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The traditional antivirus applications follow a scheme of resident protection and regular updates. But, to the rapidity with which new threats arise, this system is far behind.

Immunet Protect harnesses permanent Internet connection to analyze files and processes in memory. Connects to their own servers, which compares the footprint of what scans with your own information, collected from thousands of users every minute.

This collaborative network, known as collective intelligence, helps to detect and remove virus and malware before it can spread. In this sense, Immunet Protect does not require updates like other antivirus, but an Internet connection.

Immunet Protect requirements are low, something in keeping with its austere appearance and their few options. However, little else can be asked to a free antivirus of these characteristics.

  • Real-time protection
  • It is very easy to use
  • It does not require updates
  • Low requirements
  • It requires permanent connection
  • It has no quarantine

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Immunet Protect reviews


I found a problem at Immunet: Found you the first problem (apart from the language), in a cafe internet changed the antivirus that had all the PC's with Win XP and put them Immunet, but 2 of them which had WebCam Omega (I think that they are Chinese) Immunet eliminated drivers webcam without telling anything, I had to install Panda Cloud but I don't like but a matter of time I had to do itnow I want to do tests with Baidu Antivirus in those PC´s because he paints as a good alternative.


immunet will not going to happen to the 2014 vercion: from 2012 not updated this anti virus today we are September 30, 2013, and this anti virus still in 2012 please actualizenlo to a 2014 vercion like avast already sack its 2014 vercion not left win actualizenlo greetings


Very good, lightweight, fast, and free: I was surprised by their performance, is not the best but if very good, even better than Panda Cloud, because it has the advantage of having 3 (2 in the cloud and another resident) search engines. It is fast at detecting threats, in this point beats avast. Uses little RAM, shame is not in Spanish.


It is not yet in Spanish: I used it since the initial beta release and helped with many returns for what they gave me a pseudo special license for the contribution to the improvement. The problem that many critical timely was that he wasn't in Spanish which led me to uninstall it. I went back to the 2.0 and was not in Spanish... And the 3.0 is still applied in Spanish... I hope that for the 4.0 already include it taking into account that it is one of the languages most spoken in the world.


I like immnuet much and I recommend it: well this anti virus I really like that not encourages pc consumes few resources and combined with a good anti spiware and an ati malaware keep the virus in check and does not let them and always give the confianzade protect my pc and has given me good results I hope continue taking immunet DepNet.com an anti virus excellent if I had to choose immunet and avast elejiria immunet if you think about it I have used avast and makes me slow achange immunet pc not


the best!!: impressive lightweight no resource or you realize that what you have installed and protects against over 25000000 threats


very good superantispiware and anti malaware: MUI good anti virus and conbined with superantispiware and anti malaware does not pass or a virus incredible


THANK YOU IMMUNET: Well this anti virus like me because you do not usually and consider of superantispiware and malwarebytes anti-malware is mui good since these combined programs don't let viruses I have more to thank immunet always use it is my anti virus favorite :) because I does not slow the pc thank you very much for this anti virus and actualinzenlo to 2013 Yes and thank you alex att


good anti vuris lacks improve slightly : I am testing it out good testing immunet me seemed good mui anti virus you ise a pruebacreando a yme virus the dectecto the negative point that I see is that it has no anti spiware but good ojalale include an anti spiware but the rest is mui good anti virus I really like since it does not mee gives slow pc and tar in Spanish is missing many thanks


I like Immunet: Seems lie install it for test and it has left me very good, has discovered me virus that detect me not avast internet security, and that already is much, I encourage you to try it! provided you have internet service online, will give it a taste!, don't you think?

Lobo este

Malito-Malito: Download is very slow, and the management is difficult because it only comes in English. I didn't. In addition the need for constant connection unhelpful makes it to many people.


Immunet is going very well: Hello comrades, I tell them to install immunet on my laptop with win 7 and goes very well, zero hassles monitors really m pc online, check my files, and found me some bad things to my antivirus suffers overlooked, recommend it guys, thanks and pure life.


Strap: Hello everyone I tell this antivirus is going very well and consumes less memory than the panda cloud I have it installed with windows xp and with windows 7 nothing of scanned organ problems and without any kind of problems and this antivirus is based on the cloud (cloud). Antivirus should not consume too much memory makes the computer go much more slowly by his more 3-4 process that maintains open apart from its parent process. A cdo thing want to see processes with each antivirus cdo intaleis one open Task Manager and processes look while fewer processes computer anger much better... CHECK IT WITH THIS ANTIVIRUS... LUCK


Impossible desistalarlo: I installed it on a desktop with Vista and another laptop with Windows 7, and both gave me problems after a while, with slowing important and finally bugs in other applications. When I wanted to desistalarlo found it impossible, and on both occasions I had to format the disk again.


does not work: I have installed the program to test its ability to detect viruses and other threats. The installation goes well and everything is extremely simple. When I try to scan the system for viruses the program seems that it begins to scan. After a few seconds stops and there is just everything. I have been install on a completely clean OS if the problem was that, but I get the same result. After testing the panda cloud stayed with the desire to have a virus of this type for its low resource consumption. I'll have to keep looking.


Very good complement to the antivirus always: I have it installed on a PC with AVAST and it goes great, any conflict and just note that it is installed. On another PC is with AVIRA premium and it works just as well.


In test: I just install conducted a scan of this running with the free avira, seem to be meant time found no virus. Everything in order


My comment: I have it installed on 3 of 10 computers and it works perfectly. and on 2 computers is me they had, personally very good


Without any problem with other antivirus. Version 1.0.25 Beta: I installed it on two ordenarores, one next to Avira Premium and another next Avast 5, and it is going great, no incompatibility, not noticeable that it is installed, since it hardly uses resources and in your database already has 6887906 signatures. When low some file you see the icon as it scans, so that when you install a program. I also notice becomes slow the PC to start. Very fast scans. In a computer is next to Avira Premium, Comodo Firewall and Superantispyware Pro and elsewhere along with Avast 5, Comodo Firewall and Superantispyware Pro and without any problem. I think that it is a second important safety alongside any antivirus barrier.


It hangs and there is no God that uninstall it!: I have installed this antivirus, I have not been able to not only scan hangs ("in the cloud"). When I've tried uninstall your uninstaller have not succeeded (passes it as air). At the end I had to delete from the partition I have Linux. I don't know how can get something to market if test before.


It is a good antivirus: I liked this antivirus... Is light, quick in analyzing its appearance I like more or less, but that's good to consume less processor and ram memory. You need to try it and if it improves each time its version, it would be much better... But the bad but very bad of this antivirus is that it is not updated, that's bad... By k if for example appear a new virus and the virus detected it you have to update it. That I think that is why my note for this antivirus is a 7.0


It is not updated, is not good for my!: The anti virus that are not updated for my not-is good and I say Panda Cloud Antivirus, as we all know that every day there are new bugs that are created...