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Maxthon is a web browser that uses and enhances the Internet Explorer engine by adding a multitude of new features.

Maxthon has an infinity of details, which, in turn, hiding even more functions, each and every one of them designed solely to make life easier while you browse.

You'll see that, for example, includes tabs to open new windows within a same instance, thus occupying a unique window on our - now - cleared toolbar.

A common denominator of all the options included is that, without barely occupy size, they are visible and very practical. A good example of this are the five bottom bar options, offer: Browse offline, automatic filtering of pop-up, activate new window, open new tab when you click any link and a practice text box in which you can save your annotations. All that not requiring just space.

Would you like more advantages? You like to open a new tab: blank, your home page, with the address that you copied in the Clipboard or a new instance of the current page in just two clicks?

Have you closed a page accidentally? Nothing, it has option to undo that you can see the pages that you've closed and open it again without having to look it up again or look in the history.

Another advantage is that it consumes fewer resources than Internet Explorer and provides specific tools that show you the modem speed, the local IP, the percentage of available memory, etc.

In short, a utility that improves Internet Explorer with which you can have numerous advantages without changing browser.

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It will improve...: The time I used it I liked, it happens as with chrome at the beginning not had who I get Firefox now not out of chrome.

Quite fast and effective: Fast is a little new 3 years or 2 few but very fast and well this opinion is better than google and Haci mozila which is good light is advisable to :D


Competent...: It seems to me an excellent browser, only that needs to improve but very good.


The browser is faster and powerful that I've tested so far: The browser is faster and powerful that I have tried to date. The only downside that I get is that it is in English, but everything comes... Windows 8 is without a doubt that works best.

Maxthon it's faster!: I usually use Firefox and Chrome but I have to admit that right now in my old laptop Samsung r50 Maxthon is essential with Windows, it is faster that the previous, full, light weight, very intuitive, up to its minimalist design is cool. On the http://html5test.com/ page give you compatibility with Html5's 476 against 414 of Firefox and Chrome 403... can put the batteries the other two. On the other hand, in my Xperia Arc Android is by far the browser more quickly that I have tried.

Sento de Yátova

According to the OS: well in win7... something pasaen win8; Ad Hunter is not working how should in win8. I do not get information to edit blocking rules.


Full and fast browser: At last I found the browser you were looking for, after passing through explorer, mozilla, google chrome and some other. It is fast, no crashes, and above all has a comfortable and practical interface. Also have it installed on several computers and all sync with what you win time in search for your favoriots. I think that it is worth what you try and secure that you not already desinstalareis it.


From that I tried it I do not use it: It seems to me that it is better than chrome, it eats less ram. It plays videos better than other browsers. beat in all aspects to explorer and firefox, unlike which is less recognized

Sento de Yátova

Highly recommended: I tried it out of curiosity and I liked it, I will light (fast) and I do not give a ten because I don't use it at the top (usually running with chrome); great ad blocker. If I could put a translator of words as a true dictionary that exist in chrome would be fantastic...


This is a browser. : The truth esque Firefox, Explorer, Safari and all fall short with this amazing browser. Fast starting, loading pages, download, watch videos, in all. But speed seriously. When you open a tab other browser gives you the sensation of speed than any offers. Also contains many plugins, such as downloading videos from YouTube, blocker of publicity and a lot more. Everything is included in this browser, that in addition, it is ligerisimo. Really guys, do the test with this browser and will remain with this. Maybe the interface is its weak point, since it is not very good, but when you start to navigate is that fewer notes because you spend it watching pages without interruption. In short is the best browser I've tried. And that I've been through all. If you can, do it your default browser, because really, the quality is impressive.


Firefox is the word: Let's see if are things clear. Ensure that maxthon is today the best browser is having little idea. Its base is the explorer and we already know the amount of vulnerabilities that it has. For some time it was, but not since the appearance of firefox. Stability, protection, customization have been light years from this. It is like wanting to compare a mercedes with a fiat, both run, but the first includes multitude of no appreciable design hospitable at first glance that make the difference when it comes to the truth. Os you have set in the amount of plug-ins of quality which has firefox? and the number of ways to personalize the search engine? They are just two examples. Followers of maxthon, not you heart, there are two characteristics that play in your favor: you can open a new window just click and drag the link and the page visializacion is faster if you are using a modem.


