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Note: Nokia already does not update Nokia PC Suite, new program to connect your Nokia PC Nokia Suite.

If you have a mobile phone of the Nokia brand, Nokia PC Suite is an essential application. Very useful to perform all kinds of actions with your mobile phone from the comfort of your PC.

Whether by cable, wireless, or Bluetooth, with Nokia PC Suite you can do with your mobile módena.

From backup copies of files on your mobile, send photos, music and files from the phone to the PC and vice versa, edit your contacts, synchronize your phone with your PC calendar and much more.

Another practical feature of Nokia PC Suite is to be able to send messages SMS writing them from the PC, with the comfort that provides a good keyboard.

The function of backup of Nokia PC Suite, very easy to use, allows you to copy everything from your phone to the PC, including if want you data from the memory card. The tranquillity that gives you know that you have all your data on the PC is priceless.

  • Create backups
  • It allows you to install updates
  • Copy files between PC and mobile
  • Nothing remarkable

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Nokia PC Suite reviews


is very good: It is very good but the appearance should be more organized... the same is a good program


excelenmte: It is very good I recommend it since you can do many things with your mobile


opinion: It is very good program and very useful.


Does not work on Symbian ^ 3: Unfortunately does not work on Symbian ^ 3, do not miss the time (I have a C7-00). A pity, I used in the magnificent N95 and the ill-fated N97 with great satisfaction, incomparable to the Ovi Suite.


Something short: Nokia should take the PC Suite and change it a little, the GUI is a little outdated. By the way if you want to update your phone you must install Nokia Ovi Suite which lets you to do something else, reminds you what you have to do to the mobile phone. The good thing about the PC Suite is to sync contacts to Outlook Mobile it is going very well.


mmm seguuuro?: PC suite and the nokia N900 does not get along well... is a problem... I have days looking for a solution... not all that glitters is gold


Regular: It is good to save and modify your nokia data from your pc, & quot;... but has a great failure... & quot; In my opinion when the phone is unplugged, if you want to use the same agenda, your contacts and reminders, one not can do it with this program because so you can read them it has to be plugged the phone in any way by cable, infrared or bluetooth. If not so, you can open the program but you will not have contacts or reminders and the file backup of them not you can open, they only serve if this connected the phone.


VERY, VERY GOOD, RECOMMENDED: It took a long time to give my opinion to try and use it in all the features, and really recommend it. It is easy and intuitive. Provides you with all the functions that your can ask of your cell phone, as I recommend it in good shape. It is a program that obviously is intended for users of Nokia...


Excellent application: It is a good program, easy to use, and very practical for our Nokia. Do you with it right away.

el deseado

the nokia pc: well this program is fabulous is very useful and easy to use well this may get rid of the space of is available on your cell if clear is a nokia


really cool: It is good that there is cool


I WANT TO KNOW: I want to know if this program can reduce the format mp3 to my phone is a Nokia, much interested me this program features that have, please answer my question. Thanks a lot


did not work: I got it, intalé and appeared a message that said & quot; missing file & quot; ¿?¿? that more we can say, that is one loss of time Window XP prof spack 3


Problems with Nokia 5030 XpressRadio: I can not download the PC Suite to my work. It is possible that it has to do with the cable, but I consult to the shop that sold it to me and they tell me that it is correct. Has anyone had this problem? My cable has this reference: DU - NOK004 NK 2630...


Essential: It is one of mobile programs more comprehensive, since it allows you to almost everything with the cell phone, from organizing contacts how to pass the music or videos, being the program which adapts them for your hearing, or display, for me is very useful and indispensable.

David Araya

If you have NOKIA serves you: It is the complement of your NOKIA cell. It's like the ITUNES of IPOD. The most remarkable is their sync contacts Outlook and local files on your PC, such as music, photos and videos.


Jesusmp01: Well, if you have nokia. Easy utility handling and valid on all your options. What I don't like is that even if you delete the start bar it returns to. For the rest is pretty good.


Super!: So I have been able to download and use without any difficulty. And I'm not an expert on the subject! Could it be that I have followed the steps and I got it?

[email protected]

Excellent application: Hi all I have a Nokia E63 and synchronize it with Microsoft wasn't 2007 and felt me super great, especially the bluetooth connectivity. Synchronization of all kinds of files is fast and safe is one of the best free applications that I have found.


Full: full and simple friendly interface for up to a highly recommended amateur user


Does not work with windows vista: Try all the way and do not work with windows vista, if anyone can help me to solve the problem. Thank you greetings to all


Perseus: Very good nokia the best in connectivity and separate security has good options and the program is basically easy to use


more simple than ovi: the best program for your nokia, have much to ovi, especially if an underpowered computer. I use it with my nokia n96 and it works swimmingly, so therefore I recommend it completely

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