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Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. A browser designed to enhance your experience while you browse Internet. An excellent alternative to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Efficiency and speed

Google Chrome is rewarded efficiency and minimalism. Its surroundings only shows the basic controls for browsing the Internet. But under that simplistic environment, Google Chrome hides three very interesting features: an innovative system of eyelashes, a bar with integrated search engine and a window summary to give you access to your favorite pages.

Undoubtedly one of the features that make Google Chrome browser different from the rest is its system of eyelashes. As in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox you can open different tabs to view different pages in the same window.

The novelty is that these tabs are completely independent processes. If Google Chrome a page generates errors or hangs, it is possible to close it without affecting the rest of open tabs.

Innovative features

Concerning the address bar, Google Chrome is a step Mozilla integrating a browser. Google Chrome faster entry directions showing you the most viewed pages, different terms of reference, favourite and objects of history. All in record time.

Another new feature that Google Chrome includes is a Summary window. It shows thumbnails of your most visited pages, your recent bookmarks, a history of past searches and other elements that help you streamline access to your Favorites.

Thousands of extensions and themes

In addition, Google Chrome supports themes and extensions, so you can not only customize the appearance of your browser, but also expand their functions thanks to the thousands of extensions available in the official directory for Google Chrome.

In short, Google Chrome is the web browser from Google. A browser that includes a number of new features that certainly not leave you indifferent.

  • Intuitive and friendly interface
  • Compatible with web standards
  • Search engine integrated into the URL bar
  • Summary with the most visited pages
  • It supports themes and extensions
  • Sometimes passwords import fails

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Google Chrome reviews


The best: It is great I love google chrome is very fast.You can see youtube in pas, you can enter soliales networks very safe and free, I recommend all.

Magnificent: It is the best browser of all that and used at least that is what I think


There is another version more updated: already this the Version 38.0.2114.2 dev-m (64-bit), so I should update this League to the latest available version.

Fab Vega

In truth the worst choice of browser. Nothing like Internet Explorer: Unsafe in truth, with hundreds of leaks and Pop-Us: P

This is the best from around the world with only a klik already ready is magnifi: This is better than all trust me I was much of internet and computers I recommend we were scoring better denlen and descargenlo is easy-going excellent

The best of the world!: Excellent fascinating imprecionante the best of all

Fast Youtube charge me (so I can listen tranqui many plates): It is the mejooooor, is good interface and browse so fast in the twinkling of an eye already have the page open.


unmatched! others try to imitate; perp never match him...: excellent, practical and friendly... When you have doubts? use it and you'll notice of how easy that is!

The fastest and most comprehensive browser: The best browser of all. Compatible with everything. Home faster, many extensions and an excellent timing.


The best I've tested, and with a super extensions.!: Since I've tested Google Chrome, till now do not cease to admire it. Firstly by the speed, and then what I like most are the excellent extensions that possesses, formerly a calvary entering since Facebook ads slow to load pages faster, but for Google Chrome, there are some spectacular extensions that block the ads on facebook and Youtube and other pages, and a block of special advertising that blocks any advertising of any page haceiendo what is more rapid load of pages.! Today only I use Google Chrome.! Not even Mozilla Firefox has what has Google Chrome.


The best web browser: It is fast, safe, and fun to use. All thanks to Internet Explorer, with many default bars, was slower. M ecalente and delete it and I said, I want to something better, I pass by softonic and I found this, and operates another good browser; and be happy.


I can not find defects: Fast, simple, effective.It has a translator could be improved, but very useful and ability to block pop-up windows and Flash.


Buenisimo: It is the best browser that I have had the more fast easy to configure and the concealer is fabulous for me there is another best greetings to all.

Dark Israel

Google Chrome web browser of the future: Google Chrome is without a doubt the best browser on the network, for many and varied reasons as its minimalist interface, their address bar integrated into your search bar, your Google Traslate translator integrated into web browsing, customizable appearance, etc. I have tested efficient browsers such as Firefox or Opera, but no doubt Google Chrome is far superior to them in all aspects, is also sponsored by Google creator most famous search engine company and the # 01 in the whole world. I recommend friends...


a good browser: in my opinio crhome I been useful first was firefox and crhome this after I thought it was good and then was improved and now left me with the


Google Chrome the best of internet: I so far have used IE 6, 7, 8, Firefox 3.6, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome has been the + rapid of all a bit heavy in space but is worthwhile.


