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CCleaner is a tool to find and eliminate waste and errors in Windows. With a few clicks, CCleaner helps recover valuable disk space and makes your PC faster and more efficient.

A great optimization kit

The cleaner is the main function of CCleaner: with fast analysis detects unneeded files of Windows and the applications you have installed, and helps you to remove them in a simple and very effective.

The CCleaner registry section is dedicated to check the integrity of the Windows registry, the file that contains the configuration of the system. CCleaner scans the registry in search of more than one dozen types of error and offers the possibility to save a backup before performing the repair.

CCleaner Tools menu contains utilities more specific, such as a rapid uninstaller programs, an editor of the programs that start with Windows and a manager's restore points.

A now-classic interface

To clean files, simply click on the analyze button and let CCleaner to discover how much waste has accumulated in your team. Another click on the run cleaner button and you can have your clean disk instantly.

CCleaner scan can be customized so that you find and remove only what you want. The process involves mark or unmark boxes one by one, what is very heavy sometimes.

Registry cleaner works in a very similar way, and also shows the types of errors and associated keys. It is very technical information. Fortunately, CCleaner offers to always make a backup before.

Other tools are also simple, and offer little information. On the other hand, the minimalism is appreciated, especially when compared with other cleaners charged interfaces.

Effective? It depends on the situation

The usefulness and effectiveness of CCleaner depends on what is your need. For the maintenance of privacy is very powerful, even if your scan is not precisely of the fastest.

Only registry cleanup help in very specific cases, and is of very limited utility in the latest versions of Windows, not to say that it is directly useless.

Uninstall and the home modification tools are basic and work well, although sometimes they show incorrect data and outdated entries that should be delete by hand.

A convenient tool

In a category so questioned as the cleaners, in which it is difficult to find honest and effective programs, CCleaner stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness.

If you convert the two clicks of cleaning a habit of maintenance and practices it regularly enough, you will have a PC clean of garbage files and something more stable.

  • Very easy to use
  • Junk files cleaner
  • Checker from registry errors
  • Advanced tools
  • Free space cleaner
  • Few configuration options

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CCleaner reviews


The best PC care: Not needed those type tuneup programs that real time you end up overloading the system and taking up space with lots of & quot; unnecessary utilities & quot;.No, with something as well as enough Ccleaner and surplus to keep Windows light and free of obsolete files.Fantastic program!


Flush the system without doing damage to it: This system cleaner is still one of the best in cleaning and optimization. Limpa useless files, clean registry, you can modify what starts with windows among other functions.


is very good: This program is geniall clean your pc and it is gratiss I use it.


Easy and effective: It is a fundamental tool for users like me that we do not understand too much computer to remove garbage, clean the registry and delete things from the windows startup. Very stable and intuitive


Very good: very good and excellent for PCs resourced analyzes your pc and Web browser and clean all kinds of files that no longer have any fusion say they are no longer needed


It is a good program but not cleaned new application : is good program but not clean new application such as the antivirus that there is new now baidu antivirus 360 Internet Security and many more programs


Nor do I recommend this type of program.: In fact do not recommend to use this type of programs that disable certain functions of the operating system. The record is something that should not be taken lightly, but many pages like this one, they have become fashionable that the Windows slowdown problem is the registration, being that it is not so. So Windows does not lose speed is defragment your hard disk, keep orderly files, not to install unnecessary programs and keep clean desktop with few icons.


good: very good program but there are other download SlimCleaner, I used and I tried all existing programs relating to cleaning PC., including the Advanced System care, rated by some sources with a 10., this program became a turtle to my PC, I had to uninstall and by chance through the report of a user that made reference to slimware utilitiesby curiosity, I downloaded it. I was so pleasantly surprised to discover the best tune up of computers that exist, little advertised and little known, but when having comparative tests, this will take the gold medal. I think that is followed by Tune Up Utilities 2014, I have it installed and fulfills different functions, which between the two programs above, I converted to my compu. on a plane. I want to congratulate the people of Slimware Utilities so my humble team understand and experience, is the best program that currently exists in the world of computing and is free. I thank you for your contribution to computer science and to me in particular had always a slow PC to know them


is very good: It is a cleaner that I to helped in cleaning the computer and get a better result


Fast clean very good: It is too fast to clean and I doubt its cleaning, limited functions


It is worthwhile to use it: Super and easy to handle, in Spanish and functions specific to my needs


excellent program but lacks more options : It is very good program but a new optimization options would not come you badly


Excellent program optimizes your pc made sure them: Is very good program occupies very few computer resources a comfortable design and easy to set up simple and performs a thorough cleaning, solves problems, uninstall programs, program tasks, select the language you understand etc


http://server-2012.sytes.net: 8080/web-server.htm: What says about Windows 8 I am not concerned that system is still in testing and sincerely I don't see future think they will because the other has too many problems the Cleaner seems to me very good program to exit very easily of the ads that are installed without wanting to and some other Trojan.


Essential: This program should not miss on any computer, is very useful, effective and simple to use. Before I used TuneUp Utilities but then I decided to try CCleaner and up to the computer going better. Made also I recommend using (Defragmenter) Defraggler, Recuva (file recovery), and Speccy (system information) from the same creators of CCleaner.


It does what it should do and well: To be free it is very good and effective, excellent in my opinion should also include some statistics module, for example compare the before and after windows connection speed, capacity disk, etc. but for everything else this application is excellent.


