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ESET NOD32 AntiVirus is an anti-virus of really impressive quality and efficiency, with almost absolute certainty that in each of its versions it will detect any known viruses and, through a complex, about heuristic.

Altogether, ESET NOD32 AntiVirus is an anti-virus of first quality, competing among the best in most facets of these indispensable for users, although at high speed and the total detection it is based all its power, standing out from the rest.


- ESET Live Grid, cloud-based reputation- Game mode, better performance without interference- Mode saves energy, especially for laptops- Better analysis of removable media, USB, memory card, DVD...- Advanced HIPS functionality, configuration in detail

  • Advanced heuristics
  • Very fast analysis
  • Reduced memory consumption
  • Password protection
  • The configuration export
  • Inspector system and activity
  • None outstanding

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ESET NOD32 AntiVirus reviews


a good tool: a good way to protect your Pc and so far is the only thing that I Serbian to be protected from viruses.

yeeeeah super fast: love's too fast is amazing I had like 6 viruses and delete them in less than 7 minutes is inprecionante


very low consumption of resources in the computer and very fast when scanning: awesome antivirus deserves a 10 for its detection and performance and very low resource consumption :)


It is very difficult to set up and is very slow: I did not like the antivirus is very difficult to set up and is very slow

Rockas 700

I do not recommend ugly: The truth gave me desire to install it after installing it I desepcione detecting me all pages as virus even google and to finish it would not let me watch videos and have viruses


Super: It is excellent that really protects and keeps the team in good performance

Jacinto Gomez

Of the best: Never fails, always Eset to been of the best antivirus that exist


Good... but the scan is rather slow : It is a good antivirus, but his speed of escaneamento is not very good. Your scan fast (SmartScan) takes a lot.The full scan more still.It is an antivirus that is somewhat difficult to configure if you're not an expert on the subject. However their detection rate is the best.


nooooo: esbuen antivirus you're wrong for me is second best


the best: It is excellent, it is the best of all. Thank you it is the best...


Good antivirus that does not interfere with the performance of the pc: In a good antivirus. I have it installed on my pc for my design work that rewuieren enough ram memory, so it does not interfere with the performance of my team, also protects you from any virus or Trojan. Before I had installed Norton, but change it, because sometimes it generated me conflicts in the system and I feel safer with Eset.


PARANOID program: It is that it gives me to give one million false positive?. Does not allow me almost work or surf, with just a little word says that everything is threat, it seems that it was a paranoid program, which suffers from visions. Each time he interrupts me what I'm doing (and have to go to line to explain) and in many cases are false alarms, UFF I tedio. You may say that it has a high degree of detection, Yes, but what, real threats or false. It's definitely very annoying, I uninstall it for that reason. Back to Avast which is more tolerant and easier to handle.

Powerful, fast and consumes little: To my I love this antivirus. I have tried many antivirus and like this, the truth is that none. Very reliable, and most important, not slow anything the pc. I bought it on www.nod-32.es and everything perfect.


Horrible: Uninstall asks me a password which I don't have, actually I'm fucking with that which I can not do almost anything or to another by ESET NOD32 antivirus :/


Frightening: It is very bad, I do not recommend it.It does not record any kind of malware or spyrware, Trojan...(virus) and very poor performance in every sense, a disgusting!


The best of the entire network.: For me is the best...have been using it since a lot of years ago...


a great antivirus that asks very little: took already using it this antivirus for 3 years and it is very good because I never had the security of formatiar my disk hard because of a virus as well as qe is very estble and your requirements are very low in addition its detection rate is 99.3 which is very high.


for my level of user is bad : If your processor is not the best Este antivirus gives very slow your PC. I recommend the Malwarebytes, it works excellent.


That's great: It is the antivirus on the market that consumes fewer system resources, very recommended the truth.

Sebast new

should have more functions: is a good antivirus before it had used from there I go to avira free and now that gave me a 1 year license it and returned to use and is excellent only that should have more functions already to free avira and eset nod32 are almost tied


That consumes less resources: It is the antivirus market faster, consumes very little and is very well priced.


very good for pc protection: excellent antivirus for the protect pc with options personalized


effective: is very good quality and reliable, the best antivirus so far,


Power: ESET truth as I started to use approximately 1 year ago, and sincere siendoles; Piece of antivirus! gentlemen, the best on the market rocked by more than 60 awards from virus bulletin anti-virus to be number 1 in detecting in-the-wild flawlessly, and the best qualified by the company av-comparatives being the most named Avanced + in the history of the antivirus!


It is the best antivirus: I love excellent very good the best help for viruses


It is possible to : was it by proving and had intended to remove avast but if your it says that it is wrong and it has proven then I will have that out


Potencia-Eficacia.: ESET nod32 & amp; non-smart security, definitely maybe number them 1 St in the market, but they are number them 1 º in threat detection in-the-wild have never failed irreblersibles of virus bulletin test them they say and those of av-comparatives reaffirm it with all the logos being the No. 1 of the antivirus advanced + with more cattle, excellent eset!