Impressive: fast, intuitive easy handling... simply BRUTAL, the better.So far Firefox was my favorite browser until Maxthon, I discovered


Maxthon language: You can set the language in the same browser, it is the best of all any change can be made with, or customize it, and the mouse gestures as mejor(no hay que buscar con el mouse cada boton para hacer_le clic) simply move a little mouse with the right mouse button hold to do what you want or you have configured firstoption to open links in new tabs always lock pops up and an infinite number of functions that leaves out of combat ff. He has another Pearl, you use "comes the fefe" or "boss key" button is hidden completely, also helps to reduce the consumption of resources even more little that consumed, I recommend that you rehearse it and you will see that remain with the.


Very good browser: This browser I like very much because of its simple, and speed, preferred


is a great browser: the browser is very well does not give you them errors q gives you sometimes explore when adjustment to pages q work with java


Browse the Web easily: This program for my has been one of the best k em I downloaded, since it has to download softonic descragas portal grautita safer around the world


I can never download the free Varsion: I try to download version 2 and never let me, it brings me to the payment options which leads me to resign to try it since I'm happy with firefox for now


It cannot exceed Firefox: In his favor is a perfect stability and a quick installation, but its ugly appearance, almost zero compatibility with plug-ins and few duties don't give advantage over Mozilla Firefox as a browser favorite.


I while ago I use it: 6 years ago I use it (formerly myie2) and it is very practical, allows you to add plug-ins very easily, it has a search engine built-in and Manager of proxies. I recommend it to anyone who is tired of IE


Lower: Without a doubt, it is less than Firefox, google toolbar does not accept.


Really good: I use it since it was my ie, and, contrary to what has happened with other applications 'Star' version after version, "their growth" and lost (for example, see acd) agility, maxthon not has given me more satisfaction version to version. I think it is a special browser, and me no matter if internally it is a plug-in of the explorer or a note pad modified, the case is that it works really well and is, by far, the more functional and practical browser that I've found, and have tried all - I think that all of windows, three of linux and one Mac, think it was safari. I highly recommend it.


What happens in Softonic?: They are several times that I want to download a program and does not work free download. Apart not so long ago it was published the program. There is no alternative but that the private download here or what?


Install / practical applications / translation: * a detail of the topic made by another companion transcribe you for friend lucas "files program creates folder myie in softonic download come 8: 4 folders skin, plugin, language, config, and 4 files myie.exe, w news, urlst.html and license.txt all which you put in the folder myie and not work the executable requires license but find that text." in Spanish language copy it in the language folder. * undo option (reopen last closed window) works alt z, and for the latest open 16 uses the arrow attached to group. * After the addresses go found about 20 languages in that it is feasible to translate the current page powered by the quite acceptable worldlingo. * If it is useful for shortcuts: in a space of the top, right and activate external tools utilities reminder appears. Then in myie tools, external utilities, utilities, external tools, control + to create, any name, reopens and in command linked it to a .exe or a shortcut that need have in browser (in my case all updatable spybot, anti-x, an encyclopedia, etc) This reminds one update and decongests the bottom task barYou can be bootable. Other applications based on your convenience. There are other 7 options in external utilities and operate in the same way according to your need. * zero spyware, zero Trojans, excellent design and useful information for where to see it * If the link does not work go for translation into ciberimperio


Things that need to be read...: I do not understand a colleague down complaints, the myie has no spyware or anything like that, if you do write the name, the rest is blah blah blah, sometimes we do not know or that it is a spyware, may soon be a spycookie and which category. It is an excellent browser and many people agree with this. This ie plug-in is very fast to load multiple pages. Me is useful in a connection of 56 kbps with low memory, imagine having the best resources. Manufacturer a choice presents that you can handle up to 100 pages open, this depends on the memory and your needs. Some people don't know what to use, say giving errors though it is simple, other options should go to modify them by the operating system. Others say that it modifies the registry, not is as it will modify the registry if you don't have Installer. They want other advantages read carefully the characteristics of the product written by softonic, not to be repetitive. The comfort of navigation information and utilities in the last row


Maxthon is the best browser with huge difference: I fail to understand why firefox is considered the best or even opera, when I have tried all and maxthon is light-years of all thousand reasons. Been more than one year with maxthon and not let enchant me. When testing new versions of ie, firefox or opera I see that they are still equal, light years. It is the most configurable of all, you can change so many things that we offer those dinosaurs is pathetic. It is also the fastest loading and never gives errors. Finally it is more add-ons has, you can put everything. That Yes, the version 1.x to the new 2.0 is better. In short, things of the marketing and advertising.

Nobody gives anything for nothing: Hi tomy, nobody gives anything in this life. This program is what we call a "small boat", sticking to the orignal that is that actually works. Opens the port 1614 and sends data to companies such as pages visited, addresses of post office, time, ip,... So possibly already begin to "bomb" advertising your accounts and those of your friends. If you close the port, the program hangs and is for this reason that I do not recommend it. As you said, no one gives programs in Exchange for nothing. Best regards.


