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Avira Free Antivirus 2014 is a package of protection against viruses and other malware light and equipped with a very powerful scan engine. It is free, customizable and perfect for little powerful computers.

Full and effective antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus protects you from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and rootkits, ensuring your safety in real time.

This antivirus offers reports and a practical event log, allows to program analysis and create exclusion rules. In addition, allows to choose the priority level of the system analysis process.

The menu of the Firewall (or firewall) allows you to see at a glance the status of the Windows Firewall settings and allows you to modify the settings.

Avira Free Antivirus offers two interesting novelties: SocialShield, the web service's parental controls in Avira aimed at parents who want to against the activity of their children on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +...), and Avira Free Android Security, an app to protect from malware your phone or Android tablet.

Avira Free Antivirus includes in addition a game mode, useful for optimizing the use of resources while the user playing video games, to sulen require much memory and power of the equipment. The only thing missing in this suite are modules such as the analysis of e-mails and the protection web, visible on the menu, but only available in the paid versions.

Interface usable, but rather outdated design

Avira Free Antivirus interface has not changed although with respect to the previous version. And it is that you it's an interface that guarantees an optimal usability of the product, but not had been more introduce anything new to give it freshness, since it takes many years being practically the same.

Avira Free Antivirus configuration possibilities are one of their strengths, with several advanced options for more experienced users. Anyway, the default settings usually work in the majority of cases.

Spectacular performance and a great ally against malware

Avira Free Antivirus has a very fast scanning engine and has nothing to envy to other priori more powerful antivirus of payment. The resource consumption is very content and is therefore perfect for those somewhat older PC that need protection, but without ballast performance.

  • Unbeatable detection rate
  • Very high speed of scanning
  • Low resource consumption
  • Web privacy bar
  • SocialShield
  • Without mail scanner
  • Rather outdated design
  • Do not have own firewall

Avira Free Antivirus screenshots and videos

Avira Free Antivirus reviews


super lightweight, powerful strong against threats : is an antivirus my reliable fast and good protection and detection, I accept it as the best


Its free version, excellent.: I've never had a complaint of this antivirus. It detects virus that neither avast! You can. It has even protected me famous virus that hides files from USB drives and create shortcuts. I have disinfected many so from my PC. To be the free version it is very efficient.


Very good antivirus, better than the rest of free antivirus and Avast.: Level of detection more than Avast, and more light. After using several of the free more famous, I'll stick with this. It looks fast. It looks simple enough, but if it is better than the others, the appearance does not matter.


THE SAFER: Is best ke I have had on my pc, since k years ago a friend recommended it to me and was in English (uf) never have cambiado,[email protected] not think much in put the best in your makina, put the most complete, light and the best and free also, k more kereis!


HEAVY: very heavy a little less heavy seer should as there are several computer s as the mia which are a bit old and it makes them very slow


EXCELLENT...BUT YOU LACK UPDATED IN APPEARANCE: It is very excellent in its way of working in its virus detection either on your pc or the Web... but need upgrading in your appearance please do a called Softonic that you update the anti-virus


AVIRA is like a girlfriend for my: When was AVIRA long ago I did well, but became a very strong virus and I had to change, I think that it is renewed, and is not already I know it and it is the only one that puts me in the control panel, thank you Softonic. Atte: Jairo de Jesus


light and strong : excellent for computers with little memory ram and very good scanner


Avira = slow computer (and long): Absolutely in agreement and verified by several old laptops: install avira slows down a PCs resourced of extreme form (others more powerful, is less noticed, but the effect is the same). After many years using it and recomendandlo, advise against it completely. A scam in my opinion.


Good detection, but many false positives...: Its detection rate is one of the best but, your rate of false positives is rather high.The free version does not have email filter.However, it is one of the best free antivirus options.


Detection is not everything...: Not be people learns that it is not only important to the detection rate of the antivirus.You have to see that form the virus reacts in front of the virus, i.e. If you delete it or neutralize it. It is that by sometimes detect the virus but have no ability to remove them. That happens a lot.I already happened to my on a couple of occasions, with Avira and AVG.All antivirus fail, so it is good have a second option of scanning as Malwarebytes.


