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Free YouTube Download is a good program to download videos from YouTube and save them on your PC. In addition, it is so easy to use and its interface is so intuitive that the process becomes a pleasure.

With Free YouTube Download can download videos to one or even all of the videos from a user or from a playlist, as you prefer.

Download a video from YouTube in 3 easy steps

The basic steps to follow to download a video with Free YouTube Download are the following: Paste the / link/s on the main screen of the program, waiting for that video is loaded on the top list and gives to the 'play' button to start the download.

Depending on the size of the file and the speed of connection to Internet, in few minutes gives you all the videos from the list.

Multiple options

If something is Free YouTube Download, in addition to its ease of use, it is because it allows you to adjust various parameters of the discharge from the interface.

Free YouTube Download offers the possibility to automatically add links when you have them copied, so you save the step of adding them.

Also has a Free YouTube Download allows you to create different profiles for download. In each of the profiles, you can choose the download format and quality. Free YouTube Download Download videos in any quality (always depending on the quality of the original video) and MP4, FLV and AVIformats.

Our opinion

Free YouTube Download is a program that works great and facilitates you the process of downloading videos from YouTube. It is true that it does not introduce any revolutionary new about other com aTube Catcher-style programs, but is Free YouTube Download is a very interesting option for your comfort of use and configuration options offered.

  • Easy to use
  • Integration with Explorer
  • Download multiple videos
  • Free preview videos
  • It is not automatically updated

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Free YouTube Download reviews


good program, but it comes with a bad surprise.: the program is good, that if you have to know that today in 2014 still down with despite not wanting to be installed on your pc installed programs only fabric and then to remove them, so a shame


It does what it says but install other applications garbage.: It does what it says but comes with & quot; family & quot; I installed it 3 times the last year and as much as select you that you do not want to install bar search and garbage that is installed in the browser, so install other things and for disinstalar touches blames bullet.


GREAT DOWNLOADER FOR YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Re good to download videos from youtube, used to download any video from the youtube fast and uncomplicated


The bad detail: The downside of this program, is you have to update it manually, because if it is not updated, the program does not work.Also the program not warns that there are new updates. It is the only one of this program. If you could provide the option of automatic updates.Would be excellent.Too bad that it is not so


No more stopped working. Does not recognize Youtube urls: I thought it was excellent until the program stopped working and that I had to download an update, fuen entoncs deployed where already in drawing by pasting the URL of youtube said he had errors and is shocked. It had to uninstall.

excellent: He is a good-natured super program that pleased all the people in his videos music etc. hopefully keep it up thanks


Of course, to start I think q is very highly recommended: Well, I will continue using it, by the highly recommended, I hope the people who I read to understand it


Good: The download and is good, what prove also to download videos from other sites such as daylimotion and it works, the disadvantage that I am presenting is than the format in which they are downloads or the file name is not accepted by some video converters, since I downloads videos wanted to play them on a dvd, but I found a program that I accept them to me and I them burn to a cd, DVD and play them on the dvd device.




for beginners-excellent: L or highly recommend, if you find the way, but the good thing is that it comes in espaon, that if you have to download the update, but I loved, I if I recommend it, use an antivirus as always

Urpi Yurak

BUENAAA: a very good program... you can download most wanted with this program, not containing viruses, in Spanish and also is too easy to use. for my I thought it was very good and cons does not have found almost none: S in conclusion: excellent!


is good up to now there has been me any inconvenience: is location is fast and cleaning the plu-ins can be canselar the instalasion doing it correctly if you disable the first box above the other plu-ins are intalaran of all modes to avoid that and not dirty the pc should be correctly of last box up to disable them all one by one and so do not intalara anything that we don't want Thanks to the administrators by the contribution of this very good program we will wait for any update


One of the best programs I've ever seen!: Great program, with multifunction, one of the best programs I've seen. Sections:-internet: download youtube videos (download videos from youtube) upload to youtube (upload videos to youtube) upload to your website (upload videos to its website)-dvd and video: convert various formats (e.g.: MP4 to flv) convert for mobile (eg: sometimes a video for your mobile (cell) is too heavy then here you have the possibility of creating one specific for it.) Edit quickly (video edit) - mp3 and audio: convert various formats (e.g.: MP3 to wav) RIP and burn audio cd (burn audio cd with playback in progress) quickly edit (edit an audio track) - cd / dvd / bd: burn dvd / audio cd (multifunction) RIP dvd / audio cd (multifunction) record data (record eg: music, pictures, videos, etc.) But this is one of the best programs I have ever seen, for my needs to be top.


Excellent: Far to many programs that are unstable, it is is the best that hata moemnto meeting, is excellent


Problems of spam with the new version: I agree with Dioner, this version of DVDVideoSoft 2.4 this very bad q when installing this program, the antivirus tells me q has a malware and I cannot use the program, so I had q to install an earlier version q If I can get to use this program. A mi me gusta mucho because q can download videos from YouTube in HD. But I could not install this new version by this problem. I use Avast 5.0.545

Italo R

Very good: Excellent...truth is very practical, personally I had no problems with this program, especially in the installation...have been using it daily, desargo dozens of files and all with very good quality and not I have found you details to censor it, instead I recommend it. It is better than other programs that I have been using.


Excellent program: This is a good program the best I've seen is fast and very easy to use dvd video soft is quite quick to download videos from youtube and with very good picture great program


excellent: demomento this very well thank you for the page Softonic is great on all programs are very valid to follow so

the darka ngel

excellent: I love this program allows me to download the videos of my favorite artists, what other pages do not allow me to, very good program


excellent program converter...: software with various programs to convert and download videos from the net, as well as convert to other types of formats


Recommended: The program under fast, simple installation and super fast, very friendly the program and easy to use, the warmth also widely, already is available the version 2.10.31 in page author, only takes you 3 min update it.


