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iTunes is Apple's music player, an all in one which serves as Manager for your collection of music, store of songs, movies, e-books and applications for iPhone and as indispensable tool to manage your device iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad).

ITunes 11 contains a redesign of the interface, the mini Player and the iTunes Store. It also includes new features such as integration with iCloud to play on any device purchased content Apple store and play from the point where you left off on another device.

Music library

The main function of iTunes is to keep your music organized. No matter where is a drive, iTunes will show you with the cover of the album and you can play it from the same window. And while it sounds like a song, you can add new songs to play without replacing the window.

If you have many songs in your collection, iTunes will help you find them with the help of the integrated search engine. In addition, history will tell you which songs heard previously.

Manager for your iPod, iPhone and iPad

The second function offered by iTunes is Managing your iOS device. To connect it to iTunes via USB cable or WiFi, iTunes will help you manage the contents to add or remove songs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, or applications, as well as allowing you to update the version of iOS for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

iTunes Store

iTunes also serves to buy multimedia content: music, videos, e-books, applications... All this with a mouse click. Using an Apple account, you can acquire content free and paid, which will be available both on your Mac/PC with iTunes installed as on your iOS devices.

In iTunes, you'll find many more features such as copy and recording CD/DVDs, streaming radio stations, playlists and parental controls to restrict the content your children.

  • Support in the cloud with iCloud
  • Minimalist aesthetics
  • Smart playlists and Genius mixes
  • Sync with Apple devices
  • Shop full of content
  • Radio streaming
  • Video playback is still not satisfactory
  • Too many different functions in the same interface

iTunes screenshots and videos

iTunes reviews

Download games and videos if itunes account: I think k is great but could der more cencillo use it as download games and music videos thank you

Super interesting : jenial and mui useful me Sirba much to download my music to my ipod and not have a problem with anything.


More than many players: The best, have been using it more than 7 years and recommend it widely its structure is fantastic although the installation process is long, consumption of resources at the time of very high home (nothing compared to others), but nothing like having a powerful team for not noticing this, exquisite sound quality, not to mention use it you convinced. Although you can choose AIMP3 in its last launch has extraordinary qualities.


Not working on windows 8 : install it running the installer in a moment as said installed correctly and not installed anything on your pc


There are no that give: It is the best in audio players and almost all probe but this itunes away from the rest per quality. simplicity .an excellent interface and many other things that you will discover through the use! has it all.


the very best thing: simply the best audio player and tested and even organizes you music and the best for 64-bit systems

Winamp Classic

Lite 2.91
Winamp Classic

0/10 0 reviews

Basic version of the most popular music player for Windows

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Full 5.666

0/10 2 reviews

Winamp 5, the most versatile Media Player

Free English Download


(32-Bit) 11.1.3

0/10 0 reviews

iTunes in the cloud

Free English Download


0/10 0 reviews

Excellent music player with interesting features

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You experience an impressive audio quality

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Rediscover the pleasure of listening to music

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