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Panda Antivirus Pro 2014


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Panda Antivirus Pro is an lightweight antivirus, especially designed to protect your computer in the easiest way. With it, you'll be safe from viruses, spyware , and fraud.

Panda Antivirus Pro detects and automatically removes all kinds of viruses, worms and Trojans, even the most innovative and use the most advanced techniques of concealment, keeping your PC clean at all times.

In addition, Panda Antivirus Pro allows you to surf the Internet, send and receive emails, play, download files, chat without fear of viruses, thanks to the firewall, safe navigation mode and the network manager.

Panda Antivirus Pro also locates and eliminates all kinds of spyware and other annoying programs that are installed without your permission in the computer, while protecting your connection through a complete and little intrusive Firewall keeps your personal information safe from Internet scams.

The Panda Antivirus Pro database draws on Collective intelligence technology in the cloud Panda, which collects data from all users and which is very effective in addressing the latest threats that have arisen

  • Excellent detection engine
  • Firewall and home network manager
  • Renewed interface
  • The installer detects conflicting programs
  • Safe navigation mode
  • Collective intelligence based on Panda Cloud
  • Panda USB Vaccine
  • The installation requires several reboots
  • Incompatible with other antivirus

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Panda Antivirus Pro 2014 reviews

excellent: very good and intuitive, I would like to know how to use it 100%... There are very good things...

Unbeatable price-quality ratio: Very good Antivirus 100% recommended, is very light penalties resources not consumed, not whole you that it is working on a second plane, finally very good relationship quality price, as I have said before 100% recommended


"Keep your computer with weapons on guard against viruses": Softonic I gift an activation for 180 days for my birthday and I installed it. the truth is that it has not given me problems, keeps your pc safe which can be and is updated daily without fail one day, so my assessment is that it is pretty good. Thank you softonic


is worth its weight in gold!: for now, it's the best thing, and I've tried them all! to them that they don't know or who made it.


Sinvirus, but without a computer!: Unfortunately left me the computer unusable, times were endless to the point of not be able to browse or work, I went back to my version of AVG and again it works like silk. A shame!

Optimally, without any problem, clear and effective.: I think it is a good antivirus, which helps a lot and also very safe. If there is a problem is because of the user to not install well, because everything is very well explained and my install perfectly. Highly recommended by my part.


ONE OF THE BEST ANTIVIRUS: It is simple, your tas is amazing and your performance is good for my because my internet connection is rapisa and performance depends on your internet connection


ONE OF THE BEST ANTIVIRUS : It is good because it has good rate simple yes and its performance for me is good because tengu a good internet connection and depemde of that performance


Resource-intensive: It is very good but consumes enough resources, so it is less than the Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro version.

An embarrassment of company.: A shame for company. They provided me data wrong with them that it was impossible to install the antivirus had bought. The service I saw liar and argued that he had not bought any product. Three months after I emvian a different customer number. I submitted my complaint to the Ombudsman of the client, and I deal as if were moron. Without admitting his error at any time. Behavior that leaves much to be desired


extraordinary cloud : I had the antivirus avira which is quite good, but without the firewall. Softonic was kind enough to give me this with activation by three months, so I just installed it and am going to try. Thank you softonic

Without problems: The license was free and I bought this pro version and now safe from everything.


Fast agile, safe. Haven't found you cons rather than price... : I use Panda Cloud Pro 2013 for months and I've solved my problems of security, is very agile, does not consume resources virtually, and I have not had any incident. Excellent!

Fast agile, safe. Haven't found you cons rather than price... : I use Panda Cloud Pro 2013 for months and I've solved my problems of security, is very agile, does not consume resources virtually, and I have not had any incident. Excellent!

best for cyber: I remove some viruses from usb to the avast or avg, or nod 32 failed to detect, detection engine excellent, and when it ends trial mode sends you many announcements, but even so it can segir using...

Totally recommended!: I am super happy with this antivirus, I have tried many over the years and definitely not return it I play with another. I highly recommend it.


Excellent but slow: I had installed the Panda Pro 2013 and is really simple to use, very fast and secure. Upgrade to Panda 2014 Pro is great but is quite slow and slows the S.O. It caught my attention (using Windows 7). That, please ask at forums and I see several similar comments. Too bad now that it is very good.

Excellent but slow: I had installed the Panda Pro 2013 and is really simple to use, very fast and secure. Upgrade to Panda 2014 Pro is great but is quite slow and slows the S.O. It caught my attention (using Windows 7). That, please ask at forums and I see several similar comments. Too bad now that it is very good.


instalenlo and you will see the erected throughout...: perfect in all the other day to install a virus program and realized to the touch I was surprised

a real shit. or crazy install it: It is a real disaster and a disgusting, you good for nothing more than bring problems. I will never use it

which antivirus is best so that the computer is not dam?: which antivirus is best? I want to know so download you thank you for everything


It does not remove the virus from the police,: Do not remove me police virus.Said that there was a file critical damage. I lost my money and I had to reformat my computer. nothing advisable.


