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Firefox 3 is an old version of the web browser by Mozilla, based on Gecko 1.9.2, and the last before the change to the development cycle faster 2011.

A veteran of the web

Firefox 3 is still valid on the web today, and may offer you a better performance than the most current on an old computer browsers.

However, it is possible that some web pages not displayed correctly, since the support for the standards was not complete and does not include even the compatibility with HTML5 if available to current browsers.

If it works, why change it

Modern browsers are increasingly more loaded with features and programmed with the mind set on the high-performance PC, which can be assumed to work slow on an old PC

If this is your case, and you want to continue to use the classic Firefox 3, you don't why shame on you. Basically, Firefox has hardly changed since then, even though the version number indicates otherwise.

What's new in Firefox 3.6

Among the new features of Firefox 3 emphasizes people, through which you can include a background customized on your browser very quickly, and functionality without rebooting it.

In addition, Firefox 3 warns you to when a snap-in is outdated, urging you to upgrade it.

  • Private browsing mode that does not leave traces
  • Thousands of available extensions
  • Very practical Download Manager
  • Alerts on dangerous sites
  • Some of the extensions are not supported
  • It still consumes resources in excess

Firefox 3 screenshots and videos

Firefox 3 reviews

incredible: cool, is very fast and efficient, so I recommend a lot...


It consumes resources and some pages not loading well: Because it was not the first time that had it, I went back to it. I find the "newness" to check the status of the plugins and update them; with more possibilities of extensions; and with many promises of improvements. Well, first of all, in terms of resources consume you many (depending on the amount of tabs/websites that you drive, clear) and also will have another process called plugincontainer that also sucks enough ram; by making the heaviest program. Then in pages powerful in terms of amount of multimedia information (mainly facebook and others) with an abundance of Visual resources, photos, etc are slow to load and jumps to the window "stop script or allow". The positive would be the configurability and the resource to update and control your plugins, even at the price of having a second active process open.


Very good: very good this new vercion since it brings many new features that were unknown in firefox, always State behind chrome firefox, but it possibly aora is much better than chrome


The unsurpassed Firefox: To Ivanarrieta: This update has come very well for users who, as I have tried all versions of Firefox 4 and 5 and had them to uninstall because, frankly, we realized is that the 3.6 is fast, very stable and consumes fewer resources.


One of the best browsers.: One of the best internet browsers I know, only after Google Chrome (the browser more fast) and debunks browsers such as Internet Explorer or Safari. You have trouble when you start if install you many Add-ons.

Explorador 1

Very bad: When I want to go to the browser does not only says that there is no connection to the internet and open another browser and enter more easy do not recommend it and tested all versions impressively Mozilla 3 is the most stable of all.


And Mozilla do not understand: One of the navigators more popular, but not so best, after many versions still too unstable.


The ease of having better options.: This program has a great advantage, because it accelerates better obtain the necessary requested to the satisfaction of the user. Thank you...

ING. Rude Buay

proven fire fox 3.6 is the best: Firefox 3.6 is the best version of firefox! allows integrating the IDM! (internet download manager) and already also probe the other versions but they are useless!


I'm testing it: Change to version 4.0 because I was a little slow to load youtube videos, and they told me to update the browser plug-ins like java and flash. So far it works much better, but there are a few things that I don't like. I don't understand why they change parts of the visual aspect that, although they are insignificntes, they worked well as they were before and there was no need to change them. They have changed their site buttons how to update page or & quot; home & quot; (home page) Also have removed/altered the status bar at the bottom, which is bullshit, but my I liked having it as it was before. I do not understand by making foolish changes such as these, which only serve to make the first impression that has one not as good as it could be without these changes. This goes for all programs in general: & quot; should focus on improving things that is malfunctioning and what okay leave it as it was, not it can be one crazy whenever you update a program & quot;


Very good: Mozilla firefox 3.6 is very fast and is what I use now is ke mas ke the ie8 and ie9 faster but has a rival very fueerte which is opera


Very good: I was a conservative person in terms of browsers. But one day when I went a friend's House of reuniĆ³ wing note which had firefox installed as browser asks him about the experience of using this browser and I convince, becoming ami House to download and really me parese exelente think that it is really very good. so friends leave their old explorer and try different things things that do not consume them too your pc resources and also are free. :)

It's a little slow... : It is good... Although just a bit slow... also, personally... no change to google chroome. So far the browser is faster than e seen... (to title staff)...

