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Google Chrome is Google's web browser. With it you can open applications and web games in a nice, easy way and, above all, fast. It is the main alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It is more than a browser

Chrome is a young and fast browser with which you can navigate any web page. It is compatible with all technologies and leading standards, such as HTML5 and Flash.

You should know that Google Chrome, in addition to loading web pages, you can run complex web applications, like Angry Birds or Chrome Remote Desktop, all of them are free.

Chrome, in sum, is thought to be virtually an operating system within the operating system, the window in which you are going to run all of your applications. And it is the basis, indeed, Chrome OS.

Private and synchronized browsing

To connect to a Google account, Chrome is able to synchronize data of navigation and tabs between multiple PCs and devices. It is a very convenient option if you use Chrome for Android or iOS.

It Incognito mode, a style of navigation that does not store any files on your hard disk, is ideal for maintaining privacy: does not store cookies, images nor leaves traces.

A completely customizable experience

A unique feature of Chrome is the support for multiple users, allowing to use shared chrome on a single computer, essential if you have visitors who wish to browse or at home using a single PC.

Finally, Google Chrome, you can customize and improve through extensions and themes. There are thousands and they satisfy all tastes and needs. And the themes can easily create them yourself .

A revolutionary usability

Google Chrome is a program very easy to use. Its unique toolbar, Omnibox, allows you to enter web addresses and search in Google. As written words, Google Chrome suggests results from the page history, Favorites or installed web applications.

Another milestone that demonstrates the ease of use of Chrome is fast marker - page initial-, from which you can access to the most visited, to your favorite web applications or Eyelash recently closed (in your PC or other devices synchronized).

Finally, Google Chrome Options panel is a single page in which you can search instantly settings to modify. It is quite enjoyable to use the classical window filling with tabs typical of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Privacy to a click away

Remove navigation data is very easy. Go to the menu Tools of Google Chrome and in options open the Advanced panel. There, click the button clear browsing data, and choose the time period and the type of data that you want to delete.

In what refers to the Incognito mode, activated from the Tools menu or by pressing control + shift. + N. see how subtly window changes appearance to indicate that you are now browsing without saving data on the PC.

Exceptional performance and compatibility

Thanks to its V8 engine, Google Chrome is consistently at the top of the main comparative speed. This performance improves version after version.

Compatible with all web standards, such as HTML5 and Flash, Chrome load PDF files with your own Viewer. You must not worry install plugins or modify options: Chrome takes-all built-in.

Special safety care

When browsing, security is very important, and Google Chrome pages with virus filters so that you do not go to them and load each tab separately; so, if a page becomes unstable, it does lack close your browser.

Today, it is the best

They are more and more people using Google Chrome as your primary browser. Its attractive design, high speed and customization possibilities make it a strong candidate to lead the market for browsers.

The best alternatives? Only Opera and Firefox can stand up.

  • Thousands of extensions and themes
  • Exceptional performance
  • Incognito mode
  • Integrated translation and PDF reader
  • Data synchronization
  • Privacy management
  • Passwords are not imported
  • Some pages look bad
  • Only 10% of the malware it blocks

Google Chrome screenshots and videos

Google Chrome reviews


browser tremedno Lords: Google chrome is a browser excellent I recommend it for people that you want to search fast, effective and accurate. I recommend this browser, download it safely if they don't know what to use to learn :)


collection of personal data : Share your personal data with companies, organizations or individuals beyond Google - collects data about your physical location - Cookies and anonymous identifiers - collects data specific to your device (the team model, the version of the operating system, data over the network) - collect and store data (including personal data)


a fast, simple and secure browser: Without a doubt the best because it has many extensions very fast compatible with web standards and ultimately impossible to surmount.


Powerful, smart but slow.: Chrome it is true that it is a good browser but as saying that creates fame can not lie down to sleep... I used chrome and my life and me to like very well but in the last few days my Navegación has become slow and had problems with the playback of HD videos on youtube believed that was my connection to the internet and not until download OPERA to see if it was the browser and effectively.


