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If you want to play videos but you don't want to walk with complications of codecs, GOM Media Player solves the issue.

To include the majority of codecs (XviD, DivX, FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4, H263, etc.), GOM Media Player avoids have to install them. In addition, if you already have codecs installed on your PC is kind enough to allow you to choose what used, yours or those included in the program.

GOM Media Player has three display modes: normal, high quality (for powerful computers) and TV mode, thought to play by connecting the PC to the TV. In terms of their functions star, GOM Media Player features a patented system to play incomplete or corrupt AVI files.

Of course, as every player that boasts, GOM Media Player supports subtitles (SMI, SRT, RT, SUB): a must for lovers of films in original version. To round off the topic, GOM Player supports skins, so you can customize its appearance to your liking.

GOM MediaPlayer has earned a deserved place of honor among the select group of video players.

  • Multitude of customizable skins
  • Many codecs included
  • High quality playback
  • Search for missing codecs

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GOM Media Player reviews


Corrijanlo: It is excellent but the version you have is wrong. 56 is not if no 53:


: He is a player with a very ugly appearance, and all the time it takes to download codecs... :')


does not work the softonic installation wizard: today March 30, 2014, the GOM program cannot be installed from softonic download wizard, had already used it and found me a correct program without problems


GOM Player WINS definitely conventional players: A good player that gives the majority of resources in videos and easy to handle... PS: that is RealPlayer the first in the Global TOP?


: The best video player. Lightweight, plays great all kinds of files. Excellent sound and video, quickly loading DVD's from the disk drive and play by where you left off, as if it were a physical DVD player. Also get an experience with the user full to carry also menu for the DVD, setting the audio output, etc... Also plays files you are downloading. The best!


The best and most complete players:


excellent: very good product and very easy to use as well as ke the entindes to handle easily


terrible: I didn't like all the time takes you to bad codecs download vlc player is best


The best and most complete players: The best video player. Lightweight, plays great all kinds of files. Excellent sound and video, quickly loading DVD's from the disk drive and play by where you left off, as if it were a physical DVD player. Also get an experience with the user full to carry also menu for the DVD, setting the audio output, etc... Also plays files you are downloading. The best!

hermosa locura

: I have problems with playing files & quot;.rmvb & quot; not to play them! not be pq? can anyone help me?




Magnificent player's a/v with sound only for connoisseurs!:


Excellent new version and in Spanish!: Excellent offering the latest version in Spanish of the GOM Player! This is information more detailed than this in page in Spanish about new modifications that made the software: changes made to the version · It has been implemented the new mask for Player (skin) default GOM Player 2.2. · The volume may now step up to 200%. · A sliding transparent UI has been added marker functions have been improved. · Changes in the Association's files window for Windows 8. · New icon located in the taskbar will display playback status. · A message on the screen indicates the size of the playback window when modifying the. · New codecs with their respective internal filters are included. · A buffer overflow security issue has been identified and corrected. · A problem of sync during playback of some XviD and MPEG4 files has been corrected. · Recognition of the aspect ratio of the screen has been enhanced when playing files. · The information of the size of the playback of the file in playlist window has been improved. · Other minor changes and corrections have been executed.


POWERFUL, SIMPLE AND SEXY NOW!: Is it is sinduda better than all players free and dare I edcir that better than VLC and others, has all codecs including WEBM which is the competence of mp4 HD,


Perfect with total use and good quality: It is very effective and fasil use has a good image is any format is very effective


added to the ac3 as previous versions.:


I try to play a movie and doesn't thank you equal softonic :


: Just entering the "General" option in "Preferences", we must click on the "Network" tab, and at the bottom is the "Splash Screen" option, click on "Disable window..." and is already.


Incredibly good: He was accustomed to using the Klite that has the media player classic and I thought this was excellent. But since I use the GOM can't believe how good that is. Modification of subtitles in a super simple, option to change the contrast only in the video, memory of the film progress if we don't want to see all at once, player of all formats, among others. It's really great if you start using GOM won't want to then no other.


Perfect, simple fast clean.: It reproduces best MKV to VLC, very good.More light than others and play with higher quality.


Mind-bogglingly superior, incredible,: Amazing, quality of image and sound, film, very fast at the start, upper works.


Lightweight, compatible with everything, the best.: Simply the best, for those who we see animes in multiple formats, whether they are mkv, mp4, etc etc etc this player gives much of if there is no video file that does not play, also hardly uses resources (not like wmp) and is super light ^ ^ super recommended!


Preferred video player.: My new video player, has more advantages than against and is free, is the perfect solution if you do not want to pay, or if you're tired of the typical VLC.


: What there is, the best! use it long time ago and I have never had difficulty with formats, subtitles, images, etc. An extraordinary quality. The best!