This is the best firefox: Aguante firefox 3.6 is the best! It was Firefox 4.0 but I did not like and change it to this! After download it Firefox 5.0 and I also like asi qe me qedo with this just I think qe is the best! Chauu!


The best: In true are the best and not just on speed but on the best topics and more variety of programs to download hope nonca arenpentirme have you as my first choice of browser to perform my tasks and research, continue to improve for the sake of the user navigators of the firefoxmania the new Hello explorers and navigators will indeed continue to improve congratulations. Att: sandro


Returned 3.6: I have to say that I have decided to return to 3.6 because I had big problems with 4 and the new 5 does not allow me to use some plugins, what evil :(will see how I will now


It is not very good.: It is slow. Resource-intensive. It takes too long to boot. But it has many Add-ons to customize your that good thing Firefox.

jhonatan correa

Firefox: for me firefox is the best, that is very fast, has what is proved necessary and is simple, also my friends have always used it, that seems the best browser. they were those who recommended it to me and not me arrepenti, and therefore recommend it


Firefox always as crushing as a cockroach to explorer and chrome: I have always hated to google. A friend had downloaded the chrome but I don't know how it supports has all the time say: load failure. Always says that all the dias.firefox is much better than any browser that has existido.lo've downloaded since I have a computer! (1990). now you can do what you want in 3 seconds and 100% guaranteed!. This sounds like compromising... do not you think?.


Contradiction in terms: I've always been a fan of firefox, I've always considered it the best browser, however every time it presents disadvantages that seem to me to be absurd. Yes although it is true it is very fast, but only when longer in office, as long as one tries to open it for the first time in the different sessions, it takes a lot in starting, to close it with the intention of using it later during the same session, necessarily should deploy the lower display, if I close it from the upper right corner, when I try to open it againsimply does not open, it is also not compatible with real player system that I use on a regular basis for both every day use it less.

Marq BsAs

The best at the moment: A browser is very fast and very secure the immense possibilities of their additions Help navigation, help downloading MP3s and videos... really is excellent... one feels very comfortable...


Best for computers with scarce resources: I upgraded to version 4, with 256 RAM, and I was going slowly. I reinstalled the 3.6.17 and I will wonder. It also kept me all preferences.


That no one remove my Firefox ^^: The truth, I am delighted with this browser. I always say to my friends that is the best, but I think that it outperforms all but more than. For starters, the loading speed of the pages is very fast and makes navigation more enjoyable, because if it starts to go slow, I despair you that you do not load the pages. Second, its wide range of accessories available, I think that it is the more you have (that if, should be eye with some plug-ins) and third, its simplicity. It is not like other browsers, in which you kill to find any page, or cinfigurar any parameters. No, this is simple, and I think that people is what search for. In short, the browser that can not miss on any computer. That Yes, the only problem that has, is that it consumes many resources of the computer, and sometimes makes that is ralentize a little bit, that's why people who have old PCs, not prefer choose this browser.


Hello my opinion is 100 percent good and effective, I use it to read : Hello my opinion is the best as I said 100 per cent of fast so much to read newspapers, watch tv and sending videos-really good. Thank you

good browser: I like this browser that I see that it is the safest I liked firefox this very well not take away me what firefox would have to improve a little more


Amelia: recently recommended me this page but not be as find what you looking for which is the comments mine inthe profiles of my friends please do not is if they can help me advance thanks.


Simply the best Web browser.: The network is innovation, and Firefox set the pace with new features to deliver a faster, more secure and customizable network experience. User experience: Improvements in Firefox provide the best experience browsing the network. Performance: Firefox is built on the powerful Gecko platform, resulting in a safer and more functional product. Security: Firefox raises safety standards. New malware and phishing protection helps protect against threats in the network. Customization. It allows users to customize their browser with more than 6000 extensions. Characteristics in terms of security and privacy, performance, stability, personalization, search, help, among others, have positioned it as the second most used browser after the default browser in Windows. Recommendation: To speed up Firefox, it is advisable to use SpeedyFox 1.6, a Defragmenter of its database.


More stable Firefox, Opera complete. Chrome safest.: By far, the best browsers are Firefox and Opera. Firefox is the most stable and adapts perfectly well to all websites. It is not the fastest but if you tell the truth, does not come me a few tenths. That does not eat us the coconut with the speed. What bothers a browser is that it hangs or does not work on certain pages. E.g. Chrome does not work on YouTube because of the flash and not forgive that is. They are also good features added that will bring the browser default... in that would be the best Opera. Yes, Opera just download already an email client, chat irc, widgets, has notes, enables synchronization, has services operating Unit and now also extensions. More or less the same extensions that can be found in Firefox or Chrome (and is very fast xD). Opera is considered rather more secure than Firefox, but it seems that Chrome is even more than Opera. To my Chrome, I don't like only that seems to be the most secure.


