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DivX Browser Plug-in is a tool that integrates with your browser and lets you watch DivX streaming videos in a similar way to as with the Quicktime videos.

It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera, allowing you to play videos encoded with DivX 5/6 (MP3 audio), also allows you to view full-screen, or save them to your hard drive.

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DivX Web Player reviews


: Once downloaded the program go to CineFree.tk, the biggest online in Spanish Cinema portal


You out of troubles: It is good and above all free is very comprehensive and a neatly from hell... especially for the beginners who like her somewhat not so complicated this is the program that you will and beat a good movies do not lose time and aprobechalo downloading divx web player...


DIVX WEB PLAYER THE BEST FOR MOVIES ONLINE: Arto of megavideo cut, this is a good choice with this web www.pasalobienonline.es


It is great and fast: Divx 1.4.0 beta 2 is a player that reproduces the vast majority of extensions of files Vanos Animate and download it


Useful and practical: Excellent program for viewing videos on the web.


Practical, versatile, effective, is the key: The network you need a program like this to see the compressed divx format, I must admit that I have spent it great seeing many mid favorite series thanks to this utility and the main pages viewing online as cine tube.com, joox movies.com, stage, cinegratis.com or darkville among others, there are algoi that still not is as I have done, but whenever I see a movie online program recorded me in a folder the movie I'm seeing seen thus automatically, is better than the emule or torrent, because you download the movie while the ves.las limitations are that for reasons I do not understand (that can be perfectly non-utility, sometimes will not start some movies, but in General is a treasure to be small and versatile player recorder, if it were a girl you would say I love you.)


Don't forget to use it in www.cinetube.es: After download it use it in the best www.cinetube.es movies online page


DivX web player 1.4. 0beta 2: It is good to me to solved the problem I had image to see divx online.


Very useful =): Yep, especially if you are fan of see hundreds of videos and films on the internet, this tool you it will.


Very utill and easy: This program is easy doesn't so much complication and also good appearance is


In Opera it does not pull: Does not work in opera(el mejor), agur.


Magnificent...: Is a good program easy...easy to manejar.lo recommend.


DivX web player does not work: Not with it appearing on my browser toolbar, I can not add it to my mozilla favoritos.uso firefox.si I can help, I'd appreciate it you, because I can download it, and I can not use it

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