IF YOU DO NOT PAY NOT WORTH TRY...THE SAME OLD IMSTAL-DESINSTA: Pesdos continuous messages...bla, bla... paste Pro i pay! CONRADOR OF 29 DAYS TO FULL SPEED. .Agradesido by the lie of softonic for my gift of cumleanos who happens to be the same shit as always i with lying included for 6 months.

AVG is better that panda: Look, the panda I it had before but as is I stuck the pc. Then probe with AVG internet security and is much better that panda in barias reasons. until then and that you serve


Very handy, but are useful?: I have the same question, I received it as a birthday gift a few days ago, and am undecided for install and remove that already I have (AVG full version), continually slows down my PC, which separately has only 1 GB of RAM and that does not help.

Not recommended: Causes blue screen, with original key, I had to uninstall and it has caused me harm.

tin ochoa

very good: ammm the best antivirus in my opinion is the eset nod32 is the more practical and more easy to use

Panda Antivirus Pro 2013 slows down all computer: I have several years of using Panda antivirus and my opinion is favorable, I've been virus-free. I was however repentant buy five licenses of Panda Antivirus Pro 2013, all desktop computer and laptop has become tediously slow, nothing serves to improve bandwidth, is like returning to the past. I very much doubt the license renewal next year and rather want to uninstall it from my laptop.


amazing but how long: is that it is very good but how long is test or one year?


When the uninstall, my Pc was slow when I turn it on, it takes: The install and then is me hiso slow PC and uninstall it and still I keep walking slow when I turn it on, the desktop is a little delayed

Fast and efficient: I love by its rapid detection and effective for all plus, is not like all the others that forbid you to do things for safety, this restores it, protect it and already ready to follow

The best probe so far in antivirus. Far better than Avast!: I had Avast and change it for testing for the Panda, because every day I infected the machine and it was only detected by spybot. It is spectacular detects and blocks everything.


Panda Pro 2012: I see that most of the comments are old, therefore, directed to other veresiones 2009,2010,etc. Not even the 2011 version can be compared to this version (2012), the truth is excellent, very light, updates do not feel (cloud) does not consume resources, and highly effective detection. I highly recommend it.

It is one of the best in the market but it has faults: I've been using it for long time and had no complaints from him until a virus sneaked into my computer and panda could do nothing, is one of the best in the market, but I recommend you complement it with other antivirus to have his team safe.

mauricio miguel

very useful: very optional is very necessary and much better why it is free without any cost is widely used and works fantastically recommend it


Both good antivirus and firewall good: The 2012 version is the third that use Panda with paid leave (no cracks, nor keygen, etc), how good is expensive. Now well has never given me problems, that if previous versions slow team, but from 2011 it is pretty light on resource consumption. It is almost as light or you're sorry. From 2010 to date my computer (2 that I have) have not been infected from consideration.


Very good but very slow: If it is true, is very good and effective but incredibly slow, had installed Avast for being free, really I went crazy, is full of false positives, fails to clean the files if they are infected, directly quarantined them yourself, and if you ask him to ignore one of his false positives makes it, but never more works you that file (must surely damage something or inside the file or in the Windows registry). When you install Panda (thanks to my license as telecentre user) to achieve clean very important drivers that I had saved and infected. The problem is its slowness, really never use another so slow like this. Security is a monster, but at the same time it is a turtle. I am in search of one that is bueno-seguro but speedy is there?.


It leaves much to be desired: I've been using it for three years and every time I see worse, both that already the coming month I leave it aside, in addition to consume many resources, it is slow and very expensive for the service that gives. Any free antivirus works better than any panda.


very good: excellent and very fast but with many ifs and buts in several countries have technology as a God have forgotten many things than before are asian without technology


Gamers to refrain from Panda: I had no antivirus so that I decided to install one I chose panda can say before that use the pc for games & quot; gamers & quot; very good protection in general, one of the most safe for my opinion. Here the evil consumes a resource monstrosidad re lentay ago pc games do not walk well like I said Gamers abtenerce


Good protection, but the proactive comenzienza to fail a see more: For the staff of panda security, need to let q from last test using your antivirus 2009 version, completely satisfied by its good balance between preventive and reactive protection, but note at the end of the month of March, as that truprevent process engines, aunq temporarily occupied all the s.o. During startup, this should be so, already q in the long run, is not tedious and in truth, the more preferable if it is in est case is should have a large files or variants of the same db being shared between these two types of protection, I think q is mejoraria in performance of the system and not be would come at the end of turn off a defense only to gain speed in the systemin the case of booting a pc or make use of the system to 100% of its capacity...


Forget about viruses, spyware, hackers and if a slowdown: I think that panda global protection 2010 and panda anti-virus 2009 worked better on a computer with minimum resources, panda antivirus 2011, as a new and improved version "worked it" some functions and only thing it does is consume resources as a fan of lady gaga (little monster), to analyze any file and complete the analysis, window remains, is not closed. I'll stick with the 2009...


