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Google search is a simple gadget that will allow you to add the Google search in Spanish in the sidebar of Windows Vista.

To make a search with Google search only, you must enter the keyword and press ENTER. The gadget takes care of everything: opens a new window of the default browser, go to Google.com and launches the search.

The gadget is really simple and just consumes memory. There is no options or additional features that may complicate its use.

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Ummmm!: I think chevre to locate information, but!!.. .there that installed the & quot; sidebar & quot; and the problems to install the sidebar is that you pulling lots of RAM so better not... I'd rather have it as my main search engine google in my machine...


That's great: for me it is an essential tool. I am delighted


Excellent contribution: It is a fairly stable tool and useful. The use, definitely greetings



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