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iTunes is Apple's music player, an all in one which serves as Manager for your collection of music, store of songs, movies, e-books and applications for iPhone and as indispensable tool to manage your device iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad).

Functions: Catalogue, shop and Apple Device Manager

Music library

The main function of iTunes is to keep your music organized. No matter where is a drive, iTunes will show you with the cover of the album and you can play it from the same window. And while it sounds like a song, you can add new songs to play without replacing the window.

If you have many songs in your collection, iTunes will help you find them with the help of the integrated search engine. In addition, history will tell you which songs heard previously.

Manager for your iPod, iPhone and iPad

The second function offered by iTunes is Managing your iOS device. To connect it to iTunes via USB cable or WiFi, iTunes will help you manage the contents to add or remove songs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, or applications, as well as allowing you to update the version of iOS for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

iTunes Store

iTunes also serves to buy multimedia content: music, videos, e-books, applications... All this with a mouse click. Using an Apple account, you can acquire content free and paid, which will be available both on your Mac/PC with iTunes installed as on your iOS devices.

In iTunes, you'll find many more features such as copy and recording CD/DVDs,streaming radio stations, playlists and parental controls to restrict the content your children.

Usability: A unique window to the content

iTunes offers much and it shows it more visual form possible. While you are looking for is not always in the foreground, with a little browse you'll find when all its functions. Change from your music library to your collection of podcasts or go to the iTunes store is easy through the sidebar. From a main window you have everything at your fingertips, and if you need to search something, just go to the top right corner and type what you want.

Quality: Apple style

That iTunes has been created by Apple is the first time that you open it. Apple dominates the central upper bar of the program, where the songs played are displayed.

iTunes takes care of the aesthetic details, design with a single window that changes depending on the section in which you find yourself, determined by top bar.

The image stands out at all times, with covers of enormous disks and application icons that are by far. To this must be added thumbnails of the videos and the different views available to view in one way or another your content.

Conclusion: All in one

Player and Manager, music organizer of Apple devices, multimedia shop... iTunes has become an ambitious program that offers many amenities and with good result.

Of course, iTunes fails in the small details, solvent alternatives as iTools, but generally meets its purpose, often to be updated with news.

If you need to sort your music, organize the contents of your iPhone/iPad and get the latest CDs and movies, you'll find a world of possibilities in iTunes.

  • Support in the cloud with iCloud
  • Minimalist aesthetics
  • Smart playlists and Genius mixes
  • Sync with Apple devices
  • Shop full of content
  • Radio streaming
  • Video playback is still not satisfactory
  • Too many different functions in the same interface

iTunes screenshots and videos

iTunes reviews


I prefer MusicBee: It is good, but I prefer since it makes while MusicBee, which has an incredible variety of skins and has nothing to envy to iTunes.


Mejorrable: Okay but it could improve, as when adding files to the iPhone without having to erase all, to return add all more new files.


effective: excellent application just by the fact to be able to sync my iphone with the pc already makes it great ;)


Pretty bad: Bad enough, it has many services enabled when we didn't use it


Pretty bad: Bad enough, it has many services enabled when we didn't use it


ITunes is very cumbersome: It is very cumbersome and not allow you to manage your own libraries clearly. It is very closed like all the Apple.


I like iTunes: the best itunes music and download purchases of applications

gloria reyes

is a cool program: is a program very cool if you know how you can download free music also this program is nothing more that there are k know move you


ITunes 10: It is the crap of never seen before... especially running over slow pc, larger sfw pija and ridiculous. Single application designed to make you not buy apps without going through apple. Move a video from your library to your iphone may represent an Odyssey, I am sorry but I have to repeat it... is a real crap... Salutacions d' Miquel.


does not update library: do not update library as winamp when they improve? When I add new music is not seen. Outside of that I think is good.


iTunes for ipods: It is not worth having it more than if you have an ipod. your library is messy, have to dig far to find something and the itunes store is quite expensive (would a euro per song? come already...)


not is because both criticize it: for me it is the best! I probe aimp .winamp .songbird and the truth I prefer itunes not only by having an ipod x q has warm is very easy to use the library is like having the cd at home looking for the q want to album artist x x ready .the lists genius mixes are fantastic and the itunes lp are like having a vinilo.para me is the best


far the best music of the world thank you for exetir player: It is the most operating fast reliable easy allows you to organize in a way such that optimizes its use non conosco all your funsiones but that is the most complete


excellent, apart brings incredible amount of music by genre online: It brings a myriad of online radio that you can find all music styles, apart from play music from the computer brings radio to full. try it, to my I like


