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For those who do not know CCleaner say it is a tool that performs a thorough cleaning on your PC, which improves overall performance and, above all, increases free disk space.

CCleaner Portable is the version ' to carry' CCleaner, i.e., does not require installation, just unzip the file and you can take it in any USB drive, CD, etc.

CCleaner Portable is very well "portable", for example remembers the settings you use on different PC since it records the name of each one of them. In addition, if you burn it on CD or DVD instead of a USB memory stick, CCleaner Portable is 'automatically' in mode read-only.

  • Easy to use
  • Removes temporary and history files
  • Registry cleaner
  • It does not include a Defragmenter

CCleaner Portable screenshots and videos

CCleaner Portable reviews


Easy and effective: It is an excellent program has made my life more easy at the time to clean the temporary files from my computer

Akira Shizuma

the best: You can bring a good program to clean your computer of files that saturate your system and asen it slow and portable in your usb


Recover memory easily: Not be if the better esea, but it is excellent to keep clean and functioning properly the PC, especially for those who have little space on your drive hard.


That ccleaner is missing you never: CClenaer is a simple tool that does a remarkable job cleaning your pc.Intuitive and easy to use, program does exactly what it promises: delete what you have on your computer.Highly recommended.


Use it, is the best: Hello friends, software, Portable CCleaner free, in its latest version, 3.10.1525, is the best to clean your USB, I used the previous version and is to my satisfaction. Recommend this version, is very good. Best regards.


Simple and works - what more you want?: You open it, select what you want to delete to optimize and give it to the Execute button. Computer clean. No more you can ask. Perhaps some deeper explanation about some functions - has sometimes BorrĂ s things are not important, but didn't want to delete, such as the layout of files on the start menu.


Room for improvement but simple and advanced: Great optimizer, although there are better.It also includes Defragmenter.A GREAT FAILURE.

serapio 838

Good, but...: not clean ram memory, as jet clean q does in the scanning and repair, why have both.Jet clean also regained me much diskspace q in machines large perfectly coexist


Sooo good, shed 3 Gb!: I had used it with XP and now tried it with Windows 7. He is very good! Use temporary deleted several by more than 3 Gb, accumulated during a year! Care when deleting data/files of & quot;Prefetch & quot; at least on XP slows down, temporarily, the burden of programs. (unchecking that option).


This new version works just as well: This program is an excellent, cleaner from internet explorer, the Explorer of windows and the system in general. Is unique, and the few that you do not extropea the system. You can with the uninstall programs, modify the programs that automatically start with windows, you can restore the system if something goes wrong, utility to delete a unit among other options.


!!!_IMPRESCINDIBLE_!: There is nothing like having a PENDRIVE with this program in your pocket...... am computer and use it daily, and at home too, for my the best program of cleaning and optimization of the performance of a PC...... Although not least have the & quot;TuneUp Utilities & quot; or the & quot;Auslogics BoostSpeed & quot; along with CCleaner... are very good programs.


It I better use of by life.: CCleaner is a tool for cleaning and optimization of the system and improvement of privacy free (freeware). Deletes files without use of the system, allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your activities online such as your internet history. In addition it contains full of options registry cleaner. But the best is that it's fast (normally works in less than one second) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :) Cleans the following: * Internet Explorer * Firefox * Google Chrome * Opera * Safari * Windows - Recycle recycling, recent documents, temporary files and log files. * Registry cleaner * third-party applications * 100% Spyware free


Complicated for the common user: The video of the comparison is very handsome. Gives a bit of fear made according to which actions, always have that fear if you are going to damage your windows. Anyway... a necessary tool.


The best!: That it could be added to all the positive comments about this excellent program? It is the best cleaner I know. Use sweep with excellent result recommended .super. Acoto only (for those who do not know) in "settings" can pass it on to the Spanish language


The best PC cleaning program: One of the best programs of which it is the maintenance and cleaning of our PC by garbage files that leaves us the internet to explore it, and for that is I think Ccleaner but not only for that but also analyzes the registry of your pc by putting in message if there mistakes or not to correct your registration apart has a program uninstaller very useful now that always there programs inserdibles k do not use and delete them... just one of the best...= D


ccleiner is a good and flexible program that cleans effectively: Ccleiner is good and agile program that cleans and streamlines the allude pc work more faster and eliminate those elements that one does not see but they hinder the free work.


Best cleaner!: Very good cleaner I take 4GB of crap, and now I go much more quickly. Highly recommended. Removes from temporary files, deleted programs that there is still crap.


Terrific: Is the best thing there is and ever will improve more in graphics both things you can do. Amazing :)


CCLEANER: For my is a reliable program that is easy to use and helps people as I am not very expert in computer PC, in excellent condition.


Very good: Since I've launched the portable, I am removing the PC, fixed programs, this works the same as the fixed, so install it, all those who know I put them portable tools that more they are needed and are delighted, the thing has a great future.


That's great: The portable version is the same as the installable with the great advantage that it can be used on any computer without installing it. The only downside is that it only comes in English, but is easy to use which does not represent a major problem. Have if we all take example and create portable applications that prevent us such installation on the computer.


excellent program: It truly works as the fixed cleaner, I'm loading it always for me is very useful to avoid having to install the program


the best of its kind: This is a program to visit to other PCs, is like a key to access a pc more fast, efficiently and without so much trash


Always at hand: CCleaner in its portable version for my criterion since working with matenimientos to computer equipment is one of the tools more efficient against some programs that leave temporary files that us affects the performance of the same pc. and 2 clicks this super program analyzes and removes a lot of files that ultimately worthless. Just don't forget to use this program above all friends who work a lot with design graphic, video and sorbetodo that much use your web browser as their present server :D


ccleanner: Hi all, look not only clean not desired but that makes a great fit basic to the system poerativo the best cleaning schedule that I have never used recominedo everyone try it.