Do not go near there!: It isn't bad, but with the premium version they shortened me subscription period 2 months and there was no way to contact these scoundrels. That Yes, when she was the year were send me emails asking to renovate. Never more. In terms of the free version, said a computer companion, that Avira introduced a virus on your computer.


Disappointed with this version of Avira, I expected more.: It is apparently very well, has good detection rate, protects against viruses, all kinds of malware and rootkits. The novelty was that they had commented that now included the SLOPPY, Yes, the fudge of protection while you browse the web. Well, this web protection is a fudge because it forces you to install the damn ASK toolbar so web protection is effective 100%, otherwise only protects you in part. Bar ASK you I have an amazing hobby and it has a very bad reputation, many consider it a type of malware. And you can't see to uninstall it then... And I say, gentlemen, do to hell (with apologies) Avira requires you to install in your browser "ask toolbar" to theoretically protect you while browsing? What, no can be set without more protection? They have to settle that shit (with apologies) of bar Ask, which also the browser slows down. For that better have left the anti-virus such which was without "web protection" whatsoever, because to force you to install that bar garbage... what you want to tell you. And by the way, the interface don't know what hope to improve it.


It has no web protection or detention in the cloud: It is good and everything, but not be as you can compete with avast and avg or comodo antivirus if you don't have web protection or detention in the cloud has more protection baidu antivirus


Is recommended: It is good very stable antivirus has a good power of virus detection, the other advantage that has is that you don't your slow PC is recommended for low processor computers




I can not comment because recently I'm downloading it to prove it.: I am downloading it now to test, I can not comment because recently I'm downloading it to prove it.


Please change even more Avira rather than all in the appearance: When you are changing appearance already looks like an old antivirus more is are leaving winning avats please modefiquen and do improvements to AVIRA because that to me is the best junt with avats but its apariencio it is leaving in recent posts please cambienle the appearance


Improvement of interface of Avira: Appearance must renew it and also have to put the auto power off function.


Free is very good but the message of the premium version is irritating!: The free version is very good but a few days after he starts the very annoying box below asking to buy the paid version and the worst thing is that not can be ordered to appear no more, only to say later and so all the time, is quite irritating the box, saquenlo please, thanks


Please change even more Avira rather than all in the appearance: When you are changing appearance already looks like an old antivirus more is are leaving winning avats please modefiquen and do improvements to AVIRA because that to me is the best junt with avats but its apariencio it is leaving in recent posts please cambienle the appearance


A bad experience: Very bad experience.At first I was astonished its lightness (about 3,200 kb in memory), but soon the performance of my team was falling.On the other hand it is very safe, that no one can deny him not, but also sends lots of false positives. Over the pop up advertising annoying and pretty.A very overrated product, with a bit of time testing it is noted the negative impact on the system.


In my opinion the best of all: Very good indeed, scans the files for viruses before beginning the download of a file, detecto and I remove the famous avast virus never detected! until today I use it and recommend!


the best antivirus for mi: 3: very excellent antivirus I love and more because it is free I thought that only you could use if it bought XD


Invaded propaganda, not recommended browsers: Unfortunately after having it for several months, I've filled with viruses, and does not defend you for anything propaganda garbage that is installed in the browser. The truth do not recommend, even though everyone says that it is free and if you want something good you have to pay, I tell them that there are other free antivirus that give better service.


ITS CAPACITY OF DETECTING THIS ELEVEVADA IS SUPER 9.34% : It is maximum protection that helps to your computer that a save of all threat that could harm your pc is effective effective speed is modest and it seems to me that instead of having eight coats of protection as avira with his own shield avats is able to detect more than avats can analyze unwanted correro even if not this version premium in my opinion is best antivirus


I am not clear.: Hello, my Windows is not available I use XP and eventually an option which is only for certain types of bites.


exelente! antivirus: detects Trojans viruses and eliminates them tambn shows you the virus lab 7332 virus and trojan I have these viruses because they come with the oc when you buy it even had a virus of the year 2009 and I to this pc the cmpre in 2012 best antivirus far!