See we are honest and objective: Maxthon is based on microsoft internet explorer. I.e. its creator simply imported an activex made by ms and then him to added four copied nonsense from other browsers such as mozilla. Making this clear, let us follow in the analysis. Ms ie of itself is a source of insecurity, thanks to automated downloads making downloads that make possible windows update but also to get us dialers, among others. Maxthon does not fix this since it is based on ms ie. I have read in some reviews that maxthon is faster than other browsers. Once again who said what do not know that speaks. When a person puts a url the browser has to go to servers called dns which communicate to the browser the ip of the address entered for then are actually connect to the server to which you want to access. Well this ms ie is badly managed and lost plenty of time. For example if introduccimos an incorrect url ie takes a century to say it doesn't exist. Mozilla / firefox / netscape among others is practically instantaneous. If this were not little ms ie (and its derivatives) manage horrifically bad cache. If you want to comprovarlo simply to update a page, ms ie returns to download all images even teniendolas downloaded from the last time, or also you can try giving the back button. Browsers such as mozilla, firefox and opera are instantaneous. Everything I say this not only seen the latest internet security problems explorer (maxthon and company lease) as the "ms ie download.ject" very serious people like:-scott granneman, columnist for security focus (very important company on security, neutral, which discussed vulnerabilities due to the bugtraq list). -cert U.S. (Government institution which alerts and detects vulnerabilities and attacks). Sources: yahoo, the inquirer, internet news, the register, etc. -paul boutin, msn (Yes...) MSN). -José cervera, at navegante.com (in the world). -many more newspapers: BusinessWeek, usa today, pittsburgh tribune-review, houston chronicle, etc. They suggest that you stop using internet explorer. In the case of people close to microsoft, suggested that they stop using until the appearance of windows xp sp2. But I think that if probais products such as mozilla (if you want a browser as God intended) or firefox (simple, fast, agile and comfortable) shall not to ie. Good if only to visit the windows update that coincidentally only can be used with internet explorer. There it is said do what you want but you are warned ;)


Maxthon is the best browser that exists on the market: I have tried all browsers that exist, and maxthon seems to me the most, opera gave me problems, ie6 and 7 are Reverend crap, the avant weighs demasiado.maxthon is very fast, has plugins up to to download to your pc flash animations, even gives you your ip and memory capacity you have, and for those who like change of skin every timemaxthon offers many skins for its classic version and the new version.


For this gram program, a manual: If any of the companions want to a manual in Spanish or Italian will find you on this site H t t p: / / w w w.guster.it/myie.htm And to continue enjoying this add-on


Speaking of complement of browsers...: Read what the page of virtual parchment, based on statistics... "despite the high number of downloads, opera has an almost negligible participation in the browser market." According to onestat.com, only 0.6% of internet users browsing with opera, while 1.6 used mozilla and 2.5% prefer netscape. The overall winner is internet explorer by microsoft, with 95%." The myie program is the best complement to see softonic rating as "best browser complement 2003" if they have doubts how to use go to the site h t t p: / / w w w.guster.it/myie.htm where you will find detailed information. I use it for many hours a day for three years and its operation is clear, that everyone is free to install what I have for good and write each outrage. In my opinion the best free program


Firefox, I switched to Maxthon: I have adsl 128 kb/s on my pc (64 mb ram and 450 mhz), I tested the browser appears, and by the time I was with maxthon, very fast at the beginning and to navigate. Navigation with mouse options are remarkable, better than avantbrowser and also are configurable to your liking. Very good!


Reasons to recommend it: If you don't have ie allergies, this is your programa.recuerda q certain web sites can only be visited with ie or compatible (like this, q use your engine)(no es compatible con ciertos antivirus online) per course, nothing prevents you also have firefox (which is very good and open source) its tabbed browsing feature is more agile q of firefox, and consumes less ram (at least in my case) is very, very configurable, and is available in many languages (or meu is in Galician) .and answering a previous question, say q Yes has the function of reopen tabs closed by mistake (ALT + z) .in this version were corrected many bugs (such as the hateful of the rss) .to q you have access to the podcast service... and nothing elsetry it.

darth maul

Best q any: I've been testing it for about 6 months and it is very good... I've tried others and me kedo with este.si not be the link, go to the website of the program. To translate it to español(yo la tengo y va bien) go to hispanicoweb.net... where you will find more translations of programs and also programs... download it


Unique and indispensable: I've used this browser around two years to not find a better alternative in the mercado.recientemente I decided to go back to test other browsers "popular" as firefox and opera, for a month at the place where @cuervaa results were contundentes.por where see this browser is King, it is practically perfect in every aspect: stability, functions, apariencia.ahora with the beta 2 release improved still moreI've been mudo.obviamente that user who has never used a piece of art such as this should devote at least half an hour to "configure", know it and adapt pulgins to its gusto.espero that this opinion and those who can not forget to donate on the official website that this wonderful project never die, I've already done it.

