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Some PDF files that restrict printing or copying your content. It can also happen that you've forgotten the key to protection of a PDF created long ago.

Freeware PDF Unlocker eliminates these restrictions of any PDF file in few seconds. To do this, you must drag the PDF to the yellow icon of Freeware PDF Unlocker and wait for the unlocked file is generated. The name is added the suffix "_noPW".

Freeware PDF Unlocker includes also a converter EPS to PNG that works the same way. Just drag and drop on top of another icon. In both cases, the results are excellent and fast.

  • Fast and intuitive operation
  • Efficiently with a large number of PDF files
  • It includes a converter EPS to PNG
  • It does not support dragging more than one file at a time
  • You can not work with algorithms exceeding 128 bits or recent versions of PDF

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Freeware PDF Unlocker reviews


Vain with 3 PDF I've tried: It has not worked with any PDF that I've tried. But it is that also not end ever. What I had 10 minutes making not is what with a PDF (which by the way, has disappeared from the source folder... thank goodness that had doubled it) and press "stop", get a window saying "done". Too bad... Almost as I installed it, I uninstalled it. Or 1 hour on the pc...


It does not work: The same thing happened to me... In the instructions that you give says & quot;... drag the pdf to the yellow icon... and wait a generated... & quot;. Expected as desperate. It does not work.


It is a garbage: It is a waste. Doesn't work, it is unlocking the file and never ends, the but if you cancel the release file is unusable and you lose the information. It is not for nothing.


The product is not which is announced. It is different.: Software that is downloaded and installed does not correspond to what is advertised. Effectively in previous versions of this product marked two icons, were installed one to convert the PS format to PNG images and the other to unlock access to the file and the restrictions to print, copy etc. The installed program (the new version) displays only a shortcut icon and its function is to try to break the password of access to reading, not to free other functions. Definitely, either by a change in the policy of the developer or the failure to update the outline of Softonic, the product is not which is announced, although it could be very powerful. Anyway, congratulations for the contribution made in the distribution of software.


I could not install it on windows7 x 64: I tell my experience, just download it and I have windows 7 version x 64, and it gave me error nor even it has come to install. I am not expert in these conflicts so I've taken and I have deleted it outright and I forget. a greeting


Excelente.Gracias: Now install the program without problem because me urging to copy a protected pdf document. Clik, the drag icon to alone creates the new document with the extension _nopw. You open it and voila, you can copy the document. A formidable tool for what I now urging. I recommend it widely.


Thank you and congratulations: This PDF desbloquador works very well. I can copy text, tables (though without margins, for what can I do with instant selection PDF) and photographs. He unblocked me a 730-page text and or crinkled. Thank you. Henry Carter Roa.


Does not work in windows 7 x 64: Does not work on windows 7 x 64, it came using long ago and it worked perfect on windows 7 32 bit, now that I've already changed system does not work. On the page of the author says that should work on x 64


Without problems: I just download and install the program, and I have not had any problems or failed to check out check out the file. An exact copy of the original, but without protection or restrictions


The best: Simple program and his role to perfection. Recommended with total security. Use enough to diarioy not a single problem. I've tried with many others with negative results, but it does so in a pis-pas.


Recommended...: Better than other programs I tried. Never failed me. A necessary tool for those who need to decrypt PDF files.


very useful: It is a program easy and fast to use and install, apart from the fact that ne is not heavy, it is a choice very practical if these in distress and need further information from any pdf file.


It is easy but...: I have tried it with several pdf and exactly yes it takes your protection but when I Spike and drag to pick up a text, a paragraph, not let ME. Therefore, or I do it wrong or does not work. Miguel.


It is the best by far: It is the best program of its kind with difference. It is so simple that almost scary; but you have to know how to use it, which takes not more than two minutes reading on the website of the author. Many programs seem to not work when in reality we are those who do not know how to use them; We are so comfortable that you want everything ready and chewed. NO, must know that we and the problems that & quot; burst & quot; keys has; just so so good utilities can be used like this. These words are now for those who say it doesn't work them. LSO PDF may have various types of resctricciones, one of them is the opening and is not can be removed automatically for any program of this type. However, Freeware PDF Unlocker if you can do this, is that your know the password to open so if you click with the right button on the program icon and select Edit is you open a text window. In one of the lines you'll see code - sPDFPassword = writes after the = key to open and ready. Obviously, once the process should again edit the file to remove the key that we have put or put in place the appropriate. What is something annoying? Maybe, but we start from the basis that we have a free soft and all what they want is not possible. Of course, if the PDF does not have a password to open it, the program burst protections without having to do anything. If they do not know the password to open there are other programs that seek it through Brute-Force, is not quick and easy, but if you don't mind the waiting time, at the end just to find it and as it is best to always read one how things here I leave the link to the manufacturer's website with better explained instructions: http://jayaprakashkv.blogspot.com/2008/06/download-free-pdf-unlocker.html