Simple, functional and portable: One of the best file and registry cleaners. Have been using it almost since it came out, when it was still called & quot;Crap Cleaner & quot; and always as portable (on their web site should go to the option & quot; Download - Other builds & quot; to download the ZIP file). Also includes a section of & quot;Tools & quot; to uninstall programs, disable or delete entries programs that start when you start the system, and restore the system checkpoints. There are more complete payment applications, but CCleaner has no comparison in terms of price/performance ratio.


Great cleanser of: Finally I find a laptop of this programazo version. It is very useful for those who work in cyber cafes or technicians to give service to the compus. Apart from clean the computer of garbage files, repair the registry, manages programs that run at startup and ptras things more... I can not say more because it always goes to improve... XD I recommend.


The best: This program is important to have it inside your computer that it is portable clean you the temporary files and ter uninstall programs it is easy to use with understandable options and the best is very fast


portable maintenance: Good as an option for the maintenance of our slot machines of the popular Ccleaner program, and also portable, with the useful this is, since the you can use on any computer from home, work, a friend, etc... without heavy installations. to see if other programmers are encouraged and are creating more portable options with it useful that are not dirty more our pcs with facilities after never uninstalled completely. Certainly use this program can do if what is not understood is this erasing that our pc ceases to function correctly.


The best: The true friends have tried it and I'm with the that I can take it everywhere, all is English but if conoses version in Spanish already know how to do it.


Too good.: CCleaner is a free program of optimization of the system, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. Removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. It also cleans traces of your activities online such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. Additionally it contains a fully equipped registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! But the best part is that it is fast (usually less than a second to run) and contains no Spyware or Adware! :) :) Cleans the following: cleans the following: * Internet Explorer Internet Explorer * Firefox Firefox * Google Chrome Google Chrome * Opera Opera * Safari Safari * Windows - Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files. Windows - Recycle recycling, recent documents, temporary files and log files. * Registry Cleaner registry cleaner Third-party applications third-party applications * 100% Spyware FREE Spyware 100% free


Excellent the best: It is the best cleaning program that serves too. I am technical and always use it. I recommend it


Two impressive words: Excellent cleaner, isn't every day a program of these features so great, so that I have recommended it to all my friends and colleagues, congratulate you.


Excellence in solutions: Already if the programs of the site developer are excellent, put the Cherry to the cake making them portable. Congratulations


An excellent cleaner!: The best case is that it is portable and as a registry cleanup tool in addition to & quot; clean traces & quot; Internet for every time we sailed... I think phenomenal!. I recommend it!


A cleaner like CCleaner and portable: An excellent and portable, cleaner is not found every day, so I put it with all the other utilities ed the penn drive.


CCleaner Portable : It is one of the excellent cleaners that there currently is the practicality of that is portable us is worth a minimum of 512 mb without problems usb

jesus sancho

ESSENTIAL GREAT FOR NON-TECHNICAL USERS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE : Excellent, is the application, which users technicians in computer science that when it is slower us the computer, after you have partitioned the disk, eliminating POPs, etc., we do not get to 100 for not knowing where it comes from. It is that need us to eliminate all waste that is created and that we not technicians do not know that it occurs. It is amazing what free space on your hard disk. It is very easy to install and very fast cleaning.


jomavaje: For me is very good files cleaner is comfortable to use and at the same time very effective for the computer, I use it since long time ago

Super good: It is one of the best pc, recommended for all cleaners, is that there is no other better, this is the best.


Easy to carry: Is a portable and easy to take with you on a usb and clean any pc you use, it is a good program, I recommend it to all the users of softonic


The best.: It is very good I recommend it to maintain your impeccable pc...lastima q this in English: (.) but without a doubt is very useful


As if it is installed and it doesn't take anything: It is excellent to keep clean your notebook or netbook. I have not had any problem to use it on any computer. It is easy and fool-proof if your original configuration is not touched. Only really computer savvy can get them check some other item to the default ones.


very good: Hi, a while ago that I use it to clean the registry and it has not failed me ever. I always have it in my pendrive.


Best for basic users...: Maybe there are better cleaners, free but I doubt it, I think it is the best thing there is to basic users, because it cleans without compromising the SO...


Ideal Portable CCleaner for cleaning: I think a fantastic program to keep the computers that I have on my charge not only for cleaning but also by the tools that accompany it.


excellent: It is ultimate cleaner the more faster, more stable and also ends with some viruses as spyware leaves the pc free from junk you don't need is also very light weighs nothing and is never going to hang

[email protected]

very good to give maintenance to your pc: It is good to fast clean you claim decinstala internet programs is very good and fast will recommend it to anyone and is portable


Character program that you can not miss: This is a good program that can not miss in your magical USB & quot; fixes problems & quot;. Search the trash that is stored and slows down your pc making your experience with it will be pleasant.


luciano21212: Hello, a question, if where it says programs tildo everything there, applications, internet, utilities etc etc and put run clean, not delete me all that check no? get off it, but I'm afraid that delete everything you me this with the tilde. or that is what clean? Sorry for my ignorance...



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Slim 4.0.5

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The more lightweight version of CCleaner

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