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DrivePurge is an application of cleaning that seeks and eliminates unnecessary system files to make your computer work better and faster.

When you start DrivePurge you soprender√° which is in German. Just go to the Extras tab > Sprache/Language and select English (or Italian).

Once done, you'll see that DrivePurge offers three types of cleaning: System Cleanup, which eliminates unnecessary system files; Drive Cleanup, which is in charge of the partitions of the hard drive and User Tracks Cleanup, where the invalid registry entries, temporary internet files and applications.

DrivePurge scans the directories that you specify to a staggering speed and gives you a full summary of the analysis. Starting from there, you decide what you want to end. DrivePurge shows you exactly the data and the description of each file.

In addition, and to prevent that you delete important files by mistake, in the box Search options you can mark and unmark different options such as "Ignore system folders".

DrivePurge is a fantastic cleaner, at the height of first-level programs, and that, all off, doesn't require installation and you can carry in your USB drive.

  • Scans and deletes more than 750 applications and system components
  • Fast and comprehensive analysis
  • No installation needed
  • First it is in German
  • Untranslated items

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Very good and in Spanish: Very good to clean all traces and files your computer trash. It is in Spanish on the website of the author.



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It cleans your PC so that it goes faster

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