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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is everything you can expect fans of Marvel heroes... and much more. The latest title "by parts" of Telltale Games is a hilarious game where have been a perfect union between the universe of comic books and figurines yellow.

The Avengers family grows

LEGO Marvel Super has an argument that you will sound: various villains of the Marvel Universe (Dr. Muerte, Dr. Octopus, Green Goblin, Venom, Loki...) have joined forces to put an end to world peace. Good luck to all the heroes of this and other planets also go to one to beat them, demonstrating that The Avengers are many more than those who they saw in the Joss Whedon film.

Yes, Lego Marvel Super Heroes makes the roster of films based on comics will be short, very short, and they are almost 150 characters which you can control. This includes the heroes of the most mythical as Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America or Hulk, but also not as "heroic" characters as aunt May, Mary Jane or heroes who have not even appeared in films, such as Black Panther, Union Jack and Spider-Woman.

Some of these characters will be playable in story modemissions, while others are only available in free mode, especially villains, because as we said you're going to put next to the faction led by Nick fury.

Adventures of construction and destruction

The main mode of Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the way history, well-known by the routine of the Lego games. In it you move in a closed scenarios - that Yes, very spacious - and you must go forward in solving puzzles and killing enemies. If by the way, also, you collect parts and other objects extra you'll get some other surprise.

Unlike other Lego games where, despite its low difficulty, you should sometimes think a little to move forward in Lego Marvel Super Heroes left you things very clear. The game tells you almost at all times what to do to move forward, either with text messages ("you need a character of great size to break this gate") or with no discrete indicators such as Spider-Man spider sense.

Despite this simplicity, the game is very entertaining as each phase is very well designed with the classic scenarios completely destruibles and resources to gain access to different areas.

Stresses, in addition to the classical repetition of levels (it that allows you to unlock areas with new characters) an open world where you can make small missions, or simply tour the city with your favorite characters.

Marvel heroes retain their essence

But the major success of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Traveller Tales how has managed to convey the essence of each character 's comic in the form of Lego doll. Each superpower of each character is very successful: are very similar to the ones as heroes of comics and, in turn, are very well adapted to the typical mechanical of these games.

For example: Hulk can transform Bruce Banner, and vice versa, and its destructive power is above the average;Spider-Man has several ways to use their webs; It Black widow, as well as being skilled in combat is the "list" of equipment and which solves the puzzles...

Of course, all these powers are illustrated with a great sense of humor of Lego but that is respectful with the characteristics of each character of comics and films.

Spectacular, although less than before

Note to the graphics engine of the Lego games over the years. What seemed to us to be spectacular a few years ago now is limited to be showy. But perhaps more is needed in a game thinking for all ages?

The Marvel characters are not only well designed in terms of their powers, but its similar physical original is remarkable, those included in larger, in as the villains Galactus or sand man, offering some of the most spectacular moments of Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

It is also remarkable the recreation of New York, which acts as the backdrop for the world open. If you've walked through the city of skyscrapers will recognize some buildings and famous monuments, converted, clear is, the Lego aesthetic.

In the sound section has done a good job, both in one more than acceptable dubbing (although still making me thank you Lego games without bending...) as in a soundtrack that thrives on themes composed for various films from the Marvel factory.

A premier divertimento

Traveller Tales has been doing: have you got a very popular franchise and he has managed to transform it to Lego giving as a result a game tremendously fun.

Maybe Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a game little challenging, but his respect for Marvel, his great sense of humor and a variety of characters and levels make it an entertainment to play no matter what our age or our ability in commanders.

  • Great transformation of the characters in Lego style
  • Phases varied and fun
  • It has multiplayer mode
  • Its graphics are beginning to see is outdated
  • Little challenging

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes reviews


This game is good but should be more missions: This game is slow on my pc but little by little it was going more quickly this page has good games follow so this play it with my small cousins grasias

Diego Vargas

Excellent: Very good game, great graphics, crisp colors, works great on PC with the recommended resources. Very good story, keeps the drama, excellent... The only downside is that the history is very short, ends in a few days and at the end of the game type "history" not been released even half of the characters. 100% recommend it


THE BEST SAGAS OF JUICES WITHOUT A DOUBT.: Lol, I am fan of the Lego PC games, is that very well, the hilarious dialogues curran it is, they knew how to make you want to finish the game in order to have massacre which is the narrator of the levels of red brick, here called bricks of massacre. I hope to make a second part.


put more levels: This cool but with all levels ponganlos ESQUE are very few


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