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DivX Player (DivX Radium Player) is a Player of video files, both DivX and many other formats.

DivX Player turns out to be a nice and practical player, without too many functions - to play - it has two interesting possibilities: CD recording and a simple administrator of videos.


-VLC media player-BS.Player-Media Player Classic-GOM Media Player

  • Simple
  • Formed plays DivX
  • Recording to CD
  • Administrator's videos
  • Without advanced options
  • Something heavy

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DivX Player reviews


good: a good choice, I think that's the best. does not fail and is stable. I really recommend it. your not?


It is great: HOS advise you to choose this program because I have already been many years with this program and going great is fast and good quality chao to all


is Mall: It is a mall and suprer practice... is losrecomiendo so download it... and you try it... for my part has my approval


It gives me what I wanted: I love this program, it is not difficult to install it and very easy to use, it has not given me problems.


Excellent: He is an excellent player of high quality, easy to use, and now also in Spanish


That's great: To my going perfectly, still not has given me problems with no film ;)


Very good: So far the best probe.acepta virtually all formatos.lo recommend


It is wenecillo: Weno xd it is, it is not the best and by far but it plays its role. But I don't like the quality with which it reproduces. BSplayer is much better


Acceptable: In my opinion, is a program good, but especially for compressed video, which I have no account with playlist, not is if there will be one who has, but would be better if tubiera to view several videos without having to move my hands.


It removes the annoying double audio: He is a good player easy to use updated with the new codec is heard in Spanish, quitandote the annoying audio in English you can install google toolbar


It fulfills its function: Perfectly fulfills its function of video player, plays almost all formatos.muy good program and easy to use.


Large number of codecs: In particular I think a good program, because I have had no problems to play different formats, since with the proper codecs installation becomes a powerful player


I like it: The truth is that I do not gave me any kind of defect, but okay I like almost everything, but the truth for what I want it comes to my luxury. Anyway that more you are going to ask for a divx player apart from offering you this program


Good but complicated at the same time: Hello friends. The oprograma is well not worst that resolution me out in a proper manner. Becomes well worse when slair I get elongated and do not get to with the formula so that you can see it on TV in a normal manner. Paos files vob to avi, as I have done? Thank you


Good player: Simple and easy to use even for recording movies


Good q programa.lastima not in Spanish: It is a good program but I would like to that the posieran with more languages that is spoken English in the world not only...


Not bad: Maybe you caught all kinds of video format but sometimes it runs aground. The sound is delayed if you go forward the video with which you get to see it whole if you want to hear it well. There are best.


"Good player, although defective": Good program to play almost all kinds of videos, with the following list of drawbacks: does not play all video formats, sometimes a tad slow down the pc, and if possible, in English, aunqe is not a great nuisance.


Essential for what should be: Is not so big but this conforms with its main function play divx files and thanks to the dfx included Ase to optengas the best osnido for your movies or programs in divx


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Multimedia player that also download videos from the Internet

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Full-featured video and audio player

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Media Player Classic

(2000/XP) revision 107r1
Media Player Classic

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Classic feel with this versatile multimedia player

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Media Player Classic

En espaƱol (2000/XP)
Media Player Classic

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Agile video player free, now in Spanish (non official translation)

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