Firefox is best: Maxthom is based in in ie, and all know that it is totally unsafe to sail with it. Added what to add, can do nothing with respect to security, just open a page with malicious code and already have a dialer inside, browse a little more and you enter you spyware, browse one last time and there is kidnap the homepage who has not passed? At least once. And the work which is to download so many tools is protection only for one reason: "the insecurity of internet explorer" I've used maxthon and it is true that there are many options, and for lying, has enough. But security remains equal. Change to firefox, has a flawless security, since that use it don't get me spyware, or better, malware or dialers, and much worse they kidnap me home page; does not allow to install you programs automatically from the internet, put end to those codes malign activex! Firefox is the best thing!


The best away!: East if that is a serious browser! And for free!.. .away best in its "standard" version... install it and descubrilo you also!.. .vas to see that you are staying with him... gives you a tour of the options within the program and be surprised maxthon you also than it is able to make this browser!.. .simplemente glad sailing on it!


Too well ;-D: I am a staunch supporter of firefox because I'm in love with the personalization offering extensions... But this browser has hexo the impossible, which remove firefox from a slow PC that I have to use it. It is fast, lightweight and has many features that make it quite full (but not passed, so it is firefox). Ultimately, all that mozilla browsers, not excited them I strongly recommend to put this will not regret. Almost excellent.


The best mandatory...: Years that I have been testing all the browsers that are not on the internet explorer engine, (hate that): But I must admit that neither the mozilla (firefox, seamonkey, etc.), or the opera, even in its beta version 9, which still did not come off, you have the advantages that a normal user needs. By starting all these must be installed them java, it installed occupies more than 60 megabytes, to be able to view certain web sites (e.g. yahoo chess). In opera it is impossible to save and retrieve web files or mail files of opera. Firefox is very heavy and without its extension is useless. The maxthon and others that run on ie, apart from display perfectly well all web sites, use the virtual java installed us to force the windows and therefore we do not need the original java from sun. Now to clarify that these programs, we can only consider seriously two of them: the maxthon and avant browser. The maxthon took much advantage to the avant-garde in their latest versions, and is also the most lightweight and configurable from both. But the really fantastic that brings the maxthon and that it does not have any other browser is that when one sails long and by several web sites at the same time, ram is overloaded and there into action this small wonder that brings the program to regularly download the ram... Otherwise I end by saying I did the possible and the impossible to rid me of the ie engine, but eye, with maxthon is another thing.


For cris and/or for anyone who wants to know!: The program originally in Chinese or English, if you want q is in Spanish must put the plug to get it must get in page program and go to the download section, and from there you look for where it says "languages" and search the q says "spanish" and there you can follow the instructions on how to install the plug in Spanish!


Every day is better... And a manual: For some friends properly to use the Spanish language pack full descompactemos it in the subfolder within myie2 language and at the time of install to select it. Here in this direction by removing the spaces find a manual h t t p: / / w w w. Guster.it/myie.htm Remove the spaces


The mother of the Lamb: I have used everything to navigate, and ie was for my the most valid. But this browser with ie engine and all the features that brings, leaves ie as if it were the poor brother of maxthon. If I were bill gates, I daria shame does not offer minimum offering maxthon. Congratulations to the authors, definitely I happened to maxthon. Oh, incidentally, nor am friend of anyone, nor will I charge nothing for making the ball to nobody, say what you see. Check it yourself!


