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Google Map Saver (GMS) download maps from Google Maps according to the preferences of the user.

The system goes far beyond the classic screenshot, Google Map Saver allows you to choose the size of the map section that should be aparecerer, zoom, resolution, etc.

Google Map Saver offers its own browser to edit maps. At the top it has a toolbar to set the configuration of the maps that you want to download.

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Google Map Saver reviews


It adds nothing functionality: What does can be done with Google Maps directly, also stamped him a banner in the middle of each captured image.


It is not what was expected: Just a simple & quot; print screen & quot;. It keeps you visible buttons and the result is not what was expected, as well as tag the screenshots...


It is not for nothing.: I don't see any use for this program. Moreover, it is better to use google maps directly, because you still lose utility with the program in question.


Efficient!: The truth of all there is here is the more get what you want in less than half the time than others and with great quality, super fast, SUPER efficient, great to have a good map of any city


Good tool: Install in my daily use USB. I used with great effectiveness to mine the profession of journalist. It makes that the puda have hand and oeprarlo in a simple way. I like and I will continue using and recommending.

Jorge Leonardo Salas

IMPOSSIBLE: Try to download the program (more) to my mac, but despite having achieved the code SMS from this company not achieved my goal. Thank you


I do not understand the purpose: It does the same thing that you can do directly from google maps, but with many fewer options. I see no utility.


I do see it useful: Pity that not to meet him some time ago, I had to copy paste and do fit & quot; to hand & quot; several screenshots of google maps in the absence of a better method.


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