Excellent but stays behind: One of the best without a doubt but in recent times Chrome takes the lead, so if these questions of which download I recommend that you start to familiarize yourself with the friend to Chrome as almost everything it touches Google turns it into gold.

This browser is great!: I love mozilla firefox I'm fan vastante long this browser and not the camabiaria for anything I give a 10


The best browser q I have known but some things could be improved: We are talking about the best browser q there or, at least, the best q I have used and I have heard. For me, more important beats the q is q is when I go on msn and I want to see my mail, unlike the explorer, I have to enter the password each time. To me, I don't personally like the sail with pesatanas, but well, for tastes... colors.

It is a great wonder recommend it!!: Hello I use this browser for almost a year and still not I given any problem I recommend it browser I thing will ever I am very conetento with mozilla firefox my note is a 10


good browser security: It is a good browser for security and safe downloads can add plug-ins and you can customize


Just FireFox: FF is the best browser I've seen, the Gecko engine is simply great. It is fast, safe, stable and relatively lightweight download and installation. If it is correctly configured any machine can use it, although it is a hazard if it is not.


I feel good...: I've been using firefox for a few weeks and in some ways it is better than internet explorer, but there are other things that internet explorer beats, yet so use firefox to access other pages that need firefox to be able to be seen without errors, after all, it is not a bad program...

I love Firefox : I like firefox is not as slow as internet explorer. I thing I will continue taking on computer excellent! for me it is the best


Surprised: Frankly, I'm very surprised, I only used IE, but to have so many problems of navigation harte me and I decided to find a better choice on Softonic, download Firefox and the truth I'm surprised with the performance

It accelerates downloads of Firefox: If you want to speed up firefox downloads Download this plugin: DownThemAll!: My Firefox is one of the best browsers together with Chrome, stable, fast, safe and customizable; Moreover it is free pragramario software.


good browser: good personalised I have several proven browsers as opera and google chrome but so far I really like the look and I see that it is very stable and currently not is is my favorite google chrome or firefox itself are both very good

qualifier fan

That hurts very nice themes but very slow: Asks many resources...in question to his.. .and is a slow compare it with explorer-(e) and the explorer won you to load a link q wave...I better use comodo dragon......

A different browser: One of the best browsers for having many features that other browsers do not manage to have should buy it micorsorf to add it to windows, remove internet explorer.


I like it: recommended it my nephew that he is 11 years old, and I like enough, I put it is my friends, is fast and safe, but I've been little using it, so we'll see more forward what I think.

Dark Israel

The future is Firefox, the past is Internet Explorer: The Mozilla Firefox browser has become the best browser on the network, for 3 simple reasons: * it is fully and continues to improve only through voluntary donations * really consumes few resources in the PCs * it is efficient, fast and has a very practical look. Now that you know it leaves those obsolete browsers that already are a thing of the past, such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome. It is time to change for the future, it is time to use Mozilla Firefox


Mozila firefox 3.6.10: It is a version of firefox that fixes bugs and stability of the browser although it occasionally has its faults to the hang


Download it as proof: Download it and try and actually outperforms the explorer to the opera and flock I if ledoy a 10 I had the explorer and the new versions are a mugrero takes to load some pages and others charging them well and also probe other browsers and not are what they say above all crohme fault google much


The best: I years ago, I use it every day it more than most. I'm waiting for version 4 that will revolutionize


For my... The best!: Respect very much the preference and tastes of others, is like politics or religion... You know: & quot;The book of tastes is writing & quot; each who is owner of thinking as want, but I ask for the opinion, I repeat, to me, the best browser was, is and will be Firefox... I use this browser for three years already and only change to update... Best regards!!


Comfortable, fast and easy... do better? Impossible!: So far, my Firefox is the best browser that exists. I've tried many others, but as this is not none. It is very easy to use, does not consume many resources and browse much more quickly than the competition. Its small download manager I also like.


It is still the best.: Since I tried it, long ago, it seemed like the best. Simple, fast and secure. Just installed and has many plug-ins.


Firefox continues to improve: Plugins are one of the most important browsers stability problems. In this respect, Firefox 3.6 alerts you when a plugin is too outdated.



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