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Cinemati is an audio and video player which stands out for its advanced functions of audio and sound quality.It is able to resume the playback of a movie where you left off, take screenshots of the films/videos, and supports subtitles (DirectVobSub installed).Account with a 10-band equalizer, support for multiple sound cards (so that you can choose with which want to play if you have more than one) and support for multiple monitors; ideal to select what monitor (or TV) want to see the movie in full screen.It has an amazing system that will allow you to correct in real time the gap between sound and video from a film, by simply adjusting yourself the compensation gap.Play WMA, WMV, AVI, DivX, XviD, OGM, MP4, MPEG, M2V, VOB, AC3, AAC, OGG and MP3 files (provided you have respective installed codecs).

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I do not understand to softonic: This program is version 1.0, also many users do not like (Note user), it is commercial, not includes codecs, and I believe that there are better (vlc includes codecs)... is my way of thinking


Good program: It is a very good program, visually is not very good. If you have some good speakers with 5.1 surround sound and a good sound card, this program is important to you, but if you have speakers pekeƱos sound is not very good. Sincerely the best is winamp. Porke I understand some users who downloaded the program and fail to install it or find some other difficulty, it may not be possible ke value it as a bad program, do not do such comments, the creator of the program, other users and your fucking makina don't have the guilt of your ignorance. Best regards


Simply the best: I recommend it thanks to "srs trusurround xt", improves the quality of sound, overcoming as much to other competitors, logically you should configure it, you know try, don't be regret,


Cinemati vs Windows Media Player 10: The windows media player xp 10 with the following additions: If you want to improve you sound significantly, download the following plug-ins: (csii) circle surround ii plugin v1.3 for windows media player 9 DFX audio enhancer, from version 7 onwards You have to be loaded in that order because but degrade the sound, tries to get the free csii, you can get it with the emule or edonkey and the free dfx, is easier, just search in google search on "orion studios cinemati v1.0.1.146", in google, so is couple the contest Configuralos and now if you can compare both, under these conditions, logically the winamp weighs about 15 times more and consume about 10 times more resources I have proven with several plungins winamp, and I can not find a sound superior to these 2 players


Problem: Install the player and all good but then close the window of the equalizaor and the rest and now I can not open it again. What should I do? Thank you


The mejoooooor!: Download it today and I already fond with the, the sound is amazing! Beating others such as winamp and wmplayer 10. Highly recommended.

Excellent: Very good program may not be as nice as winamp, windows media player or qcd but the sound quality is very superior, also I love that option has to choose the type of speakers since there are many we have speakers with subwoofer and winamp and other programmes was not so easy to configure them.


Put the cinemati equalizer: I found the same problem, need to play a video, double click in the window of reproduction to put it in full screen, then change your tab or as it is called, for example; If this in "equalizer", put it in "sound processing", then again double click, to display full playback window. In terms of the "extras" tab, I think the same thing, it must be for the free version or test.


Consultation: I took the cinemati equalizer, and don't know how to put it back. And the "extras" tab does not open. Is it because it is a version free? But at the beginning it was. I tried to reinstall it, and it is the same.


Thanks lobelto...: I had the same problem as the kid that, the ac3... I tend to admire those who understand those little farts signs long Windows. No way to reinstall ac3 and that will not disturb the operation of cinemati?


Thanks to Lobelto: It was just as well. Very good program. Good sound. Best regards


HELP...: If someone could help me since I get an error when you want to start the program, you thank you write me to [email protected]


I agree with a yomero71: That happens to this crap Anyone could help? I get "cinemati.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close".


It is true: It gives error when you start the classic error d windows xp


Super...: Sincerely and tried many, but this program is very well designed, by the other good quality surround effects, there is no longer the need to install plugins, so it is to complete. Great the best thing.


About ruling Cinemati (mauri05): If I am not mistaken me my good friend, the mess should be because you need to have installed ac3 filter independently. In that case just uninstall it. Otherwise recommended will know that most says the message to be able to speculate on the issue.


Compare: The cinemati 1.0 is a good player, I do not deny, but try the a2 media player, are not going to arrepentir.es great and above all free! Is professional quality


... without doubt a very good sound: .. .If you are that, rather than beauty you are looking for good sound do not doubt this is your program... you can enjoy really good sound without having to seek help to other soft...


VERY GOOD SOUND, BUT...: As I said, the sound is very good, indeed, excellent, you can get to say they run race with the 37zm apollo. But there is a small issue that have that it must be resolved. The playback list. But speaking of sound is excellent.


Problems with wav format: The fact that the player is very simple but has a spectacular sound. Moving on to my question, is that I can't play wav, no format is if not is may or perhaps I not is how to do it hopefully can give me a hand. Greetings to all and continue posting their opinions that are very valid at the time of download or not a program. Cotelo.


Corrects the discrepancy?!: Hello race aki in the description mentioned is a program capable of correct time lags between the audio and the video someone ke ke because it has proven I could say if it's true?And if the truth is me atudaria much have multiple videos are outdated in audio and not ke ke is as are you ace to fix them try it with virtual dub but is time consuming uy and I did not understand very well.... Les agradeceria your help

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