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Sure that on more than one occasion you've wanted to download some of the songs circulating on YouTube.

Well here is the solution, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter download video and extract audio tracks.

The process or find yourself out, because the only result of Free YouTube to MP3 Converter will be an MP3 file in the folder that you designate as recipient.

Starting from now, with Free YouTube to MP3 Converter everything you hear and you like you can store it on your hard drive by selecting the audio quality and adding tags with the name of the song, author, album, etc.

  • Various export profiles
  • Tail of downloadable videos
  • Tag editor
  • Simple configuration
  • There is no preview of the videos

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Free YouTube to MP3 Converter reviews




It is slow but simple.: It is very slow, just before downloading it from a website online. However, it is quite easy to use for people who do not understand much how to do this very well.

monik superstar

If you update to the latest version solved the problem.: I do not work at the beginning. My problem was due to the change of urls on youtube, and I solved it updating the latest version of the program.It will now film.


not worth: something happens when trying to download to mp3 always get an error that the link has no video and no will to do

Marcos Juarez

Already left the version 3.10.0 this software... but with problems: With previous versions of this program, problems occur with You Tube, which are insurmountable as well does not copy the URL and then does not correctly convert the mp3 file. You can download mp3 files with version 3.10.0, released on 14 July last. The problem is that also lowers a mp4 file that does not work and have to delete it then. This makes more slow download because there are many more megs for the mentioned mp4.


Maybe that makes me error all the time and not let me download anything: Maybe that makes me error all the time and not let me download anything

el mejor del mundo no futbol

the best application to download youtube music: An excellent program for download in all formats.Perfect for music in mp3 and very fast.


Easy to use and free of charge.: Once you find a song that you like in a video from Youtube and you had no way to only download the song only you had downloaded all the video, well, this free program is the solution. The same system of all programs that downloaded something from this site, simply paste the URL of the video and start downloading only the audio of the same. Also into your installation puts some links to some free programs from the same manufacturer that are quite useful, you don't lose anything with to review them and they are free.


Toolbar: I have read several reviews with that with this program it installs a toolbar in your browser. Nothing easier than & quot; desclicar & quot; the option when you are installing the program to you. The problem with people is that when installing things him gives OK to everything without even looking that is accepting. If you go a little more slowly, you will see that the option can be removed and you will not be installed. A hug!


Good program: I think a simple and interesting program for mp3 songs that you can find on youtube and there in p2p. For the opinions that say install you a toolbar in the browser, we will see during the installation process, Lords if we read and do not give to next like crazy, asks you if you want it to install, true that vien ticada by default, but only there that read and DESTICAR


great ^^: A mi me worked to perfection.Does not take much to descargarsen and well hear great audio thanks


Very good application: Finally for those who want to download music from YouTube and upload it, for example to the cell, meets and exceeds its characteristics. Easy, since you need only copy the link to the window and starts already, only to download music. The priority of the descent... very useful and effective allows choose. Totally recommended.


missing: I have the version 3.10 and horrors in verifying the address of the video, and delay is because, with versions above did not have this problem, someone but the same thing happens?


Very good!: It is super well, contains no virus or want you to extract what you have in the files as ares and other... At the same time is an advantage that possible vajar of a one, because is vaja only what one is insurance vajar, apart that is very fast vajando music.


Excellent!: Excellent application, was what I wanted from long ago... all in one! I love this app because you can download at one time in the format you want even if you want to, only the audio of the videos...

[email protected]

Very good: It is very simple easy and music download perfectly ami give me equal videos as I don't see them I delighted to quickly is the best


Easy: Easy installation and usability, you can finally have those songs that you like with this program.


excellent: fast and easy to use use it much to my blog, advise it for its simplicity, easy installation and use


Excellent: This soffware is easy to manage, install, allows us to download from YouTube in various formats, is very intuitive, of the best programs of est e type I've used


I recommend it: This version which is installed automatically when you open that is currently enn softonic.It has left me impressed-Super fast. It's so good that I don't think it last long-I recommend it

piedra de magaƱa

One word excellent: Simple more can not, more practical too, goodbye Ares nest of viruses, thank you for this great program


Another of "my" essential applications.: Have you ever seen a YouTube video that you want to download only the audio? To me Yes, and with this application, not only can, but that also, however already in the latest version (, you can save with lossless audio format. All of the music I hear in my car or in my house, coming from YouTube, and download it with this application. & quot;I choose a video where that song looking for sound quality is perfect and doing ctrl + c in the Explorer and paste in the application, I have it in the format you want, list to add it to the iTunes. & quot;


not bad: Okay and very easy to use but formats weigh much listening to good music and all the other disks I welcome very much hope that the descarguyen everyone tastes good day!


excellent and: It is a soffware easy, practical and to install also, cost me much use since I am a computer novice, now thank you


Excellent: I use it always and it is excellent with all the letters, because it is the only way to get completely virus-free music, as absolutely almost everything today is available on YouTube, there are few things that still are not but a matter of time, as have YouTube to Google by owner and investor of course YouTube will not otherwise improve.