The best: Google Chrome, Sos the best web search history you're fast you have memory Sos No capo you like internet explorer which is slow are not as mozilla firexfox which does not let you watch videos not you're as opera is boring you're the best, firm: *-* Cami-¨ ^


It seems that we share the same story...: In my life has always been Firefox, often using IE were frustrating, and when he started chrome not liked much by the loss of extensions and the visual, but as I kept using it and it is the best! Dudggan Mex


I appreciate the Google Chrome browser: Google Chrome was useful for me. What I appreciate is the translator. My null English makes it indispensable. As for the rest, I find complicated access to the pages of favorites. It should be more simple. The possibility to surf incognito is also valuable. I don't use it, but it is a valid option. Specifically: is highly recommended.


malisimo!: They always fail me plug-ins, a disgusting google chrome... Cannot be used quietly for games online and those of facebook, always complement any fault...


Google Chrome unstable too: give many problems when you're listening to a radio station and of markers stuck constantly, they should copy something from firefox


The best scanner today: It is very fast, very full, basic-looking but very powerful, intuitive easily and very practical. Your home with a history of last closed tabs along with the pages most visited is very useful. The independent operation of the tabs makes more difficult all scanner falls. It has a task manager with the memory occupied by the different functions of the browser, very useful. Add-ons and skins can be installed. And definitely faster, than others, not only to navigate but to open or close. It is my favorite browser.


It is the best of all: It is lightweight and very easy to use, I just love when you install it and it do not change for any other browser.


It is the browser revelation the best thing has it all: The truth is that it will very well very innovative, right now is the best on the market I think that undoubtedly given a great step google with this navegor a great success


failure in my old browser chrome.: not is if it has been good to come out the latest version of chrome as chrome old programs now appear without confirmation of authenticity and may not be used... clear the solution would be to install the new, but my pc cannot because it is not pack 4 in your windows program, so if I want to use chrome I have to install a new version of windows... .that seems unfair to me.. .es as if one forced it to consume other product in order to use chrome... Unfortunately and embarrassingly apparently large owners of companies that handle servers need that people drink you their products... that this well while it is freely... but this seems almost a re-cut, and that this very bad... seems that in our world the internet that appeared as an area of freedom are is turning increasingly in a virtual consumption bureaucracy introduced by the large merchants of the market...


There is no extension for download managers: While chrome to evolved it has a small detail and is that the download (files) not captured by some download manager... Despite all the advantages and benefits that have chrome Note: If someone already got an extension for this contact me because I have a slow connection


At the beginning I did not like much, but now I to convinced.: I started with the Internet explorer, then with the mozilla firefox, was quite good but consumed lots of RAM.Now I installed the google chrome... start it and not me takes more than 2 seconds to open, mozilla took like 8 - 10 seconds.When you are looking for a result by google, leaves you in less than 1 second, and the pages open them very well.I saw other reviews on other sites and why I never used google chrome, but has now convinced me.

Diego Vargas

Update images and browser design change from the 0.2!: The images should be updated now that the browser design change since version 0.2! ¬¬ browser change much, is excellent!


joanipof: I always used Internet Explorer, but when I saw the banner of google chrome download it to me and I started to use saw that it was much easier, comfortable and faster than not IE. Never use Firefox, I seemed silly, but the 4.0 this well, that Yes, but still use GOOGLE CHROME. The RockMelt, the facebook browser, is a copy of google chrome, I use it also.

el mejor no soy yo

best: It is a lightweight browser. simple, fast and good is that it is the most beautiful. It is much better that Mozilla, internet explorer, opera. It is honestly a good browser. What's bad is that you do not you block any page for security.


Patricioed: I think that without a doubt it is the scanner more rapid, more adaptable for any OS. Also the best is that light is unable to produce a failure. Recommended 100%; 5 years ago from since its beta phase I use it and the only thing that brought me is the joy of fast and safe navigation.