Excellent, but expensive: I like the sync and that tells me that tabs are ringing, the spell checker and other small details, but resource-intensive and is stuck on low power computers


Chrome for Noobs: I do not know..not just me Chrome, is very limited and I prefer Opera that even nerfiado going back 5 years to match the Chrome and copying its model of a casual browser, is more comfortable, intuitive and even more fast. It is rare now that used more Internet people prefer browsers limited... I liked the old opera that came with all inclusive... and native!


Chrome, fast browser: I use for almost 3 years to Firefox, but over time I realized that Firefox is a good browser in Windows. It spends many resources to operate, is unstable and has a regular performance. So I decided to switch to Chrome to try it and found it an excellent browser! It is very stable, with minimal use of resources to operate, it is very fast, excellent integration with Flash Player and an attractive appearance. Things missing improve Google Chrome are security, only blocks some pages of Malware, privacy; (Not in incognito mode) and improvements in the adaptation to the extensions. Privacy, security, and adaptation of extensions, its main rival Mozilla Firefox brings advantage. But finally, when browsing on the Web, Google Chrome offers a fast, stable and secure browsing!


effective: is a search engine, fast and efficient If I have more things... it's better than my mother!


Versatile: It is an efficient browser, to the requirement of users


ASCO: You spy it steals your all your data and harm you pc do not recommend it to my worst enemy


what I want to say that if it were not good not the use...: which is very good... If not you as given cuenenta usu almost most ghoogle and but as you've set...

Adrian Pita R.

Google chrome browser with much style: This browser is very fast and efficient I love it has plug-ins, themes, applications offline and even applications that you can open on your desktop


nuenisimo: very good


The navegdor is more rapid and efficient: Google helps you find images, videos, music, pages, etc. and something very good is the translator.


Speed and simplicity: I like it because it is faster and more secure than others.

Google chrome all the best: 100pre is xvr google chrome all easy quick and simple so vote for chrome


training issues, an essential option.: It is the best, and the only masmoderno is missing the option of tutorials and if any are not visibly priority for chrome...


very good: Before I used the normal, but when I realized that removed this, me the download. This very well, is fast, design I really like and lets you access KompoZer which with normal you can't. I hope the sequel.


BATHTUB : Excellent for my taste the best browser translates to make purchases only need to slightly improve the translator but that is excellent is it

Un XD Cualquiera

A SIMPLE FAST BROWSER AND SECURITY: Google chrome is google's web browser, a browser is very fast, it has large number of extensions and themes, also you can run many applications and this new version have a menu of applications to access them from your desktop, in addition to everything that is compatible with web standards. Google chrome is a secure browser already blocks malware sites and you can add extensions of security but if you want in chrome version of ultimate security installed web browser comodo dragon though for me is current chrome because it is more fast consumes less memory and have the application menu. Final conclusion: gloogle chrome is without a doubt an excellent browser, for many it is the best and it is no wonder that it is the browser used, a greeting.


more rapid than previous versions: impressive increased the speed of the previous versions now I want to know if it is more faster than internet explorer 11 the last windows browser was more rapid but now do not believe, the best that has chrome which is the best in the world which is the more easy and to use easy to find markers search fast excellent would be good to make chrome operating system as windows 8 I love


It is fantastic and very good personally do not change it for any: I like more than the other browsers, I personally feel very satisfied with google

Musu is growing fast!: I like chatiar with my amio and amia every day on facebook


To desepsion: It is very valued in the new actualisasiones lost speed is very bad

Fab Vega

Unsafe and a penalty in privacy.: Unsafe and a penalty in privacy, Pop-us or popups not blocked, for the third consecutive year is slow to start. Does not respond quickly. An interface worn out over time and no change whatsoever. It does not adapt to the Modern-Windows 8 new UI interface. Excessive accessories available from your store. Only there are plug-ins available in the shop and by Google. It has become obsolete without renewing nothing in it.


