avast neither has gone me very well with my thunderbird, mail with imap accounts manager and I check each 2 by 3 servers saliendome a window of exceptions and is a real pain in the ass.


Solved conflict with the Avira WebGuard Chrome: Some time ago said that there was a conflict between the webguard of the antivirus Avira and the Chrome that is caused by a problem in the limit of sockets. Avira was informed about this problem and in an update of its product in the middle of March the module webguard no longer presents the limitation and the problem has been solved and these two excellent products can finally work together without the Chrome crash when many tabs are open.


It is reliable, etc.: It is good antivirus but tine tenet version premium to have everything you need


Avira PREMIUM removed I leave 2 months ahead of time.: Avira not only gives many false positives, in addition they defused me PREMIUM license two months prior to the date of completion and not I could contact them by phone, nor by mail. I filled a form and never answered. At the end of the two months, up wanted to renovate. These companies are cared very much to put obstacles between them and customers. Nothing do not recommend this company's security products.


the best antivirus that there is: I've tried several antivirus and avira is an antivirus that doesn't bother nothing seems that you don't have it on the computer but I assure you that you have my personally has helped me a lot, I used kaspesky, norton, panda, avast, etc... and none has convinced me more than avira, because that is always ensuring my safety in the sombra.ahora I recommend the internet security version.


I can not download it: Hello, I can download it because at the end asks me 64-bit resolution for XP SP2 and my screen resolution only gives 34 bits, what do I do? Thanks a lot. Best regards!


Excellent but gives problems with the Chrome browser: This antivirus has been the only one with which I have purchased license for 2 years. I have always used other free options type AVG, AVAST... I have to say that for me it is an excellent antivirus. I have not had any infection and has perfectly possible flare-up of infections detected. But it has a problem. Your Winguard module causes instability in the Google Chrome: slow loading pages even staying locked. Especially on pages with videos or applications in Flash... I've decided for now install AVAST again and not renew license with Avira but still it does not expire until next September. A penalty.

Z Ret

Good antivirus: I've tried the new version version of this antivirus and till now no problem, detects very well so the PC as a USB viruses, do not know how some people say that the pc becomes them slow when install it


My experience: Mm...!I'll na tell my experience with avira, had a medium-rare virus q me arrived havia x msn q down a photo or something so thing is q is me congelava all mmm Probe almost 7 antivirus norton, karkespy, nod, avas and not one detectava nothing and decided to get avira did the reception proved necessary and in the first analiziz it detect... xd! There is no more q say q avira is the best of all... I recommend it


The Avira WebGuard conflict with the Chrome : The best Antivirus. Without a doubt. Always leading the test antivirus. In addition it is that less slow machine. Unfortunately there is a conflict the webguard and the Chrome browser. Seems to be a problem with the limit of sockets. Let us hope that they solve it soon so that these two great products can work together.


Many false positives. It is cheap. It deactivated 2 months ahead of time.: False positive to manta and, according to indicated the same program antivirus, it disabled 2 months ahead of time, in December instead of February. That does not forgive it is and not return to pay.

[email protected]

the best detector: It is software that conosco threat detector. Cleans very well the pc that is little used on the internet.


I have my doubts with Avira: Does not detect anything when entering this page for probra if you really our antivirus us is protecting http://www.spycar.org/Spycar.html and avira does not detect anything and tested with other antivirus among them Eset Nod 32 and this one does detect it and block immediately.


Naive question: Hi all, I rather say, I want to ask. This virus deletes and removes Trojans or viruses (garbage) or put it in quarantine? Best regards!


Avira is the best, I invite you to try it free: For my avira is the best antivirus, because it detects viruses that nod32 not found when scanning my memory and that according to is the best antivirus and the most used. It is most avira free and is lovely yet, but if desired it can be acquired as a premium and is much better manner, finally fits emphasize that this antivirus has a full scan for team lentemante to detect with more precision a virus.


Too good!: Before I had panda, he innocently believed that it was the best, until got me a virus by msn! He passed the panda again, but he told me I had to restart the computer so that you can complete and remove the virus, but no! Never did! I knew a German friend who had the avira antivir and recommended it... the only thing antivirus was in German! And didn't understand a cucumber! Well... I kept looking and found it here! Although it is in English, but much better than the German... lol! At the end deleted me viruses, happy life live, and I don't have any viruses since I intalé it!


The best Bit by Bit...: I come try Kaspersky 2010, he has no chance against Avira, have tried all in reality and always end up coming back to this. It is amazing what happened to my PC the last week I didn't have installed Avira, and more amazing still as Avira fix everything when I went to install, did everything he could do Kaspersky. At least on my PC Avira WINS by knockout... THE BEST ANTIVIRUS BIT BY BIT!


