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Mozilla Firefox is a web browser which managed to gain a foothold when the market was occupied entirely by Internet Explorer. His secret: power and versatility, gained through years of development, and a huge catalog of extensions to increase their chances to infinity.

Always full, ever-growing

If something has been characterized Mozilla Firefox is to introduce constantly new features for easy Internet navigation.

As always, in this program you can expect navigation by tabs, saved bookmarks, extensions and customization support.

But also Firefox includes more advanced options such as a panel for web developers, Advanced Privacy and security settings, easy access, PDF reader, and configurable search engines tabs fixed and even installing web applications as if they were desktop.

An Extensible browser to infinity

Another section which gives a unique customization are the Extensions, add-ons or plug-ins that are installed to provide new functionality to your Firefox. Thanks to them, you have a browser tailored, consuming resources just for your needs. Here are a few examples of essential extensions:

- Adblock Plus: block Web ads- DownThemAll: download multiple files at the same time- Video DownloadHelper: low videos from any page- Stylish: changing the appearance of a web site- Greasemonkey: applies scripts for many other functions- Picnik: a graphic editor Photoshop style-.. .and many more here...

Several ways to access your tabs

While Firefox did not introduce tabbed browsing, that it was the program that ended up catching this so widespread system. Now, in their latest versions, has placed them at the bar, in a more accessible way, and has introduced Panorama: a visual Manager that organizes them by groups.

Colorful and increasingly stable and fast

In addition to usability enhancements, Mozilla Firefox also brings with it purely aesthetic functions. It is the case of people, a collection of themes or skins that give a unique look to your browser. These skins are previewed directly so you don't have to install them and know how they are.

But not everything is appearance between the virtues of Firefox. If something has made him earn the favor of the users is its compatibility with standards. HTML5 and CSS3 are supported almost in full, as well as the usual using plug-ins like Java and Flash.

Improvements in rendering engines are consistent in Mozilla Firefox (Gecko) and Javascript (Ionmonkey) to lighten the program to become one of the fastest to load pages with recent technology.

They are already well received changes to the browser requires continuous improvements in speed, overtaken by competitors such as Chrome.

The free browser par excellence

Firefox has become on its own merits in one web browser standards and an example to follow for free software. Overcome the doubts of their first versions on their high consumption of resources, we have to yield to the evidence: sailing with the Mozilla program is a pleasure tailored to the tastes of each user.

However, there are still aspects that Firefox is exceeded: lightness, ease of installation of the extensions, dedicated web applications... Aspects in which his main rival, Google Chrome, still has advantage.

Try Firefox and don't forget to comment on our face to face with Chrome

  • Improved the performance of loading and Javascript
  • New design that optimizes its use
  • Support for standards such as HTML5 and CSS3
  • Improved management of extensions
  • Customizable privacy improvements
  • It is still somewhat slow reflexes

Firefox screenshots and videos

Firefox reviews


The browser par excellence.: The best browser today.Minimum resource consumption, compatibility with web standards, versatility, speed and stability. In short, far superior to the majority of the browsers that are in turn.


Firefox Chromizandose: Welcome to Firefox Chrome..., I am, I have been and will always be a fan of Firefox, but if you want to become more like Google will lose fidelity has always taken by users, but who is to say the Opera Chrome.


Just great: Highly customizable, stable, reliable, safe and accessible. Only need you to be a tad more rapido in the charging of web pages and to start the program and would be perfect in terms of browsers (in my opinion, clear).

Sarito Vasquez

See if you feel the same...: It goes too slow this version, each uns 4 seconds loses absolute mobility and then reacts. My computer isn't exactly slow.


The 27 version seems to have a bug: I've been using this browser since their 1st versions, a few days ago that I upgraded to the 27, and sometimes the browser slows to almost being blocked, also currently consumes 25% of CPU i4nucleos 3. 56GHz, the failure is reported in W-XP, both W-7 8 I don't know because I don't use it; currently installed the previous version by what I'm reading and my research prepiis does not carry bin the javascripts.

Similar to Chrome: Firefox never liked me, but I was surprised by their speed, interface, low consumption of resources to this new.


Navigation more soft: Excellent web browser, I've changed to firefox, long time not used it, but now that I do not like google's spy on us policy and besides that chrome will worse and latest versions binds on many pages and relantiza navigation.

Sarito Vasquez

Far the best: Love this browser years ago. Stable, customizable and with a community of developers very fast and clean.


PROBLEMATIC: Uninstalled it from my computer at the start did pause around a minute or more, and facebook suddenly not sending my comments and had to close that page to be able to write again. And in the support of twitter repeated me just that delete cookies, when every week I use ccleaner, so the problem was not that. Pity is pleasant to use but very problematic.


Bad boy: The design is beautiful but takes long to open and sometimes or opens

JoseAngel HazasCuevas

Good program low security in the download.: A great program without a doubt but brings a gift Trojan if softonic put more security firefox descargaría three times.