Is a browser, why waste this ferifox in the first place between or: It is a waste of browser is latest version and even this browser is unstable and it takes too for conetarse to the internet even though internet very fast, google still from bad to worse with its me google chrome already go for 35 version and is still a mess of browser, with reason ferifoz is has positioned in first place among browsers and the worst that could happen has chrome is the browser opera is fighting second place among browsers that operates without a doubt is the solution to lack of instability and slowness of connection that still possesses googlechrome


The best browser I've tested so far: It is very fast with many extensions, themes and web applications, it is very easy to use and very figurable, without a doubt, the best.


THE BEST OF THE NON-FLASH (ANDROID): It would be best if flash player on Android, Flash I do not work on my Xperia tablet z4G, because not put flash?


A great browser with great potential to be unique: It is my favorite browser. Tip: for those who have Windows 8/8.1, try in UI mode, is equal to Google Chrome OS is faster and more practical and has many tools. Take advantage of the applications such as Google Docs.


A SIMPLE FAST AND SAFE BROWSER: Very fast and good, queza is best comodod dragon pereo cannot remove you this merits


as a browser...ESSENTIAL: Excellent, use it for over 6 years I have tried others, but have no comparison with the Chrome that is friendly, fast and safe.


Effective: I think one of the best browsers, you can usually find what you are looking for easily, although it is impossible to control everything that appears in the network, especially if there is something that bothers me a lot, are the pop-up pages.


crhome the mas chingon: is the best browser of all


A spyware in every sense of the word: It is a Devourer of resources, a spyware of Google in every sense of the word, not recommended if you value your privacy.


Chrome is garbage.: Chrome is slow, unstable, insecure and unreliable I prefer Internet Explorer or even Firefox.


fast : good performance extensions and themes


It is not bad but...: It is not essential and this very overrated. In terms of speed in loading web pages not beats Maxthon 4, in customization and stability is better Firefox 26 and speed at the start seems to me more rapid IE10. Also has problems with the privacy of the user and that it does not to be reliable. Personally I recommend using Firefox if you have a more or less fast pc or an Internet Explorer higher than version 9. Oh, and if you dissociate yourself from Chrome... SRWare Iron is not bad.


GOOGLE CHROME is best and more with what it brings, 9cito, Uy envy kills: Google Chrome for my is best, we know each other since childhood and plundering us, well that was yesterday and today is over expect to see as we see more I forward jairo de jesus = and *

eL PaCi

INCREDIBLY, SURPASSING ITS LIMITS: Since the update, 32, in my opinion is much more fast, incredibly stable despite that my computer is a xp. highly recommended


the best: for my the most reliable fast stable and powerful best have to be sincere google is the master of the internet


Google Chrome is very good, but just a little heavy: Gooogle Chrome is my favorite browser, is simple to use, is minimalist and has good songs. :D


Encourage in browser updates.: From acutualizacion last, its performance is affected on my computer, I switch to Firefox


A SIMPLE FAST AND SAFE BROWSER: It is very fast and personalicable since it has many extensions and themes


The essential Chromium: One of the best browsers and the only one I use, PRO: very fast, simple, effective and variety of extensions very useful as advertising, against Blocker: consumes lot of memory ram.


Chrome is pure hype: It is heavy and it is deconfigured whenever it is updated, the good thing is that it connects to one with the Serbian google, per by the other not


A SIMPLE FAST AND SAFE BROWSER: It is very fast, worse that those of google are left with your privacy


Stability : Excellent browser, even though you try to always leave return to the.

I need someone to tell me how to load it please: not be as secure cargarlooo which is very good but please help me.


If it is good because it allows us to communicate: If it is good ´porque allows us to communicate at any time and is very important for activities assigned in schools schools and lyceums





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