It is better to catcher, had already find out and download, excellent: This program download several videos at the same time but is very slow, so I prefer to I was catcher who is also here at softonic since discharged a a single video, but has good looks, download fast, a creator of dvd, the video has to be downloaded can be transformed into an infinite number of formats, etc.


I prefer another program.: This program allows you to download various videos of you had at the same time but it is very slow, I prefer to download videos of a one only but with rapides, this rapides delivery to another program that is available on this same site.

Dioner E.

Very bad remake: This version of DVDVideoSoft 2.4 this very bad q when installing this program, the antivirus tells me q has a malware and I cannot use the program, so I had q to install an earlier version q If I can get to use this program. A mi me gusta mucho because q can download videos from YouTube in HD. But I could not install this new version by this problem. I use Avast 5.0.545


Support us and install our toolbar... bad: It is a very good program. Easy to use and performs very well all downloads, but the new version, when you close the program appears an invitation that will be minus 10 seconds, inviting to the & quot; we support and install your toolbar... & quot; Perhaps they are right, but the invitation seems to me something rude, tasteless, because if that invitation, for my taste, is free license... it is very annoying, as a desperate cry to make your order... do not think to do you good favor... but hey, the good benefits of grants program, well worth support it...


Excellent: Good morning DVDVideoSoft Free Youtube Download 2.4 is the best program that exists to download Youtube Videos, is very easy to use just copy and paste the address also gives it save it where your want and used it slow downloading and quick


Be careful: The program itself does what they are supposed to having what do what I'm not so clear is that after installation and indicate that ASK.com plugin is not installed the Setup program ignored and install it equally. Only by that program and I find that it loses all his grace if you do this with the facility which is the following. That if we add it to the quality of the videos is not very decent and there are other free applications that you pourings do the same with more quality and & quot; dirty & quot; your PC. And to top it off after using it a bit I find that with some videos closes without giving any reason for the error message.


Good Program!: It is definitely a super full and easy program of me driving, only copies the address and ready and that allows you to download conversion programs that can also be very useful. It is also very fast, and its super simple installation =) I recommend it

Miriam Smith

Excellent!: It is a very easy to install and manage, program and extremely versatile. It allows you to do many different things with a single program, the quality of the result is very good, and doesn't take up much space. It is also entirely in Spanish, which makes it even more convenient to use. Of course, it was all a discovery.


It perfectly fulfills: Excellent program to download videos from youtube, worked me very well and in windows 7, perfect, me baj video and did me the conversion.

Elf God

The best I've seen...: So far I have not found a program that will give me the ease and quality to download YouTube videos like this, very good, helped me countless times, also I can now see the videos from YouTube in high quality and enjoy them anywhere and time. Advise you it, easy to handle, good choices.


Fantastic, very light, fast and very simple to use!: It is a super useful program to download videos from youtube. Is very simple which makes it easy to use even for users more & quot; recent & quot; in the virtual world! Congratulations and thanks to softonic by offering it free to all! You can download very fast and also never fails!


Excellent program: After several months finally encounter this program in Spanish language and is a wonderful program that I could convert youtube videos and watch them with technology hd someone knows where there is a program that can see the series with hd technology is the agradesaria much.


Very good program: It is a very good program, to download videos from Youtube, I I downloaded many videos from Youtube and it is worth installing it, really.

ariana gisella

very buenooo: It is very chevr also gives you the option of escigr type video q want to have is very practical and useful they recommend

Mach V

His Excellency program: I can get almost any video rock classic, video game guides, it's great, besides being very fast downloads


Good program: Very good, it is easy to use and its discharge is very speedy, thanks to this program I have been able to complement my work with videos.


The best: It is the only program that I've tried to download videos from YouTube, but I do not think that there is one better, I'll take it.

marty muhammad

This 10: This program is fast easy handling quick installation and converts you in good quality videos


I liked it so much: Excellent program because I needed to get off a few youtube videos and the pages where normally it towards already not me the builders so this program I fix my problem


It is an excellent software: It is good, I really liked the only problem is k is very slow and the video last many... not is the other component that has but the downloads I liked by your choice of format and video quality...


The best!: I have tried to download videos from youtube with many programs, but this is the best of all! Very easy to use and low videos with excellent quality thank you!


Excellent: It is a program for easy handling and excellent output quality, is easy to use it and has many features that are very useful, either for work or simply fun!


the best!: This program to download youtube videos the the pollaaaa! You can can put several url at the same time and ke is download and in no time, it is the best ke there for this

Excellent program!: I found an excellent program to download videos, the best I've used... and even better with the full program DVDVideoSoft Free Studio that includes a variety of applications... In a nutshell, one of the best programs that are...


nostalgia xD: When did the firefox plugin, vivia using this great program xD I can assure you that your application has many advantages and I recommend it...


too useful: well, there are many programs in the ree with undefined functions and capabilities, but this includes the following: does not consume many resources in as to machine, is lightweight, practical, provides a menu of easy and accessible even to users more recent computers, easy manipulation, finally a great utility that can not miss on your computer if you have access to the internet... Besides that is free


For You Tube, the best: I think that to download videos from youtube, it is the best. Just copy / paste the URL, and then, paste and download. and CHINPUN!! It's great for & quot; billets & quot;(como yo).


juanitoescarcha: the truth is that I download it and as I worked and tried with other programs and I found one super in the same page Softonic and e of videosoft I worked at my for nothing but the other if I recommended more atube catcher descaruenlo by this same page is a thousand times better than this


Good: It is very good since you can place multiple urls and let that decarguen...Well I recommend xser one of the best good for me if ehh-a clear single video does not.


0/10 0 reviews

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