Very good: I think that it is the best in the players. Clear that has things that should be improved, as it is the ordination of the songs, that not sort them strictly by the first letter, as it is the case when the songs begin by & quot;The, the, the, the, a & quot;


iTunes: Let's be honest, this program is very bad, and the only reason why most downloaded it is because we are slaves of it to manage the music on the ipod. The program you tie in the options and is designed to help buy you music to Apple. Also forces you to install Quicktime, so I hate about it, because but not run itunes, a real abuse and lack of respect for the consumer. Unfortunately there is a program to manage your ipod without itunes music, we all expect to liberate us from this yoke imposed by the commercial machinery of Apple.


I'm an alien!: Apparently, I'm it. To me, in particular, not has given me no problem. I listen to music than most normal, not necessarily purchased from the itunes store; I see my videos, I everything is perfect and, honestly, give me equal timing, an iphone or ipod is worthwhile. Such complaint and so much expectation that we forget to what is made: listen to music and handle on the apple device. It is me that was made is perfect for the purpose. Now, are there better? Yes, insurance it is, but as I said, if used for what it was instructed to do, I don't see any problem (or that have two music players you kill the pc!). This complaint now, freedom, if you don't like you go to buy a mp3/4/5 of the thousands out there, assumes that if you decide to buy an ipod, iphone or other, it is because they can live with the timing and lack of, quote of a comment, "intuition".


Point for their excellent variety of Online radio stations: Lo staff I have not used it for connection of an i-Phone or any equipment of the Apple, the use I give to iTunes is merely by the Online Radio... is excellent the sound and variety of radio station offering as the songs are great... why and until it finds another use for my favor is an application that must always be installed in my computer...!


This little developed as a player: What is well developed is the tent which is perfect but the player has major flaws in the context menus in windows in the Organization of albums and or by artists appear all the track as mono and not by albums


I don't like: 11 iTunes has lost all the charm and ease of use of the previous version. Ya No Me Gusta. I'm really repented of having it installed! I would like to go back to the previous Version.


Strange 10.: Strange the fact that upon entering any library this only shows from the top. If I then want to find a song of the last of the list because I will have to go through toooooooooodas the songs above.


Library 10/10: Nothing better than a single place to find your musics and nothing better than itunes for this job...Clear has excellent low like aimp...But going after of el...I recommend itunes to have a true multimedia base of music...And excelent graphics...


Not updated!: Hate the new interface! removed you it from power navigate the album covers in the playlists and was what gave life to the boring itunes. They changed everything. I hate to not be able to return to the previous version. And then your crap as you get the covers missing, nothing! 10 I found 2, I am pissed and descepcionado. Not updated!


Bad boy: very horrible the visual and the handling of bad buttons I'll take 10


Steadily worsening more: Jum is the same thing and increasingly van worse this time removed you the flow to the player that silly cowe


I hate it: the odioo even I set the buffer I use it to listen to the radio but in this no can I modify the buffer and can not hear well radio stations ='(already I wanted to download previous DepNet.com and not constantly want them I

Senah 1998

Super good: It's super good to play all case sde multimedia files


Version 11: This version 11 is very good if it is worth installing it encerio descargenselo or as they write xd is night, but good if it is worth:DDDDDD


Very good but not better than the previous: The truth always I liked iTunes up to this version, I do not like that I liked the groups are on the left laterar more before when had minituras of the groups and you gave double click and you went to the discography of the group... but good will issue gives get...


excellent: It's great if you want to sort your library the does it for you


The best organization: Nothing better to have a library, the truth that itunes is a marvel in the Organization and enhance our pc as a multimedia center, incredible, I don't have any apple item I don't like, but itunes is another story all geek and otaku have it xq..! XQ is the best in terms of organizing our audios and our mp4!


WOW! That program so... pathetic!: As the dige previously PA-TE - TI-CO. It is a program pesadisisismo, dreadful appearance, and as music player is also the worst also that you have to install crap as QuickTime, and bonjour, apple application support, and if descaque the program, is not because I Convention is, download it because I have an iPod and have to put music to the iPod. But then look at softonic have if there is another program to put lyrics to my iPod that is not iTunes!


100%: It is the best music player is good as recominedo


A DISASTER!: Terrible! Do not download it! neither works well, now I have to download the previous one, because it is disgust.


iTunes even more simple: Not is because but now iTunes quite like me. In mini Player is simply great. It allows me to search for the songs and quickly add them to the playlist, and, as I've always liked, has my songs and videos organized, as well as my books and podcasts. I like how I simplify it even more! Although it is a beast he devours resources in my Windows 7.