The ideal solution: I've downloaded the latest version and it works great, the truth is that this program is worthwhile.


FANTASTIC: Mall helps me a lot in my pc cleaning is powerful and reliable the best personal cleaner never should be missing on a computer

http://ccleaner.softonic.com/opinar: http://CCleaner.softonic.com/opinarhttp://CCleaner.softonic.com/ opinarhttp://ccleaner.softonic.com/opinarhttp://ccleaner.softonic.com/ opinarhttp://ccleaner.softonic.com/opinarhttp://ccleaner.softonic.com/opinar


Best Windows cleaner: Best cleaner. It is very fast and can fix windows error number.


RECTIFICATION: I equiboque, this is better than jetclean, what happens is that not it had tested well

alejandro 100%

EXTRAORDONARIO: It is great I use it for many years and has given me very good results


Recommended for the daily cleaning of the PC.: Highly recommended for a more thorough cleaning of the PC, as well as the possibility to see which programs start with Windows and browsers and want to, can disable or delete these executions.


Essential.: Indispensable on my computer for years. It efficiently cleans the registry and temporary files, it has extra tools for organizing the home or uninstall programs.


Very good: Really effective in cleaning, bar I've tried me parese the best, recommended.


NOT detecting all... lee.!: It is very good that already we know it, but we also know that does not clear it all. I have had to resort to - adwcleaner - to solve a problem that neither Ccleaner nor the antivirus I detected in an online scan. P.S. Softonic gentlemen are serious by not included this little program, because that is a small program that erases even what you think that you do not want erased? Install it and freak out with the m... it is! -The great CCleaner to clean the registry cache, uninstall programs etc etc.but...? -Or with the two it borrareis all, I have been able to eliminate what does not detect the Malwarebytes


It is best to cclaner asta now like if you think the same thing :D : in aumeta your pc speed performance is very good thing re eating for a those who have a pc media viejiita


total cleaning: the truth that is the best thing, at a time leaves you renewed pc and the best for me is the monitoring, never leaves residue of internet

Sr. Vigía

Reliability: Excellent tool, I use it on all my computers for cleaning and optimization of the first, is one of my favorites.

Un XD Cualquiera

A VERY INTERESTING TOOL: CCleaner is a software and system optimization tool and cleaning it, remove the files that are already not used by the system and produce a low yield. Also serves as a privacy tool to remove all traces of your online activities as for example your Internet history. I don't have it because my antivirus of payment has that tool, but those who use free antivirus need optimization if that should prove it.


Simple and effective: Simple and effective. More than 10 years in my machines and no problems.


Excellent program: It is an excellent application to clean your PC. Don't have doubts and download it.


ESSENTIAL: Simply indispensable, user-friendly and let your computer clean files and temporary rubbish.


The best for my pc!: The truth, I'm speechless. My pc's performance improved enough, without lag, without delay, without obstacles. Very good, the super recommend.


Excellent highly recommended : Great program and easy to use has very good files and registry cleaning options


It's going great! recommended!: Always used other programs but I've tried today CClener and the truth that I to found a good tool fast easy use good interface recommend it, greetings and good vibes


Practical, but still lacks more : Good, easy to use, aesthetically very nice, but I think that basic functions missing in release of RAM memory, and an optimization of the system in General


Essential: Essential, can be cleaned all the computer once every 15 days even without computer skills

Carmen PMourelle

Good program; the "advanced options" in cleaner should be used with care: Hello! First of all say that I am a normalita user, with little knowledge about technology of this type. I like CCleaner, it is a program that I always download if for any incident, on the pc, I force myself to remove all programs. So far it has not given me no problem.That Yes, do not use all the possibilities when I do not know them; p. ej. "Delete the free space" because one has been an annoyance, so I don't use it. My opinion is that it is a good program but only using what is known. A greeting


simple effective and completolimpiador: excellent cleaner, efficient and simple, complete functions, which may be required... clean rather than a program of payment of maintenance of pc...


improve the performance of your pc: the truth very good I have it on a netbook and the truth that pays much!


Clean the 81,84% of errors: I have tried a program that look at the State of the computer, and then you have to buy it so that clean you the errors, I have done the scan and salian 2610 errors, I have passed the Ccleaner cleaning possible and errors I have dropped to 474, when I returned him to pass this prueba(ael 18,16%,quiere decir que me ha limpiado el 81,84% de los errores) program.To be free, if it has been cleaned so it deserves a 10

That's great: This great and I would like that always the same vuena capture program and cokkies


What do you think about AIMP? In the next step you can expand your opinio: What do you think about AIMP? In the next step you can expand your opinio


The best!!!: Download a video, and plays video in q format I put q m reprodusca well


It doesn't do for windows 8: Important...Does not work for windows 8! chequer well softonic you Unconfigure... Please.


CCleaner is great: Goes very well and is for this reason that I and many people downloaded it, it cleans your PC from programs that are downloaded alone with other programs.


Best cleaner in the world: It is the best cleaner I've had cleans all pc and also searches for cloned files and looks for registry errors


Super ccleaner.: It is an excellent program for PCs thanks, never leaving it free to softonic.


What do you think about AIMP? In the next step you can expand your opinio: What do you think about AIMP? In the next step you can expand your opinio


Slim 4.0.5

0/10 9 reviews

The more lightweight version of CCleaner

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AVG PC Tuneup

AVG PC Tuneup

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Optimize your system with the security AVG

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Files to the height of CCleaner cleaner

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Clean Windows with a click

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