Recommend it! =): I like this program because now adapts to everything! from my audio to my videos! In a nutshell, I love! recommend it! =)


The best and without any conflict with the PC.: Is that I had to format my pc for licensing reasons, and go back to XP, thing was that whenever he tried to see a video is turned off my pc, find out much on the internet and I tell that it was the video player that was compatible no is because? in any case tried with vlc, kmplayer, realplayer, splayer etc... and the only ones that did not give me problem were of course the GOMPLAYER.com and quicktime, now just use the GOM, I hope do it well with this great software,


Simple reproduction of high range.: Just simple, powerful, intuitive, and with a presentation that finer, of high range. Totally recommended for all users. Its simplicity lets see your programmer's efforts, since it is difficult to achieve simplicity and high performance, as does this powerful player. Its intuitiveness is remarkable for its reproduction and its navigation for codecs, without forgetting that it is completely stable.


The player caps: One of the best players I've used and those programs that can not miss on my pc, agile, useful, plays any type of format (even interrupted downloads) and that he does not seek them.


the best Media Player: q chido eta gom grasias softtonic... jajaj XD meyega is the best player conoscooo q is re chidoo


Very good: It is an exceptional player Multiformat, both in quality and in consumption, other than to open several times the program at the same time. The only downside that I put is your little stability in latest version.


The best to play in FullHD. Without image jumps.: Amazing program. the best without a doubt to play in fullHD.


Excellent: Very good program has everything I need in a single player.


Almost perfect, but...: Is a very good player, very difficult to deny it, because it has been my player's head for a long time; not only it has very good quality picture and sound, but it also reads everything or almost everything. But his eternal great drama lies in the difficulty that for DVD playback, if we add you that sometimes you have to make them certain adjustments asked average users no idea in what could consist and the fact that the program is in English makes many abandon it or desist from it which is a pity because in general is very good program.


only serves to player, the subtitles are not in the video nor: It can be used only in the program, does not convert film or downward to your files. is time-consuming, only plays


Simply the best, better quality, lightweight and attractive: Does long time had it installed had and felt very slow and I ended up using VLC Player, however I tried this version and is stunned by how attractive and lightweight which is this player I replaced VLC for Gom Player, is awesome quality audio and sound that offers and few resources and above all it is free, I recommend it to everyoneHe is an excellent player.


: an excellent video player that I like is that when you don't have a single plugin downloads you need and without the need to update the program, very good recommend it


Great!: Finally in Spanish, were waiting for him for some time, because this is one of the players that most use for its functionality and picture quality, but having no Spanish language remained him his popularity and sometimes leaves him for not having my language, thank you for having translated this great player.


My Savior: Yes, because they had set me up a new windows, and there was no way of videos. The images appeared as sauteed. I looked at drivers, drivers, and in the end, players. BS player. RealPlayer, Vlc...but Mckenna who has allowed me to see the videos. 10 for this player.I can even hear a language instead of the two that are alternated.

Lluís Hoffman

Great player:


The best of all.: This player is much but much better that sonsera of vlc xq has very good quality, and also is well customized, is the best of all, none compares it, only nero, lol, but it is excellent not be regret


Barbaro: I've tried it and it is very good, I think that we need to work a little more in their appearance, the rest I would say this, 100% I recommend it


first use: I asked codec!: Started to use and the first movie that I put me pidio a codec, and was a. mp4! I did not like for that simple reason!


Elegant player with small failures: GOM is one of the best players, next to VLC, which can be found.It has a lot of options to customize your taste and your playback quality is great.The problem is that in their latest updates seem to have diminished his capacity to play videos; I found with many different formats unexpected closures and freezes the screen force to close the program.This, together with the incomprehensible lack of Spanish language, take away any dot on my opinion.Anyway, it is highly recommended (and more when they solve those details previously discussed).


: We are talking about an excellent player, since in principle you won't have to worry about codecs to play different formats of videos, in addition to providing a better quality and sharpness to your videos, the fact of not being in Spanish does not represent any problem at enterderlo and use it, very good program.


Try it twice: I think it is a good player but try to install twice and not me convince, stays with file type avi or mpg that I have always liked that were not associated with this program. My taste is something missing and it is power associated with the files you want and not that already brings the program associated preferentially.


Simply...: Simply perfect! Good sound, good quality video, customizable, in my opinion is the best media player that there is, because the VLC Player, lacks appearance, encambio GOM Player has it all. Great program...


Endangered VLC?: After trying several players and tired to install codecs and more codecs, came to my salvation: VLC. I forgot other video players completely until I started to works r formats RMVB, which had prblemas forward or delaying video and that many times the video stopped or a few seconds, which makes which makes that one jump. Therefore, since I tried GOM with the formats with which I work, I have noticed that it is not only good, but really good. If I put a 9 to VLC, GOM I give him a 12


Very good: He is an excellent player of video over time one is taking him far already that in English haha but still is easy to use


USER FREQUENTS: I it used many times, and I am very satisfied with its performance, that acknowledges the vast majority of existing formats and resolution of IMAJE not perhaps the best, but it is very decent.


Very good player: Excellent program, very good quality, months ago I use it, the recomientdo! Very good image quality, with many functions, at least for the average user.


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