Great design and interface, little support in Windows: Compatibility with other formats such as WMA (Windows Media Audio) and FLAC are things that are wanting to make this music player, a library complete, having to spend all your files to MP3 or AAC can be annoying, in addition to the quality of the files is reduced (more if in MP3). As for your organization, this version 11 is quite satisfactory, and is, indeed, quite nice to view the new interface, while you can't get the bottom of dark as in version 10. The possibility to get the missing information from the albums (covers, cast, etc) via the iTunes Store is not possible, this does not happen in Windows Media Player, where you find all this & quot; info & quot; He is achieved in a way easy and almost automatic with the Windows Media Guide. Despite these negative points, iTunes is a great design, recommended and reliable player.


should leave itunes original version: I'm in accordance with that which I think iTunes: "new version" lost the charm and ease of use, and I think that many of us feel the same.It hurts to make changes that improve sificultar the use of certain pages


seems to me very bad that not can download music for free but it is very excel: seems to me very bad that not can download music for free but it is very excellent


Good looking: The program is good, the good thing is that it looks no more, but to play a song it is half liero, the video playback is not going.


If ipod is a thoroughbred, itunes is to put it trailer with watermelons and melons: Because I have no choice but, if not, without hesitation, now patadon. I have 0.0 interest in waste my precious time in trying to understand a non-intuitive entertainment program. Is nothing more than a means, a sad platform to load music on my device! that we are not speaking of a program precision. It is ridiculous to spend those tax protocols sync...... blah blah blah...Any normal music device responds to insert a file into an external memory no more. Go! they have devoted a great effort to complicate a simple operation? Even worse, me! And up tells me how and where I have to sort my music! Half of the basic actions are not intuitive (but are there?). What embarrassment. The "; so-called" advantages of order do not justify its disadvantages. It must be the price to be paid (in addition to the €) for the extra quality of the iPod. Solutions: 1: do not use ipod. (then go solution) 2: wait for itunes to be dispensable for ipod. (For a free iPod!)


The worst: This program always is giving errors and annoying in general. I love apple, but it was much more felic using the MediaGo of my sony ericsson... U_U


NO I LIKE ITUNES 11, GOHAN ME BACK THE VERSION ANATERIOR, GOODBYE SIMPLICITY: Sincerely this more complicated use before was quite practical and functional software even takes to obey orders, not what is perhaps my pc, but everything is more confusing, sometimes do not copy me songs, do not appear playlist in a new window, do not copy me one list inside another, clear is likely to not know how to do it and have there detail that before was quite simple and intuitive now must study you , as if we were not to do...

Xavi Largo

It is not worth anything: Works only, and pretty bad, to synchronize and upload music to other apple devices. These people of gives them that their devices work that is what would need to do to look at. A great phone with a bad hot complement


Only for iPod: At least have an iPod not recommend that the download, really only people download it to put music to your iPod, but hopefully it is another program better that also can get lyrics to your iPod have to waste the memory to install Quick time, Bounjour, Apple application suport etc. Besides the appearance is Horrible


It performs the functions, except one...: As a player is good, has good sound, good quality graphics and not very difficult, but at the moment have an iPod or iPhone the first few times works great, but then begins to fail. We must remember that it is a software designed for Mac, adapted for Windows, so its maximum performance is observed on the Mac is not a bad player, but it can be improved. FraxR


I thought it was a good program for music!: I really don't have any multimedia computer Apple ipod or iphone or anything!, the download that I like how it allows you to organize songs, its reproduction, and not to mention the rather elegant interface.

Comander Shepard

Horrible program: This program is horrible when I want to sync something on my iphone and change any option erases me the minimum everything on my Iphone and I have to copy all and reorganize it, it seems to me quite bad it seems impossible I expected more of apple, how easy that is to transfer songs, pictures, etc.. quickly by bluetoodh and this damn program it complicates everything.


The mac DJ.: It is a great program of music and video that features a built in Equalizer if your PC does not have a good sound card or lack of it, plays a great number of music and video formats and comes in a pack with quick time player.


Excellent music player: Use it daily and mi is the best. It is ordered, its functions are clear and are well specified. In terms of appearance, it is perfect, everything is in the place where it should be. Essential


NA not voucher worth I do not recommend nor dead: I do not like is the worst hand it takes both lei arriva reviews and have reason all just downloaded for the iPod or Iphone jjajaajja Itunes BAD :(


Full 5.666

0/10 2 reviews

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