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Make your own movie theater on your PC thanks to this practical and complete DVD player.

Its attractive interface gives passage to a wide variety of options and features aimed to create an image and sound quality, both on DVD and VCD, SVCD and other formats.

The program recognizes the format of the disk inserted into the drive automatically, initiating appropriate playback mode. Allows the use of markers, screenshots, resume playback at the point where it left off, etc.

It supports Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Surround and multiple channels, specifically up to 7.1 decoding.

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BlazeDVD reviews


Excellent: It's good, the interface that provides is nice and plays with total clarity


Problematic at 100%: After installing it, of course the first thing we do is watch a DVd, to surprise us we realize that the video looks terribly dark... After much searching and search, give us account that has a regulator Brillo-Contraste - built-in intensity, but all the & quot; presets & quot; They are dark as well, so you configure it by hand until we finally see DVD to perfection... But surprise to watch videos in our traditional application, already are .avi or .mpg etc. give us account that are completely dark, and the only solution is to let DVD Blaze open in the background... Nor even uninstalling we allow us our videos as we saw them well, before installing this application problem... If you want to have a headache instalenlo, if they do not want to deny with codecs or weird things that this program plays where it should not, pass it...

Wisin & Yandel

How it is possible?: A program with such good looks and a great usability should have more sound pora codec´s to utilizaerlo in any kind of audio files.


D! eGoTe: I liked very much, he has a very good sound, it is very easy to use and install, very happy with this program mestoy.


Good dvd player but!: Is a good dvd player but is rather slow to the open another type of file, but conparado with the vlc pleyer is so vuena


The best program: This program is very bacano that is easy to handle i have a very good precentacion


Better than Power DVD: East the best video player that is, if someone knows any page from which downloaded skins you appreciate that put it.


BlazeDVD4.0 Pro: To see if someone can help me... I love this program, it seems to me that it has that somehow all we are looking for... When I play a dvd the sound is completely distorted... If I see a movie that is recorded on the pc I have no problem. It would immensely appreciate this help... Thanks in advance.


Blazedvd4.0 pro: All players I know, in my opinion is of the few that I have not had to wonder, would be vera playback or not?, also is the few that (despite being a demonstration), from the beginning, all functions work best (not all days is that in a demo), and have been lucky to power (even already knowing) that there are visión(aunque en éste tema es sabido que entran otros) angles factors), on the other hand I've seen (to the like me enough the subject of photography) that catches are carried out much better than many others that refers to the calidad.em definiva, that I liked enough, is I am the look, which is very good for my taste.


There are much better: It is a good program but falls short in the reproduction of files, even the wmplayer 11 is much better, and the difference in use of codecs is great. If you want to use a dvd player it is excellent but as player of another type of files it leaves much to be desired.

Martin Campos

ALSO supports DIVX / XVID / MPEG4 / QuickTime / WMV / Real / MacroMedia: Also read subtitles in Spanish, and all at 1.5 mb, moving from the antiguayas who only read dvd and weigh 10 times more, and point you to the most modern.


Short: I expected something better for being professional, I have power 5.0 and has 4 covers, subtitles etc. menu.This program if you put it on pause for 4 or 5 minutes crashes have to suppress it, can not disable them the subtitles I put a movie with this program and not give me the subtitles, but with power dvd could see it.


Good: The best no doubt, but me kedo with powerdvd7


The best: I have tried many, I've installed and uninstalled peo always come back to blazedvd the best, no doubt. I'd like to know where you can download some stick


Blazedvd4.0 pro: Taking into account that due to technical problems I could use it very little, (something I desquizio), I could appreciate that it is not like normal, it has many more features (which could not explain now before this and that some time ago I had it and would not remember them), but if I encourage anyone to try it, I try (although a bit heavy) try to get the maximum performance.


Pretty good: Very good program and very easy to use. But personally I prefer powerdvd 6.0


Not bad: This pretty well, but I still betting on the power dvd6

Martin Campos

ALREADY GOES BY THE 3.0 VERSION GO TO THE WEB, PROF PROGRAM AS WELL AS THE BEST: Try installing powerdvd, started with problems that it was no longer free, also much occupied, I saw that softonic to this you put 4 star as well as a the, and probe, small fast, easy download from your web version 3.0 prof, and more simple introduction of your serial.


The best!: I've been using powerdvd, blazedvd and windvd8 for a few weeks and they are very similar. More blazedvd like me because it is much simpler and lighter!


Chachi: Easy to use, better than the dvd power, is the best option as perhaps some silly wrong,


Not bad: I have the powerdvd and windvd and not I decide, although I like dvd win a little more. Version 4 now this.


No me sirvio: I just did the test facility to open a dvd but not served since mark empty computer dvd drive and does not engage automatically


New version: Tremendous program install the software a cousin xq needed one of urgency... But between to page official and this version 3.5 (standard and professional) but recommend that they go down a serial and proper name (I recommend one of the version 2.0) so that can enjoy it... Nothing to envy them to others

VERY GOOD!!!: After trying several dvd players, I'll take this. Fast, easy to use and a very friendly graphic interface. You can select the Spanish language options.


Blazedvd 5.0: Because the truth is that mucho.lo I liked I found easy and really has given me many satisfactions.

THE BEST!: This player is the net of the planet plays dvd, vcd, svcd, d quality image is perfect and sound or (c) say, like in the movies! C can customize with skins... osea, q more I can say, is per-fec-to


Blazerdvd: I liked it but the bad thing is q me proof appeared and and not lopude use long


Good and fasil: It is good and very fasil use, has the basic utilities, go down fast and installation is also quick.

The best.: I've tried several and this is the best: the program occupies little in comparison with other more known, has the most used functions and the interface is clean and practical. In summary, recommended.


Thanks a lot.: I hope that the program like as ami has a high quality picture I really thank you to everyone who is encaregand and organize this page thanks for au support.


Very buenoooooooooooo =): Me gustaaa, it is easy to use and practical Feliciitacioones

flowm master

Best DVD player: It is the best that e patch tested

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