It is good but it has a great defect...: Is incredible as improved it compared with earlier versions, this version 2010 is ligerisima, is even more light that avast and nod32 antivirus are more light today, but panda is even more light, AV comparatives put him among the 3 best antivirus with avira and gdata, but it has a defect that few have noticed and discussed in various forumsThis defect is that down certain infected files do not detect them nor the web protection or the scanner in real time, until it does a scan to pc is when detects, happens to everyone, but if you check with several viruses that I have tested it, apparently it is no big deal but that default may have problems with some virusesnoteworthy is also excellent heuristics that has.


Are crazy: This antivirus as well as being heavy steals many pc resources and all that is is abisar some viruses but not the deletes, which wants it to use well but I recommend by own exp avira, avast, kaspersky, nod32, or microsoft security essencials


William: The truth down panda because I have a Trojan to see if it took it me off but nothing there is when I run it get the notice cannot be and the other so I can not say thank you anyway


Grouchoma: This antivirus only works if you have the computer off. If lit it can happen just like me, 25 viruses, malware, spyware, and others. The service takes place somewhat of the same, excellent if not using it. Two weeks ago them send a report of viruses containing my computer (25 of yore) and still am waiting. The time previous to that I went to the service I had to solve the problem of the 15 viruses formatting the computer. Incidentally, I have enabled all the controls in the "antivirus" and another porcierto, I pay it, one year and not more, at the end of the contract I will give low.


manu1613: Panda is one of the best antivirus I have ever tasted. I have not tried specifically this version but the above any I was disappointed and that's worth paying money to buy it and get it full. If your PC supports it yet I recommend all the complete pack Internet Security where comes firewall and let off of Windows (although can you relentice something the PC).


For me this well...: I have panda on my machine and for now the application it gives me result other good antivirus there also but for now I'll stick with panda since it is easy to use is understandable and the active scan of the panda bar this buenisimo


Disappointing: Before had tested the panda Platinum don't remember that version was, like this, was very ineffective in virus detection and performance in terms of the home and component load, apparently this antivirus its main goal is the marketing displaying such product with eye-catching advertising rather than by performance. This version I was disappointed because although the panda page speaks wonders of your product and this does not meet what promises, especially in its high consumption of RAM and above all to what most search user is quickly and efficiently in this virus detection falls short, even with all components of luxury that have... Based on the foregoing, I dare to say this at the height of the Avast or AVG that I think are not antivirus mas fast that I know.


sneak you viruses, the best: bitdefender total security 2010: Today it is difficult to find a good antivirus as a great variety of antivirus (and also of malware) but I is which is the best of truth and which will not let you down, is this, the bitdefender total security, which in its 2010 version is the security suite complete and reliable market. I recommend you probeis this large suite is already the suite which offers more modules, which are mention below. Probe ace much prestige all antivirus like kaspersky, eset, panda, mcafee, avira, avast... but none has given good result, I tell you that I spend with each: with kaspersky, became me precuela pc and was reluctantly working in such conditions since it cost more than 20 seconds that pulled the firefox. With East did not have the problem of kaspersky what I had a detection rate lower than others. With the panda, avast and mcafee passed them two things: to slow the pc and had index low detection. With avira: This antivirus found me lot of fake virus. The moral of this is there that rely on the popularity of the antivirus, for example, kaspersky has good detection rate, but if you don't have a computer with good resources, this antivirus you will make precuela.Furthermore this suite for being the most comprehensive (bitdefender total security 2010) has many advantages over other antivirus and suites. Tell them functions, advantages of the bitdefender: one that I surprised much was the easy and fast that installed this antivirus: either by very little who know computer can install it without help, and is very easy to use: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywBJmBJmD68 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vglevc5zkiw & feature = related). This in Spanish and in very many languages more. Another thing is the three modes of interface that has this suite: normal (http://www.techhail.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/bitdefender-total-security-2010-out-for-beta-testing.jpg), simple (http://www.raymond.cc/images/bitdefender-2010.png) and advanced (http://www.downloadatoz.com/essentialware/bitdefender-internet-security/images/interface.jpg) special modules as firewall parental control Phish antiespam... asta lightweight etc when doing analysis 3 types of analysis: in depth, of the system, and rapid. Destroyer permanent file great capacity for proactive detection against unknown malware and known also scan removable disk drives and usb´s before that infecting pc network (internet, as downloads malicious web pages...) protection, pc file asta protection in messenger and yahoo messenger mode game (energy saving) so a laptop last more battery. File encryption to save them with password files shield. Bar phish for firefox and internet explorer browsers optimizers for 5 different classes pc updates and checks and automatic updates in 2nd flat firewall from that in the same paragraph, you can look at the connections of internet poquisimo consumption of resources and muuuuuuuuuuuucho more! This security suite is 100% recommended and the truth is that it does not disappoint at all, you don't need to have any anti-malware program and optimization for the pc since this suite comes with all that. Great give a try it and you will already see the difference!

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