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MecaNet provides a way to learn typing with guarantee of success, mainly because it uses the traditional method of the academies.

The typing system

With typing begins practicing movements that combine keystrokes until you have them completely assimilated. Later, when he has been acquired dexterity the finger moves to words and later texts.

MecaNet follows this system over twenty lessons that gradually advance in difficulty. They are more than enough and certainly if you apply yourself, you can skip any than other.

Follow your progress

If you are taking your first steps, typing shows a keyboard which helps to reposition themselves. Each key has a color that corresponds to the finger that must be pressed.

If we want to keep track of our progress, you should create a user profile in typing. Thus check the history of failures, the beats per minute and our improvements in general.

In addition to all this, typing has timed tests, typing games and courses for the keypad, functions that can not boast many programs.

Certainly typing is one excellent program both to take our first steps with the keyboard as improve keystrokes per minute.

  • Lots of lessons
  • Difficulty of the lessons in progression
  • Easy to use
  • Errors with statistics history
  • Improved appearance

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MecaNet reviews


It is essential to write faster.: I have downloaded typing out of curiosity and I llavado a pleasant surprise. Finally a great to learn programme types and thus write correctly and with greater speed. I know that when you need it, I have this program. I think it is recommend to my acquaintances. Learning of typing should be compulsory in schools by its very useful for any work in the future.

Severuksen Sota

Excellent: This program, found me excellent install it two days ago and since I liked enough


Typing is the most effective of the typing course.: I've tried typing after be using for more than one month the other course of typing this author and I have to admit that typing is more complete that the & quot;Course type & quot; I've used so far. It brings many more lessons, operating modes and games. I choose typing because it brings all the lessons of the other course and many others. I can continue the lessons he was working before but with this new course. It is great.

conny Rdz

This super : This super father and that helps me in my improvement of writing with all my fingers: 3


Thank you typing: Thanks to typing, I've got to improve in my job. My boss is happy because it takes less time to do my homework. Thank you typing.


Super for oppositions: It is me phenomenal coming to prepare the part of typing my exams without having to pay an Academy and with the schedule that best suits me. I recommend it to acquire speed writing.


I liked typing: I just try and the first impression given by me is very good: very didactic and clearly. You get with very fast running and I've seen that it offers many options. I like it.

PedroJ Ramos

Completely safe typing: Finally I found a site where to download MecaNet completely clean of viruses. It was in need of this great course of typing and couldn't find where download it. Thank you Softonic, you are the best.


easy: very good to learn how to type very fast and easy although I worked on windows 7 gave me an error. but that matter is the best


That's great: just great simply great simply great simply great just great


Perfect for keyboard operation: It is the program that we use in the course of "Keyboard operation" of the formative cycle of administrative management. At the beginning it is heavy because it is very repetitive but soon you realize account that every time you leave better lessons. I highly recommend it.

Jose Alguirre

I use it in a course of Secretariat with very good results: I use typing on a course distance of Secretariat (of the Seine learning community) and gives me very good results. I started less than a month ago and already I'm on lesson 17 and I can write any text without looking at the keyboard. I recommend it because it helped me much.


Typing is typing you are looking : MecaNet offers everything you can expect of a good typing computer


is a good application: It is the best app to write well and fast, thanks to mecanet nesesito not see the keyboard to write


Highly recommended: Typing typing I was a little heavy to but I have to admit that I've managed what seemed impossible to me, I managed to learn typing with all fingers and without looking at the keyboard. At the time of the installation should be aware not to install what you don't want to, but it is a matter of reading before pressing the 'Next' button. The lessons gradually added different letters and I have been learning (a base much repeat and repeat) the movements of the fingers to make them automatically. I recommend it because although it is heavy while learning, then you win long time whenever I have to write my work. Highly recommended.


Tremendously effective.: It is certainly the most complete typing course that can be found currently on the InterNet. Just read this great article to understand this: http://articulos.softonic.com/mecanografia-windows-mecanet among the many advantages of this program is that it gives you exercises where each finger gets used to the keys that correspond, and at the same time gains speed. The effectiveness that has is impressive. One of the best innovations of this version is the "Personal Trainer" available in starting typing Core. This feature adapts the lessons to user errors. It is the best.

O-D 73

The best program tested in typing: A pretty good course, where you can learn and have fun at the same time, you can check each letter mistakes, successes, exams, repeat lessons, change appearance... simply typing is the best of its kind!.


The keyboard is the present and the future: Thanks to MecaNet children today understand better on the pc keyboard, the because of writing fast. At the end, and after they are tools of the present and future whether we like it or not.


risk pc: to download this week and had Trojans and worms so much eye

Marcos Cantu

Easy to use, fast results: This course I find it very easy to use, in addition, results can be seen very quickly, in one month already I notice that I write with all the fingers. Following their instructions and passing lesson when the course permitting me, increasingly rapid progress. It is very useful to collate the lessons with the plays of typing which brings, with these checks the ease that is acquiring.


MecaNet helped me to acquire speed: For that, I already knew write but with the advice of this program I got faster in writing. It is recommended both to which is starting with writing to the touch for those we know and want to check how many beats we have.