Useful program: Simple and very easy to use which has managed to decode most of all PDFs that had protected. It is a pity that not you able to unlock them all.


It is much better PDF Password Remover v3.0... only unblocked me an archi: Only me desbloquo an archive of more or less 10 or more pdf files that I downloaded from AV-comparative. Not is because one if the desbloquo and the others did not. Fortunately in taringa got the & quot;PDF Password Remover v3.0 & quot; that he unblocked me all the files that I have tried to unlock so far. I do not recommend it when you have the program that menicone before. Let us hope that the PDF password Remover does not have the same problem when they are released for Acrobat Reader updates and patches safety and those things because it would be a shame. If people creates a program to unlock PDF files is supposed to fulfill its function, but Freeware PDF Unlocker you fools. Not unlock virtually nothing.


Problems installing it: It gives me errors with my Windows 7 to install, also gave me problems when I had it in the view. With XP it worked wonders


Very good program and free... Thanks a lot: Very easy to download, very versatile and & quot; intuitive & quot; as I said at another user before, super easy to install and use, thank you again. William j


The genius is not expensive: Just great.At last I could unlock my resume done on one website that I save and there was no way to open it.With this software as I did in seconds.That's great.


Hzegarrat: Both look this very good program if results in real time what happens some times with the pdf s some veses even if we remove the restrictions cannot copy what happens should see that type of file was combertido to pdf an example if scanned leaves whatever in jpg format as solicamos in in a word or other document, and then the combertimos to pdf this pdf not are will be able to copy the lines of escrituta is a screenshot which will be copying are akellas writings loose letters that were combertidas to pdf take into account bird cannot be copied because simplente this pdf its content is a screenshot or scan so that it cannot be copied by more passes that pass or godly in a formats always is keep em your original file if it is word or tex exel and tamtos formats but that there is good hope that recondiseren this


Useful: It is very useful to unlock some pdf, although I have to say that he could not with others. I would have liked that it was able to unlock all the pdf files that I have.


Finally found you!: After much searching solutions to articles, books, and others who wanted to print and not allowed me, finally found you!.! I went slowly bonding to you as it was always with other colleagues of yours, always a little susceptible of an outcome fatal only allowed the first two pages, or only you can select and copy the five first lines until the following month the other five lines. When I saw that appeared in windows cmd, I said well, now will come that the file name is not valid, there is not enough memory, who could not read page 2, which is not valid. But at the end it appeared the file with the tagline nopdw.pdf and heart I gave a turnaround. Eureka, was what I wanted and also completely freeware without annotations. Thanks a lot!


Buenisimo: Was bsucando a program like this since some time now that I had some pdf files that are left to copy the text; This program modified them in such a way that already you could copy the text, leaving the others intact. Nothing more to say because the program is very basic: only remove the restriction


Freeware PDF Unlcocker is the maximum...: This program is the maximum, is simple small and settles in a two by three, I recommend it, pass sentences looking for something as well.


Until at last...!: Infinite and many times I have encountered locked PDF files and that anger gives when you want to copy, and you can not do it already that that file as I said earlier is blocked by its author, on the other hand always thought was never going to find an unlocking of pdf files which were Freeware (free). but until finally and by chance I came across this fabulous program, which the most shocking of what makes its functions is what he says your name & quot; to unlock PDF files & quot; so you can edit, print whatever you want, without having to print the entire file. Is the recommends and deverdad do not gave me any problems and I hope that you either.


excellent utility : Simple to install and use, up to now has given me excellent results with virtually all pdf files that I needed to unlock, keeping the original file unchanged. Also bring a converter from pdf to eps that works very well. And all this with free software.


seems excellent to me: its functioning is rather simple and solves the problem of locked pdfs, however keep in mind that sometimes the lock is by damage in the file, so if you use it to retrieve it is possible that not succeed very well, by the others very good.


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