I pass from Firefox 1.5 to Maxthon: Actually lately was having problems with the firefox 1.5 in certain pages to enter, perhaps pages not compatible, problems of java, is hung and I had to change in the profile of the user or restart the machine. Ultimately opt for change to the maxthon and I think to win with the change, sincerely for my the maxthon is faster than firefox, no longer have to be the megs 119 the installed Java because the maxthon uses the ie, you can navigate with the gecko engine and you can have the skin of firefox 1.5 if wish you so. When abriri the program when the close is much more faster than firefox, a year ago back to firefox not are you ayaba virtually any security aujero, now Miss discovering security flaws. What has impressed me of the maxthon is speed, I have tried in these pages hard to both of them at the same time and the maxthon is a bullet while firefox just or cost much, I recommend it openly, but when you read that firefox is no longer as before then, I will definitely leave this browser. Salu2 all! --------------------------------------------------------------------- «the funny thing is that firefox had very few security flaws about a year ago, but now they appear at a surprising speed, although such progression could be deducted by the popularity of the browser itself (more users have an easier system is that errors appear in your code).» There is also speculation about the oversights in firefox, which blame the fact that only 6 people control the development project of the programme, of which 4 are absent and 1 are not encouraged to work. I.e., that practically there is only a clearly active developer maintaining firefox. This situation looks like it is mainly due to the disappointment of the programmers, who failed to consolidate a community of developers around its product and now can't find the enthusiasm necessary to continue with this open-source project.»


Maxthon: Very good. I've been using it for quite some time. Let him use a time, to test the firefox 1.5 and 2.0, and opera 9, but neither term convince me. So now the maxthon has again become my default browser.


Unclear whether valid opinions: Review a software is difficult because not all have our cpu are configured the same way sometimes work others don't, for example this browser (maxthon) is good enough to use it some months and it worked great then I got bored and tried firefox and is once again amazed... Already bored me, but they know who do not change the bad Internet explorer perhaps by habit or nostalgia. The thing is that you should always read the reviews to get an idea of the program, here no one threat to be installed these programs the choice is yours, besides the credentials of those who think never look may be the competition talking plague of the program or simply marketing which speaks wonders. Thank you and see you in the comic.

To put it in Spanish: I have given you an account that will not link to the patch in espanol.yo I it got off at ciberimperio.com in the section translations are going to "m" and seek the programilla. You take you to the language within the explorer directory folder. To activate open myie and options in the tab below cambiais language and to enjoy!!


To use gecko: You go to the menu file / new tab and enable the option "use gecko engine"... From there each tab that baras use that engine. If you want to see why maxthon is better than firefox "http:// w w w. Repdom. Com. AR/firefox"by removing the spaces. Luck!


Maxthon is the best: The probe absolutely everyone and no there are no browser better than maxthon. If for reasons of "speed" is (we're talking about milliseconds or that?)... Maxhton as well as run the engine of the explorer also can run the gecko engine... The basis of the mozilla!


Unknown King (Maxthon): Still I can't understand because they do not realize that the maxthon is the best browser. I've downloaded all browsers including firefox, netscape, opera, avant browser, and other best... And testing them it is clear that the maxthon is superior in most aspects. Download a page heavy with firefox at 24 sec. And the disclaimer in 23 sec maxthon. (for those who say that firefox is the most fast). Look at this website and choose firefox/inicial.htm www.repdom.com.ar/ Even the same people working at microsoft say that they do not use internet explorer but using the maxthon is much more practical and fast The amount of tools and benefits that has the maxthon is overflowing. 1. the creators are constantly perfected the maxthon placing you new features and making it more secure and more fast. Something that takes many months with other browsers 2 having pages specialized for every aspect of the maxthon as a dedicated to the skins since the maxthon can change appearance and has many spectacular skins 3. the amount of tools practices having (search engine, Notepad, support bars google yahoo msn, translator, anti publicity, eyelashes, forecast weather skins, mouse Manager, and another hundred of features practices). Thing that firefox does not reach him or ankles and to get the plugins that do that touches look for them like crazy and even so they are equal to the maxthon 4 perfect you internet explorer code making it more secure fast and sophisticated. 5 consumes less resources and is more rapid when you open 6. it is free The reason why the maxthon is unknown must be giving people lazy search other search engine better and learn how to merge. The maxthon is for intelligent and sophisticated people who are not satisfied with anything and the rest of browsers (including firefox) is for conformists and conservatives need to tell them that they have to do for that does not like to think if same. Maxthon is power

Maria Luisa B

To use the patch for Spanish translation...: It should be closed maxthon software, unzip the file to the directory created while installing the software being the following: c: programamaxthonlanguage there move the unzipped folder leaving in this way spanish c: programamaxthonlanguagespanish. Open the maxthon software, go to the toolbar and select optionadvancelanguagespanish. Close the application and reopen it to run, being already translated.


One of the best: "maxthon" for me is one of the best, the browser is a bit more faster than the opera and for me this has a better ease of use, which the opera, plus the maxthon this all better explained and more ordered, at the end the opera desistalando finish it because I was not. The skins is better not to have any put, which are included in the program I just do not convince, by the others seems to me a completito program


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