Camayin: Excellent: very easy to use and convenient as well as fast in its function, I like to keep and edit presentations on youtube and with this softwere is facilitated


I recommend it: An excellent program, easy to install and use for a wide variety of things k buske on youtube I recommend you to download the full program


SIMPLY...: Set it to a single serious Word & quot; wonderful & quot; in two: simple and effective: in tes: useful, practical and effective... will you need to say more?


Super good: It seems to me a very good program there is music that is hard to get hope that files do not contain virus


now not low nothing: now no bullet the videos after youtube shortened URLs from the viedeos program no longer does, that you can do in this respect?


I can't download mp3: Get me error and it does absolutely nothing, the bad thing is that it only seems to q want to hook these toolbar.no the probe so that I can not score as it should.


very good but...: used it every day to download music, up to the youtube url you shortened, so? I have no idea! I think that it is the same, so that we do not download their music, purpose, now copies and you paste the url which incidentally now are short, and the program does not recognize them as you. What is can do in this respect?, update the program, or simply no longer serves, I would appreciate some help.


This is a spam!1. care!: For a long time and used this program, but its last version is a spam.Note that when download you the latest edition forced me to put it the author toolbar.But delete the dll. bar and resolved.But when I ran the antivirus to be precise my anti virus is Avast 5.0 free edition and identify it as a PPD (potentially dangerous program) so you delete it.So do not delete the antivirus told me.If not why my experience, a program that has something that impose you your installation is not good.Also those who already have experience know if a program brings a spam, it knows that it won't bring anything good.

Italo R

I recommend it: Very practical, I have had no problems with this program...I have been using it frequently and not I have observed you errors or details to censor it, instead I recommend it. Excellent.


help : playdom am kiero this ps is the k ando busko worse am not soe muuibuena in this program as deskargue according to I and keria open it and gives me only keda there immobile someone please help me


Excellent: More simple and practical impossible. I recommend you to install the entire package or the Free Studio. Each of its earnings is very good, both download and converters. On the toolbar in the browser, the solution is very easy. Then uninstall and point ball.


This great: for me this great, as there are many issues that you find on youtube, and Yes to install raisins all that you said about installing their search bars and others as better truth. also it is pretty fast


excellent program: I was tired of viruses that I brought ARES but with this program I will supoer well I can download all my favorite... music is very good program.


Installation: I downloaded the program, it makes two installations of executable, also installed Windows Live and a tool bar, but I can't run the program. Not is if I need to do something. Anyone have a step by step?

alberto bonavia

the program is fine, but you installed me a new tab in firefox: It is correct but not be because you installed without accepting it a tab in the browser. even if you uninstall it whenever you open a new tab two open you.


I can not install it: .. .tengo a MAC, download the program and at the end of the download get me a window that says systems of files that cannot be mounted! .. .that means, as do you!


Excellent!: This program is excellent, and it is very useful to download videos from Youtube but in MP3 format, as for example those videos containing the song with the image of the album in the video. We must first put the Youtube link where you will find the video you want to download to MP3, and then the program will download that video in format flv (Youtube default), and once downloaded, the program automatically will convert flv format to mp3 thanks to its excellent converter. The program is free, is in Spanish, and is installed very easy. I highly recommend it.


is very good: It is a very good program is the recpomierndo for those q want to download music from youtube, this is an excellent as q dvdvideofsoft has options such as programs to download videos from youtube, aquelllos q want to edit a video, for those q want to convert video even for menzclar music is the recopmiendo all those lovers of music either in video or mp3, they serve much.


There are better ways of getting the audio from Youtube: Today there are many websites where you put the url of the video you want and give you the link to download the audio, or video with different formats directly! Why use a program and your processor, when you can download it in the format that you want? In addition, this program & quot; only & quot; works with youtube, when there are thousands of websites of music videos. A web of these, which does the same job that this program is: http://www.vidtomp3.com Anyway, the program fulfills its mission and gives the possibility to download the audio in various qualities. Most of the single web allow you to choose format, not always quality...

Fast and intuitive: Quick and intuitive are the words that better describe dvdvideosoft free youtube to mp3 converter, since even if the interface is in English, anyone with a minimum level can use this program. Also another thing to highlight is its speed in 1 min. You download and convert to. mp3 video 2 or 3 minutes. In short, an application that is worth to download.


your answer...: It has many functions for a single program and it has many types of different programs. Softonic image is not the same as the program unlike the others. Music downloads are good, the bad thing you have to wait, since the video is also downloaded, and then takes longer. It is completely free and is very useful.

lady adri

Impresindible.: Looking for some program to download a song from Youtube you liked very much, then look no further with this little program haras swimmingly, you choose the type of quality that you want in the window that opens you copies the link to your address bar where you want to download the video, download it and you do not take long and already have the song you both want.


DVD FREE IS GOOD BUT SLOW: I do not work me, I start to download the first audio and it does it well, but others never ends of acompletarce transfer always stays at 50% or 80% and to vary terda much and that expected desperate me and then for not lowering it is ta canon. Anyone know who is should this. Best regards.


Great program: The program is ge nial, downloads do them super efectivs, I highly recommend it, the quality that gives the audio and the additional such albums images give a special detail


This rebuenisima: If it is complete but you have to download the full program there you will find how 20 options from video converter


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