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CCleanerthe registry cleaner that you know and love, It is put to diet Slim version although it maintains intact all its functions. With it you'll still repairing registry keys and to remove unneeded files to speed up your system.

The main difference when installing CCleaner Slim to the normal version, is that not the optional toolbar brings built. This elimination is almost one megabyte less weight in the installer, almost a 30% with respect to the total.

Course, CCleaner maintains the same appearance clear and organized its "heavy" version, same scans in search of caches, invalid registry keys and tools to optimize the boot. Just what you like about this utility, but without all that extra.

  • Fast
  • Simple to use
  • Lighter if possible
  • Optimize startup services
  • Few configuration options

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Thank you: Many thanks, Ccleaner to fix the problem of my Pc. It is a very reliable and good program. I highly recommend it.


I installed c/success again: CCleaner!I renew my m/greeting to Softonic!: Thank you very much for providing access to download: ccleaner!; now I installed it successfully again. I again recommend the use of this application and highlight the security provided by this site! I renew my greetings agradecido:gracias softonic!


very little sense: I see no sense this is not a version of photoshop to 200 Mb this is only 1 Mb makes several years might be important in the times of the disk but now there are 8 Gb pendrive hard drives of complete terabytes on simple home computers I get to mind the question is worthwhile to reduce you 1 Mb to a program? about ccleaner is very useful and it is fortunate that is free but reduce you 1 mb I think that nothing but absolutely nothing is important interesting background nor nothing although of course that is my humble opinion


Completely unnecessary: I have not installed the program because it is practically the same as the classic version of CCleaner. You don't have to install the application because it does not present significant changes with respect to the normal. I have to admit that I don't have a computer too slow, and I do not know what differences there between a version and another on less powerful computers, but I don't think it's much.


More light?: Not find you any sense, already if the program is lightweight, it weighs almost nothing and they come out with this?... the program is very good and I use it, but this seems rather illogical. _.



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It cleans your PC so that it goes faster

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Files to the height of CCleaner cleaner

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Clean Windows with a click

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