IT IS GOOD BUT GENERATES MUCH TRASH : It is 'good' but looks a lot like the internet explorer and creates much file garbage which only internet cache is to open the mozilla firefox generates 12,000 kb cache internet doing to fill file junk pc and then again more slowly not the recommend and I realized the internet cache by ccleaner that cleans my files pc garbage


Very good: Firefox in buenisimo but taking into account your google chrome which is much better guesses


Very good: It is quite stable and good I use it during good time


The best browser I've used and I will continue using: 3: The best browser I've used and I will keep using, is highly customizable and does not consume as many resources as they say, also has a lot of extensions, superapido do not change it for any other, Softonic says, is essential!


Fails much: presents failures very often, navigation is interrupted, program closes and must start over. This happens to me months ago.


Very good: He has great speed and is very customizable


exceptional: buenisimo optimizes the ram since weighs nothing, as soon as you have duplication and special sound, so I advise you


Fast, simple browser and super lightweight.: It is the browser, everything updated, very good, very well though...


I recommend this browser ;): Until today I recommend the best browser I've used, fast, safe and reliable. ;)


I recommend this browser ;): Until today I recommend the best browser I've used, fast, safe and reliable. ;)

Un XD Cualquiera

THE BEST BROWSER I'VE TESTED SO FAR: Mozilla Firefox is a very powerful web browser, its consumption of resources is not high and is very fast and safe, plus is compatible with external applications and has coplementos million so you can customize it to your liking, its appearance is clear and easy to use, also is the browser with better support in web pages. Final Conclision: is an excellent browser, for my is the best and is the more use, super recomendadble, greetings.


A pa step ' forward and two steps pa' after...: With each update becomes more slower, heavier and more unstable... I miss the old times where I could say without a doubt that it was the best browser...


I just disappoint: Some pages on the web are not like before is they saw or are not correctly loaded as in previous versions


Handy: Easy to use very nice design...!


It is very powerful.: It is very good and quick fills my expectations '. I highly recommend it.


Not bad: Firefox is good, but the boot is a little slow. In general good


blocking someone I: Ami I liked was fast mui but someone I lock it a woman to understand blocking it I


That is the best: For me it is the best if I could give 10 stars are the would


guayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: It is super cool I recommend is for how platform eleven


Effective and constant update of features and Add-ons: Good updates and addition of new features and navigation options. Simple full and good functionality, both in windows and linux


incredible: It is very fast and with the extensions that install you its efficiency is the best.

Rockman .Pixeled

is good browser LEL: & gt;: D es buen navegador c: -

El Caballitooo

Firefox, Fire Fox: My Firefox is the best browser super fast, many extensions very safe, light, of echo is what I'm using to write this review.


the best browser in the world: an excellent browser and fast more than everyone else and has a good security and leaves no traces of input


PESADOFOX: The system is very good and effective... Provided living miserable and bad hurtero thief... It is an ignorant q do not know to do a "reboot system now" or a "hard reset" which produces a deleted general of our team and re-establishes it as factory... And sadly it has not over 5 minutes to do so... Is a question of luck...And sorry for the bad wave haha... But stole me a galaxy s2... Best regards!!


Fixed the bug of version 29.: In this version 30 have solved the error of the browser closed, the issue is that the process remained open when you close the browser, unless you activases the box to remember history.


Go m * is the Firefox chrome: I am with many users saying that if Firefox is going to convert to Firefox Chrome, they do not have with me, I hope they rectify right now is line taken. Where demons this my status bar? I had a few links to a few extensions in this bar on the right and now they have set up, I don't like, but is that not only is that you give it to customize to get extensions that I have and what is my surprise that are not to move to the new location.


Simply, the best.: It is an excellent browser, they consume little ram and has a very attractive visual appearance.


compliant WEB, but rather slow to react: very colorful, stable... but still very slow in reacting to load pages in comparison to its competitors chrome and IE11.


the best browser in the world: It is the best browser in the world and is a lot better than google chrome


Excellent program: :) I love it! It has everything but I have some problems with Java to play Minecraft

nnbggggh: excellent this chevere gfddsd


the best browser in the world: Firefox is one of the best web browsers, is fast, has many facilities, is safe and compatible with web standards, also is easy to use and does not consume memory.


Very good: It is very good with their artismos plug-ins and themes and not locked as the chrome


The best browser I know, speed, stability and plug-ins.: Slow at the start but quickly in navigation. Moreover its plug-ins and extensions are better than Google Chrome. In particular the Unloaders of video, which are various, as opposed to Chrome that has only a few, very ineffective, by addition.


The best.: We are now on version 28. Best, most conigurable, safe (and not you spy), than Google Chrome.


What are you waiting for to download it?: The best browser that you can download, very respectful of your privacy, good engine rendering and high level of customization, i.e. the best above others.


incomparable!: It is the browser more stable that I met in these 5 years of programmer I am and its speed is unmatched


It is not going well: By misfortune the latest versions as you're browsing is overloading until there comes a time that consumes many resources, so that sentences you can navigate and therefore you have to reset it. Curiously, in 4 core CPU gets to 25%, and I say curiously because that percentage in a single core is loaded while the other 3 are idle.



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