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mIRC is the most popular Windows IRC client. It was one of the first to be born, and, with the passage of the years, it has gained new features. However, the basic functions remain the same; the IRC protocol, in fact, has hardly changed.

Once you've installed and run mIRC, please enter your details in the configuration screen and connects to one of the many existing servers. In Spanish, the most advisable is IRC-Hispano. Type /server irc.irc-hispano.org in the window Status (that in which you'll see service messages) and hit enter to connect.

The peculiarity of IRC is its system of commands. It is not no discomfort to veteran users, but if you're used to Messenger, it will seem quite rare. Of course, mIRC also has menus and buttons, although write /join or /msg is much faster than using the mouse.

mIRC is configurable as possible: sounds, colors, fonts, notices, sending files, records of conversations... everything can be from the Options menu. In addition, mIRC is extensible via scripting (a well known example is IRCap).

You have many years behind and increasingly fewer people using it, but mIRC survives thanks to its undisputed quality. It is never late to give a chance to this classic of the chat.

  • Can be configured to pleasure
  • Huge library of servers
  • Extensible via scripting
  • The more stable class
  • Be minimized as an icon
  • It has been years without significant changes
  • IRC has lost much charm

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mIRC reviews


MIRC: Good tool: Already knew it to Mirc, I used it for some time, although it is in English is a matter of learning the basic commands, but you save time to loss in the pages, after popping my computer with some virus, I installed MIRC on my pendrive and thereupon chat without having to install all the time in the cibersThat if: If in any cabin do not let them enter, do not lose more time, go to another, but my opinion of this program is that you for me it is the best software to chat with my amogos/as


Simple: If what you want is to simply chat then get this because it is simple fnacil to use and practical, without extra noise and weird things then you get only headache.


I have been very helpful: It truly is the best script for the cunicacion and the compatimineto of data


Very good: It was always the best, very practical. Greetings from Argentina.


Use it to counter strike: d: I like basikamente for buskar challenges of counter strike


buenisimo: I like a good irc. But I had a small problem of compaatibilidad in my cmd (known MS-DOS) since it is an operating system like that the mine but different from linux. but overall very good. The small problem solve it, was a small detail of configuration. Best regards!


Fantastic: I loved the program. The download is simple and very straightforward. And you can easily use mirc.


That's great: I like, keep your look classic, but also integrates innovative options.


duralunas: It's great, great, solved my problem I really like and I recommend it


mIrc: Cost me a lot to configure it, but with the help of people got it. And I am very happy. It had long been wanting it.


It is not recommended.: Do not download it unless you have too many problems with English. If the combinais with IRCAP, or drunk I was down at it.


mIRC: es mui bueno........................................................................................


To download go here...: Well if you head spin, you can enter here (www.) mirces.com/mirces.htm And voila the bench!


It has no built-in servers: Since all VAT very well until voi to go to the server i no!: / because I stayed stone so a mirc without servers already I say your... go till then i greetings


the best no doubt: For me is the best irc client that has everything, and besides you can put a kind of & quot; plugin & quot; the program for that go better or for what you need. Best regards


Execelente: Is an excellent chat client and if you already exits anes ircap


I like it: Excellent chat with variety of options customer I really like is a great way to meet people highly recommended is a programme full of facilities


It has some errors: I've tried the mirc.exe in Spanish, solo and in different scripts, and I've found that it brings an error, to the despleagarse for the menu popup, menu commands, or that we have generated, in options are invisible. In mirc full (in English), this does not occur. In addition to the above, this mirc in Spanish brings many spelling and grammar errors. Anyway, who have serious problems with English, you can download it.


Already this the version 6. 17 in Spanish!: To actualizarrrrr....


All facilities: Mirc, even in English, I think a program full of facilities, both in what refers to his installation as to further use. Someone has said since, although I try others, always returns to it and I cannot but endorse this view.

MIRC 6.17: A program indispensable for every good lover chat and a very good way to meet people and organize games to play online, highly recommended and I commend also your script "irc".

