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Download Panda Internet Security for Netbooks is no longer available. Instead, we recommend the download of Panda Cloud Antivirus.

Netbooks and laptops Compact have the same security needs of any computer, even higher. There are few antivirus applications that adapt to its modest hardware.

Panda Internet Security for Netbooks is a special version of the security package Panda, adapted to low power, as compact and ultra-light notebook computers. The consumption of memory and diskspace of Panda Internet Security for Netbooks is smaller.

Features of Panda Internet Security for Netbooks are virtually the same as his brother, including a firewall, backup and TruPrevent technology module. They are lacking, on the other hand, some functions, but the saving of resources has its price.

Reliable and fast, Panda Internet Security for Netbooks is the perfect antivirus for a netbook or an underpowered computer.

  • Collective intelligence and TruPrevent technologies
  • Mode game and multimedia
  • Firewall and home network manager
  • Very low requirements
  • Basic Firewall

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Panda Internet Security for Netbooks reviews


Alexander ayodoro: without a doubt this is the best antivirus for a NetBook, that protects the most. I recommend it


If you have web filtering and backup: Hello. Well I'm trying this antivirus for my mini laptop and it goes like a shot. Say that if you have to backup create rescue disk and if it has a web filter. It hardly uses resources and leaves few active processes. I recommend it is very good


Excellent! antivirus...: OF all the antivirus that probe, I'll stick with the panda, clear as I convinced to buy it, and install it on the pc and note. highly recommended.


Very good: very well done the antivirus, it detects very well the Trojans, the worms This good your software, I prefer this antivirus.


A reduced version of Panda Antivirus: Let's face, this antivirus is a reduced version of Panda Antivirus, so do not criticize for criticizing since it is a version specially designed for Netbook's and Mini-laptops, in the program is very good since it runs 100% on my HP Mini 2133, which has been updated to Windows 7 Home Premium and not the system slows down for nothing, my final note is a deserved nine.


The best antivirus now: For me this is undoubtedly the best antivirus I have known, the truth that probe the trial version and I liked it so much that I decided to buy it, now my computer stays clean... no longer as before, that he had to be worried about any viruses, simply excellent


hehe178: Is good Antivirus I to Serbian often looked at with the problems with the Internet viruses, q enter virus at any time is very annoying do not believe.


This new Panda is better than ever!: It is a very good antivirus it comapre with the Kaspersky and nothing to see Panda is very light weight, detects most viruses, spywares, Trojans, does not consume any resources, definitely me convinced Panda has changed a lot, I recommend it

calle lopez

Very good: It is the best of all because it detects very well and it consumes few resources. Not square the kaspersky because I killed the computer


Panda Antivirus: You have a laptop or a mini laptop, you install panda, It is slower, they begin to have errors and zassss!, you don't have computer. Would you like to pass you that? Don't get This antivirus, there are better protections such as Avira Antivir on the market and free. fRaN...

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Immunet Protect

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