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CCleaner has come a serious competitor: JetClean. Their goal is the same, clean Windows to start faster and give fewer problems.

Do does this JetClean? Like CCleaner, it allows you to sort the registry, uninstall unnecessary programs and optimize the boot. But also frees RAM memory, defrag the registry and optimizes the use of the Internet.

The advantages of JetClean, include the possibility of creating a restore point. Thus, if the cleaning problems can revert changes.

JetClean allows you to create a portable version for use on the USB stick. And best of all, you can set it to clean Window automatically and without your intervention.

  • Easy to use
  • Registry cleaning, caches, temporary...
  • Windows restore point
  • Application uninstaller
  • It generates a Portable version
  • History of changes
  • Scheduled automatic cleaning
  • Without contextual help
  • The effects are not always the desired

JetClean screenshots and videos

JetClean reviews


Super...: It is very good program, maintain me my clean pc... It's great...


Clean at the speed of a jet: Intuitive, fast and effective for the operation of the computer.


excellent: excellent very easy and effective very well, but you may be asked, having all


That's great: Very fast and interface agile and easy to interpret, shows results and optimize the system.


Better than ccleaner.: Very useful is, ccleaner seems better, many more options in aesthetics he stays a little behind with ccleaner, but otherwise I would say it is something higher, above all the choice of free RAM, which is very useful.


Excellent, clean where others fail.: Excellent, clean where others fail and has many other useful options.


Buenisimo: For me this is the best cleaner, it has all, much better than ccleaner.

El real XD

Much better than ccleaner: This cleaner is buensisimo and in my opinion is better than ccleaner and anti-virus cleaners


Best cleaner: This cleaner is the best, probe many and I stay with this, much better than ccleaner


excellent: very complete, it makes everything offered and quite fast. It is the best I've used.


This version is in Spanish: In the video they are wrong, says that there is no interface in Spanish and this version if this in Spanish, the 1.4.0.


It is not a jet, is a twin engine propeller.: Good, but not so much cleaner. I recognize that cleans well, but occur only in the PRO version of registry defragmentation and the acceleration of the internet. You know that there are plenty of programs that do this cleaning and optimization free, (there are wise and wonderegdefrag, advanced SC and many more), so the jet is just a twin engine propeller. Another issue is its so small interface, which obscures what is cleaned, in addition many cleaning and optimization tools make you lack for me is low rating.


Very good, it solves all the problems that occur regularly: Very good, it solves all the problems that occur regularly


excellent: Very good I have obtained good results, cleaning and agility on the PC


JetClean is the best: Fantastic is easy to use, practical and reliable. find it very superior than ccleaner. After using ccleaner I do an analysis with jetclean and find many things that will happen to ccleaner. Very good memory optimizer, let the PC more fast


excellent: very good program, I served much and has not caused me any problems... is certainly an option posotiva


Fast, lightweight, simple and effective.: Very good program. It is fast, lightweight, simple and effective. Another point in favour is that it is not invasive like TuneUp (for example), is that if you decide to close the program completely what you can do and point. I like the simplicity and this program does not give much importance to aesthetics or adds chiches "to make it look pretty", something that for me there is too much importance and that makes it very fast.


Useful and complier, a good program.: A nice alternative to CCleaner I even would say that complementary, I recommend.


Very good program: I like it better than ccleaner by optimizing memory, and do not give problems with registration. It is a program that deserves the same respect that cleaner, though I see the two evenly matched. It is my personal opinion: I prefer the jet clean.


Excellent program: Very good program, is a competitor of weight for CCleaner. Simple, efficient, yet I cannot find you loose points. I recommend it absolutely.


Comfortable and easy: Very comfortable, simple and easy to use. Recommended :) If you want to maintain your computer limpito of crap, this is your program ^^


terrific... and fast...: terrific... and fast...! current and simple interface, to create a restore point, makes it more secure, before any problem... and that gives it a plus for the evaluation...


Better than I expected: The program is easy to install, this in Spanish and more important to actually clean records to embasuran your computer. Especially after being on the internet and receive so many cookies. It's good I had installed Ccleaner and I changed it. I have no regrets. Usenlo


Jetclean, best cleaner!: If your computer is full of baura, and are tired of Ccleaner. Try Jetclean, clean your computer in second, is free and weighs 1 MB. If you want to improve your computer, which is more quickly, try Jetclean. You won't regret it.


find more things than ccleaner...: already makes mese ccleaner, found little garbage and my pc has been a little slow, then wanted to try this program to see if already my pc was dying and not!, the jetclean found thousands of errors and one was responsible for such slowness! so I recommend it along with ccleaner


I am not convinced, expect more versions: I am not convinced it and tried a few months but nose not and noticed nothing on the pc I will wait it out more versions


It exceeded all expectations: I've been using it for more than five months, and actually has more than offers, is fast, safe and I recommend it to everyone, already are over the problems... my pc works better.


