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BlackBerry Desktop Software is the program that distributes BlackBerry to sync their devices with Windows.

With BlackBerry Desktop Software you can install new programs on your phone, synchronize contacts, appointments, tasks and messages; enable new filters for email, generate backups, and even convert videos.

BlackBerry Desktop Software options you can set up the program with the terminal connection, define different working directories and modify preferences by default for each of its functions.

Ultimately, BlackBerry Desktop Software is the tool you need to connect your BlackBerry with Windows and manage their vital functions.

  • Program essential for BlackBerry users
  • It allows you to synchronize contacts, applications and more
  • It is the official tool for BlackBerry
  • It allows you to update the firmware
  • Attractive design
  • Some of the choices are little intutitivas
  • It does not allow to explore the memory of the terminal

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BlackBerry Desktop Software reviews


GREAT: Great, I could update my bb 9100 100% safe, risk-free, and without being technical phone, thank you for allowing this kind of tools download


incomplete file: It says that it has a missing dll and not let install! incomplete file incomplete file...


dissatisfaction with the language: When I update my blacbery with blackberry desktop is all n igles and cannot change you language


Black Berry Desktop Manager : Very good and simple to use, in my operator I wanted to charge $$ for a supposed upgrade that needed my BB 8100, but I found this software that is luxurious, 100% recommended


Excellent: Now if you can upgrade the Blackberry securely and fast without having to run the risk of being deleted you content.


Hello: Hello, is it recommended to my boyfriend and blocking your cell phone know xq? to connect your cell phone the screen was blank is bb 8520


Excellent: This version is much more practical and compact which makes it more easy to handle, including timings which are more easy to carry out, both from the phone to the pc and vice versa


Essential and easy to use: If you have a blackberry you must obviously have this program to get all the juice possible. I served from tired to synchronize and install applications.


excellent : the best way to upgrade ourselves our blackberry without lleverla to sites where we can charge more deloque is worth our team


Essential for bb users: Simply brilliant!, is a great program to transfer files to your device. As a personal organizer and Contact Manager.


Hello: Hi I also wanted to know how to install it and how can I update my software of my bb pearl 8100 please if you can help me thank you


Opinion of the Blackberry Desktop Manager: It leaves much to be desired! Slow, you cherry and morello cherry phone! Lower it 2 times and connecting my 8320 are most often that Cherry to where I can use it well. And as for file manager it takes too long to work


CECI: Hello if they drop this program from here I can make if in Spanish thank you... is that I have a bold 9000 and was in Spanish tried me free I wouldn't because I couldn't fix it and and installed software in English and would like to see if I can pass it to Spanish


I can not download: PS... When nose that step but I can not download it... buy it and io buy it... HELP PLEASE!


No me sirvio much: truly not I served much good to be frank I clogs on the desktop maybe for others it is not so but for me if, to upload files using my normal cable direct to the memory then don't use it, I think q only need to update my bb when you leave an update but for something else not!


It doesn't do: This so-called tool for blackberry is useless and only encourages the telephone in addition to using system space. I am disappointed the brand.


Good: It is very good I have been very useful I recommend it, I have been able to sync my cel com my pc and already do not lose any information


Very good program: I have a BB Bold 9000 and the turned out is good timing. fast and effective score of 1 to 10 - 9.50, very good


I emphasize the usefulness of modem.: Good and very useful. You can improve the interface. Above all can win in clarity in the information in the process of installing / uninstalling programs on the Blackberry. Parce have Bluetooth connection problems on Windows 7.


Thanks, very good: SupeeeeEeeeerrrrr. Good e. S. This system of. Of. SOF. Tonic a. a. What. Yet. Lol I have bbajado. All thing. What. Quisiierraa. Lower. Peroo them. I would like to. The. Thank you. Of. Atemannno. A. This s er vi. CIO. So. UTI li za. OJ. PPR orr. Todoo s


VERY USEFUL FOR UPDATING YOUR BLACKBERRY: The program is good to be able to synchronize applications and have your blackberry in good condition.


need you more options: It is widespread in introducing functions that gives to the blackberry not is can insert files is very confused by that on the computer that I have for example does not allow it pass to the Spanish and things like that I would seem fantastic that tubiera options or similar software of motorola or similar.


Help me does not work: Help I have a blackberry bold as conectoa pc and I get in the program (before you start, check that the current blackberry device is connected to the computer.) that I get help me please as desblokear that thanks


which do you recommend my buddy: I want good software that works I well be download more fast and has all the features you your you recommend


Please: I can not download the program one of you that I already download it my email can send me my email is [email protected], please can send me, thank you eliza besitossss.


Need you more fasilidad: honestly first that such evil goes with a program, maybe for my blackberry didn't work for others thousand works wonders. alcomienzo all is well synchronized and everything but then not let me make any modifications, rather me crazy again


the program is very good : I like the program how it works what happens is that this link could not download it because the page it has to gone but recommend it works well to my I happened it to a friend


bad, does not work: the download to my bb 8120 and not work for that wave that goes with that is bad your programme and more above do not give me solution so you have to install it again

Andres E. Parilli

Not enough: BlackBerry Desktop Software serves you to synchronize, update, support, install or uninstall applications on your blackberry, at first one can say wow that is functional but after using the Nokia PC Suite you realize that you are missing a lot! Unfortunately it is the only thing for now but that I hope that in the next versions they are adding at least some form of managing contacts in the book telefoonica, send and receive messages from your pc via bluetho etc..

Pachi Deluxe

Highly recommended: After the acquisition of my blackberry I was installing the cd bringing default pack which I sold, but did not satisfy me in the least. Found, the search by the categories, this same product but in addition to more updated and stylized, its appearance was more compact and pleasant. In addition, the options has an exquisite usability for new users as me and that can be seen.


I could not install it: I have a XP computer and another view, the view is what use more, I could not install it in the view, I know it says there that only in XP but even there I could do it. I already tried to install it on more than five computers and no da. I hope instructions, thanks.


More functional : much more functional that the bringing of origin on diskettes, allowing the installation of all kinds of accessories, thing that of origin does not a good software you.


Maso less: Good truth much no me served by q I as wanted by the average manager q comes within the desktop and it is q came to me anything that we will q could at least pass some apps and that but, multimedia or talked, hehe good not is maybe download evil or something but try it several times but no case. well now if someone could help me with the subject. q I find it cumbersome to have q remove the micro pearl stick put the adapter cards and ponerllo on the computer. q so anything, a hug to everyone and I hope q program if serves you a by the way... the appearance is Pauley could secure in that a poko more designers by q with the q cost a cel of these... lol ciao ciao


Desktop: It is necessary to place the blackberry applications

francesc piƱol

More visual and attractive...: Hopefully now that rim gave an interface suited to their products also make software that falls a little short on options that are truly useful.Given the somewhat differently from run this rim o.S should go more alla in the next versions with features more powerful and light, although the interface is more pleasant background is the same, I recommend that you the bajeis to be to last and you suscribais to new versions since it is possible that will not take much to take the next.Greetings softonicos.

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