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Google Book Search, or Google Books search, is a website where digital copies of more than one million booksare stored.

You can search for text inside, flipping through the pages or... download the book in PDF format with Google Book Downloader.

Using Google Book Downloader is very simple. You need only get the ID of the book (included in the web address of the same) and paste it in the corresponding box. Google Book Downloader will get information about the pages that compose it and will allow you to select you want to download and save a PDF.

Google Book Downloader works perfectly, although the download may take a while if the book consists of many pages.

  • Intuitive interface
  • It works very well
  • No installation needed
  • Something slow downloads

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Google Book Downloader reviews


Bad boy!: Only download images from the archive in pdf or show download options by format!


USELESS, USELESS USELESS AND DOES NOT WORK: Directly does not even show the first page, not low absolutely nothing it is better to take a pencil and paper to lose time testing


Excellent program: This program works perfectly, only a small incomveniente to complete the book, because google does not display all the pages of the books, but that is not the program, but the restriction of page problem


It doesn't do: Unable to download anything, even if it took hours, saying that he was trying to get off. I recommend the Greasemonkey


It does not work: And install it and didn't find the books, therefore it is impossible to download them, useless. Do not install it, only lose valuable time.


Google book downloader: I have no find another opinion than that useless poronga "this program"! It would be so good and useful that would work... A working...


Does not work!: This program had good looking to download books from Google Books... The problem was created when it was violated rights of author, I imagine, that by lowering integrity books with copyright. Which this utility no longer serve!and the most recommended is, see the book of fashion online. Because there is no other way.

Ramon Moncada

More easy to use: It is necessary that this program is more friendly with the user, or more easy to handle it, install it, then try to download a book in particular and not couldn't do it. SLDs,


It may not be: This program does not work! WTF if you want to contribute with something that works please... says downloading but does not download anything


some wanted to defend this software: While it is true and that we generate a consensus, the programme lacks yet, I think should try more and handle a little more options, for those who said that had poor quality what is low, is lying, has an option to fix the quality of the downloaded and which was told not falling books complete is true, but would have to take into account that not all the books from Googlebooks are available complete, the program downloads only what is, that would be.


It is not much: The truth seems to me regrettable program is not much I can only download certain pages and very slow very nearly locking the computer I did not like the quality of png images I feel that it is waste of time


excellent: seems very timely that there is a program like this that since the google page book can not download any book but with this program if it becomes possible. so I feel very good.


You can improve, and a lot.: A part that does not fall the entire books, that already were aware, format and the quality of the pages left much to be desired. In some cases or low or takes an eternity. In short, as the & quot; sold & quot; It does not work. At least for me.


Luis urquiza sanchez: I am convinced that it is a program with many shortcomings and should be improved for the good common to all users.


It does not work: Unfortunately does not work, it would do so at some point, but now not. A pity because it aimed to be a good pair program consultations.

Lazlo_ Vandor

It doesn't do: Time wasted is download and try to use this application. It should be removed from the database of Softonic


Nothing to do: I downloaded the program. CAN'T download google book books but that the worst is not only that google book ban my IP and it was impossible to access your website for 2 days.


This program does not work: I do not understand how Softonic can devote even a line to something that does not work. This program only thing it does is to be for hours doing that does something to the end can not download anything. I do not understand how Softnic not takes more careful analyses and do not understand how does not listen to the users. In short, if you want to waste time this is you program, because lower, that is said to download books, you will not be able to download or one.


is useless this program Google book downloader: It is a program that has nothing to do in your machine, it is better to have a virus that this google book downloader


If it works only missing instructions almost I can't but yaaaa serves ok: If the program, if it serves although it is not very clear is to put only a portion of the link for example I wanted to download file so the concrete East is the link http://books.google.com.co/books?id=0abn_hsI_OkC & pg = PA294 & lpg = PA294 & dq = IPORITA & source = bl & ots = 0ysE7qL1rk & sig = 924Jy5mQtWBETUmgqO1wCiRq_7w & hl en & ei = vZSoSrKoOuattgeh792dCA & sa = X & ói = book_result & ct = result & RESID = 5 #v = amp & q = IPORITA & f = false If you look at the link after http://books.google.com.co/books? says id is the code of the book in the google servers books in this case the id of the book that I want to would be 0abn_hsI_OkC in general the & separates the number of page us throws to find him so to the & is the code try it


very slow: It is very slow and can not download anything, I hope you have another similar program


It needs improvements: The books begin to download, you can even see page to page which lead down, but never comes to download them completely for a long time you have the program running. The idea is good, but at the moment it is a useless program.


I hope to see a better version: I think that like other users who have opined, we expected more from this program, although I do not deny that you just is in its first versions, the 0.1.0 alpha 8 sounds too preliminary, to my in particular not helped me, because he expected it never ends when it locates the pages, even testing with small books... one day that is not so far away can see a version and hopefully more decent, I think decency starts from of the & quot; 0.5 & quot; because it is said that & quot; half & quot; It works. Salu2


Currently it does not work: If apparently as says baronvaron google update the code and it is impossible to download books, it hurts.


Jose barrios: It is very slow you can not download any book with this program I hope to improve it since it is an important tool as well as for professionals for any level student


A complete waste of time: This program is really not functional; It sounds very appealing, but when you put it to work simply does not


Alternative: As if it works is with Greasemonkey, a Firefox in the form of Script added, it leaves them as images.


What useless program!: If it work "to perfection" would not take an eternity to download a simple book of 50 pgs., or the approach is that we should have enough patience to wait? Spare no time to lose in these computer majaderias and hopefully a program to do what it says it does. And well. Otherwise is a hoax, rather to middle end, a complete uselessness. The next downloaded books that work, Please!


If it works, they must only learn to use it.: I installed it (after a previous installation of .net framework) and it was ready. Only gives you: file - & gt; Add book and is written the address of the book on google books (eg. Http://books.Google.com.co/books? ID = sradjiuhvjac & pg = pa15 & dq = google + book #v amp & q = google % 20book & f = false), is click - & gt; queue and now, starts to download. The download speed depends on the internet connection.


Interesting but lentiiiiiisimo: At first it seems an interesting program and very practical, but in reality it is impossible to download any book from google and I attest that, since I've tried like 6 times and the process is endless. Juanjo


It does not work: It does not work, secure Google update the systems


Not work for me: Download it because I thought it was interesting, however I could not download anything

Sr. Luna

It is useful, but they should be better: PS the truth is useful if I take out of troubles, but with that of downloaded image is something maluko, since it is better to have the whole book, also just let them allowing google book download, and agree that the dissatisfied!


Windows tells me that I stopped working: It would a program very useful to be able to calmly read some books, even if they are only parts, without having to be connected to the internet, but I do not work because windows communicates to me that it stopped working.



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