In a few words...: One of the best browsers I have used, others only copying each other and never improved nothing, this browser is fast, stable, and works on mac and linux.


Difficult other best: Excellent browser, fast, contains everything you need at the time, immediately recalls the visited sites, etc...


the lightness to the power: Google Chrome is for my a revolutionary browser because of its lightness and is a change for which East tired of internet explorer and that is lie contant complement and such person. Also has the best letter of introduction: is Google, the search engine pioneer. Excellent, in conclusion.


Google chrome: It is very good helped me a lot the google is very easy to use I love good I'm chauuu aaaa I love your apariensia


Better impossible: Would thought at the beginning that it would be a little faulty due to lack of parakeets as the other browsers, but this turned out to be excellent, the pages load them immediately and connects without any problems in pages maximum security as they are the banking pages, unlike others who live you wondering: sure?, you think that you have to do it?sure no one sees you? and more unnecessary things. I recommend Google Chrome with your eyes closed.


A tab inactive for a long time, delay update: That is the downside of the browser google chrome, when I'm a long time without seeing a website in another tab, is starting to update and delay sometimes too (like a waterfall).


Malis: is terrible in google chrome watching youtube videos or you're doing something important and you suddenly locks up and fault adobe shockwave plugin is always a big problem! before first 3.90m33 were the best

[email protected]

Very fast but very unstable: It must be recognized that the speed of this browser is much higher, but the inestivilidad on some web pages (especially flash) low high score. Google has failed to get a 100 browser, but almost. Firefox 4 increasingly improves appearance and performance, and it is possible to exceed to Chrome. But now with version 7, is 60 times more rapid.

PuuRa VidA

Simply the best: the best in web browsers the most rapid of all none compared to google is the best


Google Chrome, always a step ahead: Would you rate as the best browser today... is safe... fast... stable... has favorable possibilities as translating web pages at the same moment that open, to have a control of discharges, the incognito mode is also lightweight and fast... in general, as well as Firefox browser in addition, allows you to customize the appearance of the browser with skins friendly and personalized... Another example of the strength and superiority that has characterised Google since its inception...


Excellent: has used many browsers, but this is the best, easy to use and gives us access to the most used search engine, google


better than everything is what I would say: good first and foremost can inform you that I at first honestly not liked me, but actually meant it because I'm from which they sometimes I tend to not wanting things to change... but when I started it using I have managed to confirm that this is the best thing we have as tool for Internet and search engine, not to mention the features that the company google puts at your disposal actually encourage them to continue using them and not you will regret it... care if it does not happen that in the future it is google who dominate in the field of the internet xD


More than good: I think it is a great browser, fast, simple, minimalist, configurable, good accessories, it is the second of my preference since I only use it for trivial things (its speed is because it saved on their servers cache your user navigation). I use the orbit as a download manager and it captures me the same chrome.


Excellent: It is the browser that I use as a default in the pc. It is the best browser that I have used, I do not change it for none, why have it as a default. It is very quick, simple and stable.


something I need: is an excellent browser, but at the top I get a very and not the arrow where clikeo and out all pages that I have visited who helps me to fix that problem before hand greetings


Google crhome beta 8: Just want to say goes more quickly than version 6 final.Acceleration hardware is off to activate the write in URL (about:labs) without the parenteis and the option that says & quot;GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D & quot; Click enable brother-in-law appears the option inabilitar to say already is activated after reboot is the only one that should enable and you will see that it is as fast :)

[email protected]

If I like by quick: If I like fast and light - its functions as the translator of web pages well that's what I like.


Almost the best of the best: At the beginning it wasn't me, but I tried it and I fell in love with this web browser, which is stable, fast and you don't have those annoying bars so sticky that they abound out there, although it lacks to show some pages that cannot be visualized in this browser.

Oscar Rojas L.

Very good program: Because I believe that it is an excellent program nothing complicated fast effective good I recommend it very much is light nothing heavy to use good and whenever you write makes mistakes as in Microsoft word is the best I've ever had with Firefox 3.6.8



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