Please... They believe it is the best: I am of the people that you always want the best antivirus, but always an antivirus I "served", but a few months after my pc was slow because of virus that these "antivirus" let. Now, with the forgiveness of those who want to eset, kaspersky and avast, I accept that they are very good antivirus, but protection, cleaning, detection and data base, is better avira. Although it is not well known, it is too award-winning and there is evidence that outperforms the best. As a recommendation, I would advise them to reinforce their protection with a firewall (comodo or zone alarm), and an antispyware (superantispyware and spyware blaster), so, do not have problems with unwanted viruses, Trojans, spyware... It is better that computer a little late in turn, rather than us it becomes full of virus


Realism, better than all: We will be relalistas among the best as Avast nod32 Avg Gdata Kasper, etc..., Avira premium is the best no doubt you have very good protection in real time, doesn't take up resources and because its base of dastos if not it here is the best and of course to the best antispyware nowadays not only affect the virus before I had two or three protection programs today on single day avira premium and if it is to We add that the price is not expensive truly eur 20 for an entire year of no problems (search fix, patches,) (cracks, serial or not so good and effective programs) despreocupate buy premium and forget version all single are eur 20 per year. for my best are two (avira premium and Avast free) I hope you have been able to help in your choice. Oh and if you want any protection I have the malwarebytes for scans esporadiscos, but you need to update it manually if you use the free version It is very good, the e seen working with infected pcs and is very good too.

Raúl Camargo

The best in the world: It is excellent, detects everything instantly and gives you a feeling of protection as none.


Very good antivirus: Simple, very functional and activates when it should have no complaint at all aspects avira takes the other antivirus. My pc is now more rapid and more sure recommend it enough

el pompeado

The best antivirus today: Mira is the best antivirus because in addition to its powerful antivirus scanner offers me protection against rootkits in mailguard, malicious pages I recommend it to you

sr krastosky

Unbeatable!!: Today, there are none that shadow, intractable and heuristic detection, as well as being super-light, not slow anything, is elegant and also simpatico(el scaneador se llama luke filewalker) an I wink to fans of star wars, there is no more to say

¤§§«Ð@[email protected]¢®°x»§§¤

Ta bueno, inprecion!: As if this antivirus is very good full, equipped with webguard, mailguard, antispyware, antivirus, of course, and many more tools also has a good heuristic, and is very well catalogued by its good detection of computer threats


Much more lightweight than nod32: Despite its appearance I conquered: its functions, and the high range of detection that has and updates are noticed or that they are installed and are fast but that no kiero decir que halla distrust eh, for me it is the best antivirus and more effective. Recommended! I recommend you disable web filtering "web guard" in settings.


The best of the better...: This antivirus is very good, and I've tried several, kaspersky, very good, nod32, mediocre, panda, like nod32, avast professional edition, that was what clean me viruses, that or nod32 or kaspersky did, since I remove them prior to windows xp. To those who think that I have to pay, perhaps need to read, that in the page says: "evaluation, which lasts 30 days", if you want the free version should download the English version. As to the other opinion that says: "my pc is returned a turtle". They should see if already before installing the antivirus not passing them that, since I'm using it since a few days ago, with legal license, and I don't have any problem. I think that they must learn to reason before saying nonsense. It is updated very well, up to 4 or 5 times a day. It has a programmer to make analysis tasks, and other equipment. In short, more I can say, that it does not consume many resources.

ulrich 524

The best: Avira premium is the best antivirus seizes the virus macro and others


Light and good as none: I installed it on vista which gave problems and had norton as antivirus with avira goodbye problems, detected two Trojans that were the problem of continuous reboots and some slowness. Simply great.


Simply the best: It is very very very complete and easy to use, it exceeded my expectations... the nod (malucon), kasper (lenton), nor the avas (plaston) arrive you by the ankles... There is no more to say that he has not been said... best.


It is warm: It is well warm xq me remove every virus that I had in the windows


The best antivirus Avira: The avira antivirus is the best antivirus I know that it is very easy to use and muyu effective so far and seen that it is better than the also kasperky antivirus is very effective that does not occupy much memory in my opinion is the best antivirus


It is very good, I recommend it...: I was using avast, which is very good, but presentia that my pc had something. Download softonic, the antivirus soft. After tuneup utilities, uncheck to not start avast, and when you update avira, started to scan my computer. At the time, had already found a virus joke/tree type, (joke), and a while after term finding 6 virus, which I decided to buy it. After making the payment online, had instantly, the license key, and as they made me discount, pay only $26.95 Argentines, and license lasts until 29/05/2010. I think that this antivirus, is a worthy competitor of kaspersky, better than avast, which I consider very good, free avg, and nod32, which I name but I do not consider it good, just mediocre. This antivirus has very good detection and heuristic, according to the above, the interface is could improve a little. It is updated very well, without problems, has to schedule scan. I think I have said enough, and like cars, and all German products, it's good, for that reason. Forget to say, that after see and verify its effectiveness, you uninstall avast, and left only me with avira.


