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Download Google Chrome Portable is no longer available.

If you like Google browser now you can take it from PC to PC within a USB thanks to Google Chrome Portable.

Chrome, the Google browser

Google Chrome Portable is the web browser from Google. With it you can open applications and web games in a nice, easy way and, above all, fast. It is the main alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.

A single bar for all

Google Chrome Portable is an easy to use program. Its unique toolbar, Omnibox, allows you to enter web addresses and search in Google. As written words, Google Chrome suggests results from the page history, Favorites or installed web applications.

Yes, you read correctly: web applications. Google Chrome Portable, in addition to loading web pages, can run complex applications such as Angry Birds or Chrome Remote Desktop, all of them are free. Google Chrome, in addition, you can customize and improve through extensions and themes. There are thousands and they satisfy all tastes and needs.

Maximum privacy

Portable Google Chrome has Incognito mode, a style of navigation that is not saved any file on your hard disk. Incognito mode, which is activated from the Tools menu or by pressing control + shift. + N, does not store cookies, images nor leaves traces.

Remove navigation data is very easy. Go to the menu Tools of Google Chrome Portable and options open the Advanced panel. There, click the button clear browsing data, and choose the time period and the type of data that you want to delete.

A stable and secure engine

When browsing, security is very important. Google Chrome Portable filters sites with viruses so you go to them and load each tab separately; Thus, if a page becomes unstable, no need to close the browser. Google Chrome Portable updates are frequent and automatic. Thanks to its V8 engine, Google Chrome Portable is consistently at the top of the main comparative speed. This performance improves version after version. Compatible with all standards of the web, such as HTML5 and Flash, Chrome loads the PDF files with your own Viewer.

A more widespread browser

They are more and more computers that use Google Chrome Portable as your main browser. Its attractive design, high speed and customization possibilities make it a strong candidate to lead the market for browsers. The best alternatives? Only Opera and Firefox can stand up.

  • Thousands of extensions, themes and applications
  • Exceptional performance thanks to the V8 engine
  • Incognito mode and privacy management
  • Integrated translation and PDF reader
  • Synchronization with the Google account
  • Portable
  • Sometimes passwords import fails
  • Some pages are incompatible or look bad
  • Only 10% of the malware it blocks

Google Chrome Portable screenshots and videos

Google Chrome Portable reviews


The best portable browser that exists: Chrome, is best for navejar, is easy to use, does not fall so much as the explorer and the best thing is that despite being a portable version, you can use Add-ins (extensions) making that you don't need IE for anything more.


Super fast, one of the best portable I've tried.: Undoubtedly till now is one of the best portable browsers more Rapids I've tried so far, l'Opera is very well, until advertising blocker, google chrome doesn't but similarly exceeds to opera portable. Now I use google chrome on my PC, I copy it to the local disk (C) and use it as a browser bookmark, since the portable version of chrome does not consume resources as it is not portable and is very fast.


Portable GOOGLE serious view: the truth that the people of gogle does not stop surprising us: the issue of the incorporation of extensions and themes to the crhome stable cash and elegant make it (e cube!) however must not get excited demasiaod with the topic of extensions that are running in simultaneous because they can slow down the machine. for the others, an excellent choice


Opera is better Chome not you protect your activity on the net: It is bad, it is not safe or more even when google you fiscalisa your internet activity. I don't like anything that has to do with google. I prefer to use opera that a ferrari is when learn you to correctly handle do not stop using Opera... also has it that none of the others has and relocate the image of the pages.


does not handle well the passwords: I have it installed, but I use it very little, because it handles bad passwords. I use only in exceptional cases. Which normally use is Firefox that nicely handles passwords.


Fast, stable, customizable...: Google Chrome, is, in my humble opinion, the best browser of today. It is very easy to use, it has no unnecessary options, in fact, just the basics (by default) in contrast to other browsers... For those who complain of its simplicity, there are hundreds of extensions and themes, in the Web Store. Consumption is high, if I do not deny it. But let us be honest. Most PCs now have at least 1 Gb of ram. It is very easy to use, and getting used to, it is very easy. In this version, we enjoy the advantages listed above, only that we can carry it anywhere, as for example, an Institute, where commonly used Internet Explorer.

stephan x92

the best browser: East to been one of the best browsers to e seen till now. Since it is fast, safe and reliable... and almost never fails, or I better shower never fails... and is very useful in every way. I have been using it for awhile and not me to many problems.