Retains his fame, but not its effectiveness: The fame of yesteryear, when he was one of the best antivirus on the market, is an antivirus that owes its fame to its first versions, lately has become too loose to disinfect, is no longer what it was.


Jumma not be but Lee!: I have it but I decided to try AVG IS and coool use is the new version more lightweight 2014 Like! Like!

rusell terrier

The best of all without encouraging your PC: Very good and stable 100% recommended I have used it since 2009 and is excellent


is good: It is a very good antivirus at all but dubious in its central layer that is the State of protection I think if they were more focused on removing the virus would be the best


Excellent: The truth that's all the antiviruses that probe in my life (eset, avg, avast, mse, Kaspersky, bitdefender, mcafee, avira, panda, norton and more) eset nod32 was the best. To better detect, which fewer resources consumed and the most easy to use. I had problems of slowness with avast (version 7), kaspersky, bitdefender, norton and panda. Problems of infiltration of viruses with avg, avast, avira, and mcafee. The only thing that met all the requirements that you want a user who wants the maximum safety and lower consumption of resources was eset. Lightweight, safe, effective, powerful and smart. Highly recommended! also protects very well in real time, downloads and while browsing on the internet.


The most reliable: Nod32 is that has given me more confidence, it is very effective and easy handling, especially to install it to my clients with little experience technology, they can analyze and iliminar viruses, trouble-free, comes in Spanish.

Angel Villamor

The number one: Occupies little, fast, consumes very little, is updated several times a day, is always of the best valued, in the end, what else can ask the number 1?

Klhoe Genesis

It is very powerful in detecting Virus ESET: It is an amazing anti-virus it've been using since a long time on my computers, my confidence in this ESET


Ustes are the solution for viruses: Thank you, I just want to say that it goes very well with my antivirus, the problem is to erase my name and password and I can't use in my other computer


ESET NOD32 AntiVirus 5.2.9 (32-bit) : Checking many antivirus, ESET NOD32 AntiVirus is the best that there is in the computer, which does not Exchange anything.

walter luttich

Permanent security: The best existing antivirus, want proof by 25 days of use thanks


EXCELLENT ANTIVIRUS: my experience with this antivirus to been outstanding since detecto 99.8% of the malware from my computer note 10 to this antivirus


The best antivirus market payment: Occupies very little space, does not interfere with memory in the background or a scan since it uses very low, stable, and easy to use


ESET I love, revolutionary.: ESET NOD32 AntiVirus is one of the best 3 2013 I recommend it especially for laptops or pc with little resources.

walter luttich

Permanent security: To the family and friends following tracks on the subject, we choose without a mistake - eset nod32


try it and will you be happy.: Hello my name is gabi for me is the best, since I put nod32 have no virus, I advise it thanks


bueniisiimooo...: very good, nice antivirus program, guarantee to all


Goodbye Avast, Bienvenido Eset NOD32: Googbay Avast, Welcome eset antivirus good is this, fast, powerful and novel that more you like, I hasntes used avast, and not me felt safe, but with eset, I feel more secure than neck


the best antivirus from long ago: very good this antivirus from querubyna use problems are over


The best: Good this anti virus without a doubt the best bad thing is that it is proof :(I had installed avast and escaniava and I said that my computer was clean and when this nod32 download I dectecto 9 large virus the best without a doubt lomalo nod3 can be that are lecuelan some viruses but is an excellent anti virus


2.7 to 4.2, first impressions: performance: I am of those who think that hardware should enjoy-ram is for playing or doing demanding work not to be bad blood-, so was happy to be safe with nod 2.7 but as I term it a few days ago the support had to be updated. Eset engine prevented me from so many threats and even though it may fail with the help of malwarebytes from time to time I am more than sure, so that the idea was keep this, but not wanted to use more 100 MB in security, I don't want to be intrusive messages each 2-for-3 and is therefore probe the 4.2. While to top consumption stood at around 60MB against the 15MB of 2.7, after a few hours consumption is stabilized using the same as its predecessor complying with the first goal, same engine of analysis, some utilities more-antirockits, protection against dangerous pages including the dangerous MiNODLogin, equal consumption recommended!


The best: For me one of the best antivirus that is there really I love its integration with Windows 7 is very light and only come out notificasiones when you should need them. If set well this antivirus you will be protected in a 99% on your pc although I prefer the Version ESET SMART SECURITY 5 by all functions as the FIREWALL also has a very good heuristic


Super good beats avast : will hooo this antivirus is super detects many viruses and is very fast is one of the best antivirus for your pc

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