Cojonut!: It is the best. Clean up waste in physical memory! Neither does that. And it is also very fast.


the best of all and the number 1.: consider it the number 1, as its name says jet clean. clean the machine and puts it to fly. I recommend it with confidence and experience. best cclear and care system.


Just what it promises.: Ideal for use in conjunction with other programs such as TuneUp, Advanced System Care or CCleaner. Indeed and although it seems exaggerated, I use the four and my notebook could not operate faster. Use in her design programs so I have to keep it at peak performance. This program always has something to optimize, even though before you run you've cleaned the PC with other programs. Very full in the section on cleaning of the PC, in fact and for me is even more complete that TuneUp in that sense, always removed me more trash. There's so many features beyond cleaning but we will... Boys, is free ;) Not less than 100% recommended.


Excellent tool: That most discards of Jetclean is your RAM, very useful cleaning tool. When is caller enough programs and the RAM is saturated, run your tool and ready, clean memory.


Super cleaner: I'm used to it and is super cleaner windows, registry, and teas applications, my opinion jetclean is better than cleaner by its advanced tools

Angelique Boyer

Excellent optimizer: For me, it is very good program, and above all very useful, the only thing I see wrong, is that auto-cleaning not can be programmed time, i.e. If I want do to clean every half hour, for example I have to do manually, but outside of that, I love, and it seems very useful to me...


I think I'll have desistalar ccleaner: I just this program and I think I have desistalar ccleaner and is better than advanced systemcare 6 leaves much to be desired the only thing I see is that it is updated shortly


the best: easy practical in Spanish and above all reliable like me I have had others and are complex and expensive jet clean thanks x exist


Recommended: Recommended. Much better than ccleaner. It cleans very well and does not generate errors.


jefferson Luis ramirez (venezuela): After using ccleaner, and grateful for your service for years and after trying other 3 paid programs, experiment with jetclean, and is formidable it has all the tools of ccleaner, and covers more expectations, have more tools to clean my pc and more important, cleaning speed, and the machine is super fast.

Luis Aregoras

Good, simple and fast: Very good cleaner does the job quickly and uninstalling programs leaves no trace on the computer when you remove a program.Also comes to schedule cleanings and also cleans the memory R.A.M.Sencillo and without box utilities that are often copy of what we have in the computer


Good program for pc maintenance: If it works and do miracles but as aid. It is great because my pc works as best as possible, and without the problems I had


good program: It is a very efficient cleaner cleans you trash your PC, but not completely clean.


Roadrunner in performance : Very good especially only for games and very powerful software (for PC Gamers)


Simple and practical: Application is very useful for system maintenance tasks. It is easy to use. It has several versatile utilities


the best: I had before ccleaner, but leave me amazed jetclean, fast, eficaz.no the cambio.funciona of maravilla.me I am with jetclean.


I very much doubt its "clean": Well Yes, that you found rather than tune up, but when you clean took up to file type associations Beware that some registry cleaners leave the pc echo powder.


IT IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS...: I probe the jetclean and not leave me as for different reasons: whenever I analysed my pc, the majority of the records removed just restart the computer after the analysis. Another reason is that the Defragmenter is a bargain, even corrects the errors and the way that works is as a vague programme would undoubtedly is even unnecessarily to ccleaner, which is the most


A lot better than CCleaner: This program has to be the new number 1 is a lot better than ccleaner clean more and very well and occupies very little has more options, forget already this program CCleaner thing to overcome a lot

El Chistorro

It is like a gym, to keep your PC in shape.: It is really good, it keeps your computer daily, very light and light.


Extraordinary: Only basto try once and realize q even up to the Tune up 2012 can make competition...with ccleaner can complement each...q one delete the trash and the other all the others...very good!


Magnificent program.: For me it is the best cleaner I have installed to date, after having tested several.The problem with the others was always where my computer to when you open any program working because of missing files., surely is had deleted.Finally I found what I needed.My pc has become fast and efficient.Congratulations!


a clear competitor with better options and ccleaner : the download install it and put it into operation and gain me the performance of the pc and RAM good recommended program



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