Simple and charismatic: Not only is the fact of having a browser on your USB, but a very good browser. This program has 2 forms: normal one where are saved the consultations and the other where the consultations or cookies are not saved. Since Google took out this browser, it has seemed the best. Do not use many resources and the interface is quite accessible. In a nutshell: simple and charismatic.


guindy68: Seems to me a very full browser and easy to use, and over is portable so you don't have to install it, it has many features comparable to any other browser and being portable


known: as it is a program good for surf execivamente could say that if it were ugly would have availability to another program google Chrome is not good though q is portable


A puntazo: I therefore consider it an indispensable tool for someone who works on computers with limited access since it allows you to work with what you like without having to install it. Best of all is that it works like the original, allowing you to synchronize your bookmarks and putting extensions.


Excellent programilla: Excellent program, very easy to use and the minimalist design is perfect for users who only want to surf the Internet. Too bad that you can not update automatically as if NO portable version.


very good but I'll stick with my smelly foxy 3.6.8: If compare it with ff4portable that you are missing the addons(50mb) and opera 10.7 (23 mb) which is much more light in all aspects and offers post Manager, and more, as is there, there, is quick and estable.pero look at the detail of appsportables web download, do not download the version 6 stable and seek CHROMEV8(80mb) unstable is supposed, but my going me great, more rapid, esstable, with better design and opciones.la recommend. firefox 4 should exit of manufactured with addons speed dial to compete against opera and chrome and dwlhhelper and webmailnotifier to crush them


Practical, simple and quick: I used the 2 versions the installable and portable and actually I haven't found the differences with the performance. It is a conceptual, austere browser that complies with what promises. It has several options & quot; hidden & quot; as the combinations of keys & quot;Alt Gr & quot; + mouse wheel to change the viewing scale. Highly recommended also has very good extensions and skins


Maybe the second-best browser: Google chrome is a good browser. It is fast, lightweight, with an interface very simple and clean to make the most of the experience while you browse internet. Now this portable version is very useful to be able to take it anywhere, even on a pendrive and avoid you annoying not as good as IE browser. Very useful for people who have no computer at home and have to go often to other places to connect to the internet, where surely they let them install anything. Or for students, since in laboratories or libraries nor do they allow you to install applications, and worse still, have browsers for several years to avoid the dilemma.


The best thing everywhere!: The best in web browsers is now possible to have it on any computer. all google croome applications available in any portable storage device. It is the same browser, with the same stability and speed; but wherever you want.


I like the portable programs are very practical. This is very good: I like the portable programs are very practical. This is very good, delay or in download, but that may be by many factors, not required mind of the supplier, this kind of programs your guardians in memory and when realemnte you need them simply connect it run it and yaaa. without using memory or processing. that removes lightness to your pc


....: This rough google chrome


I would say the same as the full.: Good... This browser for me is the best, but for my is inescesario, which is the same as the full (which is installed). Maybe the best would be that does not weigh much.


A fact: If they do not bear them youtube videos, they must get off the installer of flash usb where have this browser.

nestor(no avatar)

I like it. I like it: How portable it is almost perfect but browsing speed down very significantly, but remains equal to the normal chrome in other respects so for me it is very good, in fact I have it in my pendrive but opera portable I think better, also keeps a good menu.


Google Chrome, I recommend it!: Because I've used different portable browsers since I am a fan of having my normal machine and separate my & quot; portable machine & quot; My usb believe me google chrome portable is the best of the best, fast, effective, very good! the only thing I see wrong is your appearance that you can change with get the dll's in the themes for the program, really good.


The future googbrowser in your Pocket: It seems to me a very good program in general, stable, with few visible options, but with many hidden features. A simple but practical and effective user interface, although still without add-ons. Highly recommended to try something different and to help the Google guys improve it!

Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Browser fast and simple for your pen drive: Easy to use.It's simple and fast; It also has an additional function to browse without leaving a trace of sites visited.


The more rapid and lightweight for surfing...: It is the browser fast and light installation that I've tested, installed almost without trace to be portable, it is very nice interface and speed of loading of pages, it has a kind of cache preload of the pages stored, so browse very fast... The best for those who want to try the new browser from google that is improving over time...


is very good: It is equal to the normal, only that it can carry it on my USB, fast, they can be topics... I recommend it, I think it is too good to be beta...