If already use an older version of mmirc read this.: Those using the popular chat program, mirc, should download and install the latest version of this software soon. MIRC is a program used by millions of people around the world, and one of the most popular irc (internet relay chat) for windows clients. A chat session is the connection of a network of computers to a place of virtual meeting in cyberspace, where people can meet and chat. This update corrects a serious flaw announced a couple of days on the internet. Such failure, allows any intruder to take total control of your computer. It had been discovered in October last year, and its existence was not revealed until a few days ago, when the new version of the irc client was ready. To gain control of a computer with the installed mirc, an attacker need to do his victim to connect to a specific server. This can be done by placing some code in a web page or in an e-mail message. The flaw affects all versions prior to the 5.91, and basically consists of a buffer overflow from an irc server specific, which emits arbitrary code to the computers connected to that server via mirc. The exploitation arises with the sending of a string of given size that exceeds the allocated space to receive these data. It is usually a user name (nickname) of more than 100 characters. This code allows the execution of programs with the highest level of privileges. The result is that the attacker can obtain complete control of the victim machine. This problem has been solved in the new version 6.0 of mirc, which is much more strict in the way that messages are handled.


MIRC is the standard de facto: Throughout my cyber life, from time to time I've tried try others... I always end up coming back to mirc


Ayudaaa: Can you tell me how should I connect with this program, do not understand you.


Very good: I believe that mirc is on track to becoming a legendary program. I love its austere aspect and its stability. It is not to be high security but for normal use, I think that it is the best (the warriors to their networks!). The scripts as ircap serve only to smudge what really matters, the talk. In addition, the face of the programmer is sympathetic ^^

K1ll1ng M4ch1n3

Very good, if you know to use it...: It is a very good program, useful for any type of use. In my case, it is fine to look for matches of counter-strike and other games online, but can be any type of application. The only problem is that you have to know to use it. I still miss me with the find servers and that, but the truth is that it's worth try it: d


As you blokes privis?: Anyone know how I can do to bloke the privis? Is ke I cannot find out ' by long ke touch all the buttons


Chat: It seems me masomenos the mirk nose you can search undernet as it disappears the names of friends


THE REMOVE FROM MY MACHINE FLOWN: The program is whether it is very good because you can connect and chat with everyone. The content is regrettable or talks circulating on the network. Fully loaded with majaderos and irresponsible and obtuse The program can be very good but also there is a montonal of Trojans and convert the machine in a very vulnerable device


Very good: The best irc client for windows, its enormous variety of options, safety and quality.


Not very bad but not good: To get started it is hard at times connect or connect. Brings some mistakes that is the problem the only improvement is the ke in Spanish but still mirc with spyware that is another big problem

It looks interesting: Carhartt no mirc, the phanatic script may not run. In this version the only changes that I noticed were some options and icons that were shifted place or modified, but all the rest is the same ^_^. Far the best client for irc.

MIRC 6.01 the best :): On here comment below on the bug it is true and soon change your mirc better ;) and as to this mirc that fixes bugs and the most important and best for my... lets connect using 1 mirc to todois servers ke want... because you don't have to open 500 mirc to get ;) multiserver!1 is the best thing that has come out in theme in irc and now waiting for the updates of the script for example the phanatic that has to be a pump!

The best IRC client: Without a doubt the best of the best. And if in addition you complement it with the ircap you will have the satisfaction guaranteed. Greetings, and happy new year.

Xfavor help!: Well there goes the question if I am I under mirc 6.01. Q script is compatible xq the ircap 7 is not truth or 6.9?

Tell me critic: MIRC 6.03 is a program that is well, but to ask, I prefer irc phanatic thousand twirling (one more less a)

A mi me jodio the previous connection: Not is it was somewhat accidental, nor is known the case is q I had the previous version of mirc, the ircap 7 and joer q chance q when you update or I could connect ni na na, mismamente was something I spontaneous computing (hehe) but the case is q me jodio nick and all the had... you do not say anything... only commented my case


Hello: I really like much mirc that was before a local channel here in coatzacoalcos veracruz mexico right now come more Chilean Colombians etc etc and the truth that I don't like that ants could know jente coatza here but are now more Colombians that we can do so again as vuelvamos has watch so you put coatza channel and Colombians will appear



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