GOOD, VERY GOOD... BUENISIMO: It always works well and I use it since long time ago, only that in some occasions there to disable it to install non-recognizable games by this, and re-enable it, is very simple and the best that e seen, in my opinion of course


best best Avira: Avira is the best detects all does not occupy much resource is better


The best free antivirus: It is the best free antivirus, is very fast and has a great performance analysis in real time. I tried several versions of antivirus payments test and none left me so agreeable as Avira Free. I am very satisfied.


IS GREAT: This antivirus is very good use it for a year and so is genil


Super!: Very good! Super! It is a lightweight and powerful antivirus. Bravo Germans!


It is the best: Within the free antivirus is the best. Stable, it consumes very little system resources, updated daily, meets its goal of maintaining sheltered the threats.


simple and powerful,: It is very good, what I like most apart from the fact that it is very cotrustworthy and excellent antivirus is its simple but superb interface,


The best free protection: One of the best antivirus to existe(superando por mucho a avast, panda).


Really analysis, super-heavy Filewalker, high consumption of resources: I already downloaded the version of any another year without success. I went back to try this, and nearly repeats the same script. Eternal scans, the super-heavy Luke Filewalker, and rootkits endless analysis. In terms of resources, the pair of processes not be called light precisely. In the first analysis it detected much, and then closed his mouth by multiplying timeout to desperate levels. Surely you will not have anything to do but curiously, formated after, played him after some time and will have coincided with my loaded computer, but they are already 2 times use preceded a formatting...


The best antivirus I could find!: The best without a doubt, exceeding by far the AVG, for me, was one of the best!


Security: It is very safe and practical for my computer and I need to have it again


Much ADO and ADO: I add exceptions for programs (like mirc) to the antivirus database, and jump again notice that there is a potential threat. Not recommended


free: good antivirus free of good quality, in fact using it cdomplemenyo


wowwowowowowow: New Hack of Dragon City gives 100 k up to 1M of gems! (Entra y como yo gana tus gemas antes de que el hack ya no funcione https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK4L7Evj1v4 (y):)! (y) :)! (and) [June - 2013]


Buenismo: all good download it there is nothing wrong and but delete your antivirus that have, or but your computer is cagaraaaaaaa!


THE BEST AVIRA AND ABOVE OTHERS.: It best of all, use it and several years I'm like a faithful dog je!, I am technical computer and quite recommend it, I install it whenever I have to make a forced formatting or disinfection of a Pc, helps me a lot and if not do Avira AntiVir Rescue System for that this and yeah of course helped by other tools, thank you for existing AVIRA.

1222 R

The best FREE Anti-virus: For my AVIRA is the best antivirus, why I have not had any problems with viruses since I installed AVIRA, is perfect (hehehe), balanced in terms of detection in real time and resource consumption (does not affect the performance of the team), is updated automatically, your level of heuristic is very good (does not give false positive in intermediate)What more you can ask is FREE.


Buenismo: all good download it there is nothing wrong and but delete your antivirus that have, or but your computer is cagaraaaaaaa!


It slows down the computer: Not only slows down it, the truth is that I had not thought about the possibility that it was related to the fact that was significantly slower with that I installed Avira Free Antivirus version until this morning "sneak" has released me Avira providing me with a 50% off buy I don't know what to make my computer faster. There has been lit me light and not to buy the product that offered me Avira if you fail to uninstall it and eye, Holy hand. I'm sorry but I can only discourage it and can't say that there are bad faith because I have no evidence but, truth that might seem it?


Avrira is definitely the best. Not others who cheat.: There are people who think that because the antivirus that have detected them any viruses already is the best, because it is not so! I had installed Avast Free Antivirus 8 (2013) and did a full scan of pc and not detected me anything, similarly the AVG also detected me nothing. When I installed Avira Free Antivirus 2013 did me a scan and found I virus, one. The truth by my avast and avg impression fell low.


RARE: Very bad! No one will want to orible! : c so don't! d: n.


Powerful: Since I use it I had no problems with virus I recommend it