The future of browsers, now ' take-away '...: The portable version is very well achieved. In my opinion it is the best browser, but is the best. Incredible speed, sophisticated appearance, high speed to load videos, individual tabs, and much more... They make an excellent browser to Google Chrome. Still have their fallitas, but remember that it is BETA, and always in the betas out failures. Yet they are almost this and that surprises me quite! It has the same features as Chrome still being portable. To my I especially love and I have it from the first day of release. I recommend it, and motivated them to try it. You won't regret ;)


Let us hope that it will improve: Some initial mistakes, which I hope will improve with the riempo, in some pages except error not me admitia passwords. ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT.


EXCELLENT AND QUICK: It is a great program, easy to use, fast and very simple to use. It is the explorer with which most liked work.


is excellent: truth to be a portable and in version beta this excellent I liked and is primarily more faster in matter of tabs open the truth I was surprised


Very good but with a defect...: This version is good, it is much more rapid than previous versions, but my I think of a problem that is with the account of mail that I have in hotmail, I can open the emails, read them, but I cannot write any, and that I think with earlier versions, I thought that with this version would not have that problem. Not is if someone but the same thing happens... there in more this best this version...

Janior Alexander

Super single, browser is BETA...: To be a portable version and over BETA this good, clear presents some pages not compatible. I think that version will not be improved a good browser... Will be a SUPER browser... due to the fact that you have what it takes: Þ very good speed; is very fast Þ design and quite pleasing appearance and technology. Þ apparently is quite stable; but I can not assure you 100% Þ tabs by page Þ is easy to set up; by any user that has a minimum of logic Þ stability: a great advantage compared to the rest due to the & quot; internal individuality & quot; with that manage the pages; a tab do not depend on each other and if culega a, does not pass anything with others. -------------------------- THE MOST IMPORTANT... IT IS OF CODE OPEN FOR WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM THE... -------------------------- I can truly say that it is a breakthrough for browsers & quot;TRADITIONAL & quot; TRY NOT BE REGRET IS THE PROMISE. AND WAIT TO GET THE VENSION FIANL WILL BE... ..............................................................SUPER...


Tool to help: Google is very good it is u widely used program that there can get anything is the maximum


!The best of the best...!: Ya was tired of the problems that other browsers left me and not wanted to keep trying... until I anime and download...!fantastic!, I have it in the USB and it does not cause me any problem.


Very good but...: Good browser but until there is, we will have to wait as it evolves


Not installed: can not load it makes mistake in the page have tried several times install it and will not

Íñigo República

excellent! 10: being beta and already so good... I don't even imagine as will be when good version salgala! congratulations! ;)


the best browser: It is an excellent browser, portable, useful with a pen drive.

Very fast and intuitive: It is very fast opening pages is excellent, at the moment I am starting to use it which took me liking this very much. I recommend installing it and using it is the only way to see it going well, not be regret.


Magistral: I liked from the first time you use it, now I can also carry it in pencil. It seems to me simply masterly.


Very good: The truth that the utility is very good, soloo which is not very agile than say, pages as of youtube (which among your links recommends it) are slow to download


It has bright future: Very nice interface and easy to use, excellent browsing speed and it is portable (no mess your pc with facilities), the only disadvantage compared to firefox is the absence of plugins but I understand that there are already projects on this


Excellent: It is good to fast easy to use also recommend google earth is buenisimo to those who like to explore, but not download it from softonic is a demo metande to www.googleearth.com and there get the free version


The best, in all caps: The best general outline. Just put something that warn when closing multiple tabs tell me and also that the bookmarks toolbar is not as wide. By the other perfect.


This of more!: This program of more! I fix problem of in my work this much better apart from any browser and Internet Explorer could not update.


Excellent: Excellent in performance, appearance and functions. And the best thing is that it takes almost no space, I honestly stopped using other browsers, and I think soon I desinstalaré them.


Very good: Feel me very good and useful, I always have it in the peendrive and use it much, seems very easy and fast and does not weigh much.


Very good program: Great program, very good, has a very simple interface, is very practical, I recommend it! Worth it!


Great program: It is very good especially when your computer does not have much space, really works highly recommend discharge. is a very effective program


Very good portable: Great to carry in your usb memory for when you go to a computer that you do not like their programs and the best is that it brings no viruses or Trojans hidden!



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