Good contribution : Thank you for the contribution of typing really did not know the order of the fingers on the keyboard now will be able to type more easy :D


the best thank you Softonic : good walking I found this page on the web and I see interesting programs that will help us to improve our performance in subjects of programs thank you softonic help us thank you


Practically perfect and in Spanish: This course in Spanish is very thought to use common words and not things like "pqrvbm..." (unless part of the first lesson where there is another remedy). It also brings a lot of lessons and the chance to practice with the texts that you want. As I've said before: typing is almost perfect, I recommend it.


In my school we use typing: In my school we use it since the beginning of the course. We use it three times a week, but my teacher said that that was little, that we should spend at least two hours more at home. I already am going for Lesson 12 and I can type without looking at the keys.


The best way to practice: Is that all we need time, but onsesivo that I am I spent some moments of the weekend to practice typing and fantastic has left me with this program. I highly recommend it.

Juanchu Aitor

I recommend typing for young people.: MecaNet has served very well to all my students aged 10-12 years. This age is good so they can learn to write using all the fingers before they take bad habits from the keyboard which then hard to remove them. I recommend it for those ages, in a matter of a couple of months they will be able to write without looking at the keyboard with the consequent gain for the rest of his life that this implies.


the best typing and easy at all: dede teaches you the most basic to the most difficult caricatures step by step what you have to learn with the convenience of advance at your own pace of learning being flexible and have a record of your progress is in Spanish, you can practice or configure the keys to not enter more details you need to snag this excellent program called typing using

Piere Biachenco

I have fun writing with typing: I like much typing. I have fun writing with this program and my teacher says I do it very well.


The typing course is Super: I am surprised by the effectiveness of this typing. To begin with it is incredibly easy to use, but also the possibilities are many. I has proved especially useful the ability to practice with Word documents, which you can start with just drag them to the icon of typing already.

Pedro Ramirez Ruiz

Good typing aid for which they are learning.: Good typing aid for which they are learning. We have recommended this course of typing at Uni so we learn on our own. In month and a half I have already advanced to write all the letters without looking at the keyboard. I recommend it for autodidacts.


Typing is incredibly effective.: Typing is incredibly effective. I found it by chance on the cover of Softonic, downloaded it to test it and it seems incredible that a so full typing course may be free. 100% recommend it. Try and understand it.


Trojan!: According to Kaspersky Antivirus, typing app contains a Trojan... If that is true, I advise to nobody in their right mind to download it.


Very good program: It is very good program to stop improving the fingering, congratulations to the creators of this program, so I recommend...


The truth could improve...: The program is good but not enough dynamic to improve since my primary 6 students handle it would be if they were a game of Mario, but thank you for the program helps quite ah my students... The program give you a 8!....

useless and problematic: I think that should not be downloadable this program I have installed pages I don't and it is difficult to remove hopefully one of these days do not damage the computer someone with this program so problematic


Thank you: Thank you very much for this program. Personally, has helped me to take speed and finish learning how to write correctly.

Eduardo caicedo

I want to acquire skills in keyboarding: Someone told me that there was this web page, and now that I enter in it and read as good evidence of learning, I am decidodi to take the typing workshop, in order to acquire technical and skill in writing. Sincerely: Eduardo Caicedo to

Has helped me a lot in my work: Thanks to typing I have improved my speed of writing, and helped me in my work to be more productive.


Roxana: I find it very interesting, I am Professor of computing and I have been able to use it much with my students from already thank you for offer software like this so good


MecaFacha: To me this that the PP Councillors make software it seems to me very well.


Contains virus aartemis : This program download a virus called aartemis so watch out, despite the fact that claims to be free of viruses, and searching the internet as you can remove either is effective, now that I do!


chico2000: Excellent program gives you that q errors make, with which keys, times, if you can move from lesson, keep your lessons of truth that excellent program and really is so nice and comfortable writing correctly q really me served and exceeded a lot of people already do not look at the keyboard and write faster. highly recommended.


This said, very good: That says already noted also by the experience of others and the mia which has been satisfactory indeed, practice makes the master and typing offer the means to be a teacher or shower, for good and applicable at all in the matter of first...


The qque there is the more simple: well I had searched one another, but this is somewhat simple. recommended for who starts from scratch.

tu cariño

Very good program: I think this program is very good and young children should do it so they can learn to write with all the fingers of the hand. This program is very fun


It is perfect: It is a free program of bitches, a salute to the echipo softonic and thank you for all these programs


Very good tool: The truth so far has seemed an excellent learning tool, my 11-year-old daughter is the most it has enjoyed, agile, easy and simple to use, allowing a precise learning.

Mar Dessy

A good program.: It is a good method to learn typing. I liked its appearance and so quick way of installation, I is now faster and more efficient to write on my keyboard, and of course, spreads more.


Very good: Truth is excellent, I'm starting with this and has helped me a lot, very little used other fingers to write. I highly recommend it.


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Never again you lies with the fingers typing on a keyboard

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