IT'S GREAT, WHAT I RECOMMEND...: I was using AVAST, which is very good, but presentia that my PC had something. Download softonic, the antivirus soft. After TUNEUP UTILITIES, uncheck to not start AVAST, and when you update AVIRA, he began to analyze my team. At the time, had already found a virus JOKE/TREE type, (joke), and a while after term finding 6 virus, which I decided to buy it. After making the payment online, had instantly, the license key, and as they made me discount, pay only $26.95 Argentines, and license lasts until 29/05/2010. I think that this, is a worthy competitor of KASPERSKY antivirus, better than AVAST, which I consider very good, to the free AVG, and that EL NOD32, which named but not LO I consider good, only MEDIOCRE. This antivirus has very good detection and HEURISTIC, SEGUN LO exposed, the interface it could improve a little. VERY well, without problems is updated, you have to program analysis. I think that I have said enough, and I think it's good, like cars, and all German products, by that same.


Very good but...: To review this antivirus, what they say is true, it is very good, good heuristics, excellent protection, what not I found is that to have it installed low considerably the speed of the internet, and occasionally encourages a bit pc, and eye I have a pc with 1 GB of ram. Very good but if you have a rather powerful pc...


One of the best: To my opinion it is one of the best antivirus I have used, easy to use, uses almost no resources of the machine although I would like to see the options of version pays.


The more fast, agile and safe: Very good this anti-virus, it could improve the appearance such as NOD32, Avira AntiVir controls all kinds of mudulo of safety, from the internet to the games, jokes, and other small viruses. Something difficult installation, but nothing long.

José Camargo

The campon antivirus indicutible.: All the comparative 2009 designated it as the most effective along with GData, is invulnerable, super fast, does not consume recursoa, very easy to use, simple and accurate, is automatically updated every moment, excellent protection when browsing, eliminates any virus, worm, Trojan spiware,..., free version is excellent, finally a real gem in protection.


advantage miles: This anti-virus outperforms all others by huge differences.


A good computer for a good antivirus: We need a good antivirus to a good computer, and simple to use for that need the ANTIVIR antivirus a good antivirus for your pc that can help you keep your pc virus-free


The more fast, agile and safe: Very good this anti-virus, it could improve the appearance such as NOD32, Avira AntiVir controls all kinds of mudulo of safety, from the internet to the games, jokes, and other small viruses. Something difficult installation, but nothing long.


I love it...: This is an anti-virus that consumes very few resources and consists of a fairly completita protection for face to the virus that is on the internet... It detects large quantity and bariedad of virus...


The best antivirus of the moment: This avira antivirus is the best and most effective moment is excellent since it detects all types of viruses, cloned pages, clean usb drives, it protects one of the attacks, is updated all the time very simply followed is the number 1 try is the mejorrrr


The best by far!: I have this antivirus 4 years ago and luxury, I've tried others and they only slow the system and viruses sneak them. I recommend it completely. But best is the premium with the avira firewall (internet flies).


There is no other: truth without saying pretend... is the best antivirus do not seek another my computer had an adware instal three antivirus and none found anything..!!! but when you install avira, Pope is just the little problem


Avira...A spectacular Antivirus!: The best that can be... Very full, light and stable, it has a large base of detections. And a very good price! I like that many options since its installation! I particularly also like their appearance, I do not want to have thousand animations and colors, it is a virus, not a video game. In short, not very different to the other comments. It also has a great free version, which I use on the PCs that I install. As the only drawback of this version is that it does not detect spyware, his only substantial difference with respect to the & quot;Premium & quot;... It is clear that they cannot be the same 2 ;)


A real nightmare for malware: This antivirus has shown countless times is one of the most valid options against the viruses that are on the market today, offering comprehensive protection face threats both within our pc and external. Avira in recent years has been offering the public products of great quality in all its versions (see their website); all versions offer one protection more than enough for a novice user and more than excellent for someone who already has much experience in the world of computing. The best of this antivirus is the ability that has your engine heurisitco to detect threats unknown and emerging, both as well as the slopes that may have these viruses as a cause of their & quot; mutation & quot; code. Another great point in its favor is it is very regularly updated to always provide a fresh database and some internal components optimized and updated to not escape any undesirable be. It also has an excellent technical support that will not leave you hanging when you have a problem with your antivirus. Also noteworthy is that avira lately is giving many licenses its products premium and internet securty for 6 months free of charge, which I love and called me the attention positively.


Avira and limited or no connectivity: The truth is that I could not test it, because when I install it it not let me go on the internet and leaves a message saying limited or no connectivity and if I uninstall it I have no problem to enter online, I tried several times to install it and desinstalarno and the same thing, I always occurs if anyone knows because it happens to me this or any solutionI am grateful to you to tell me. Thank you.


Very efficient in his work: As I said earlier it is very efficient in its work and personally and respecting the opinions of others, I prefer avast-antivirus.

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