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The needs of users have moved from the protection anti-virus to complete solutions. Panda Global Protection is a security suite anti-virus protection leaving a central role.

Around its powerful detection engine, Panda Global Protection adds a number of very useful features, such as a firewall, backups, cleaning system, protection of identity and two filters, one anti-spam, and other web content.

Thanks to the technology of Collective intelligence, which consists of the collection of samples of malware on millions of computers, detection of new threats of Panda Global Protection rates are higher than average.

Panda Global Protection has Advanced modules, as backups online, remote access, a virtual keyboard, and a mode of secure browsing (sandbox). Such additions make it more complete market in one of the suites.

  • Excellent protection against new threats
  • Family appearance dialogs
  • Detection of system vulnerabilities
  • Creation of rescue disks
  • Encryption and secure deletion of files
  • Safe navigation mode
  • Somewhat uncomfortable browsing access control
  • It does not check the safety of web pages

Panda Global Protection 2014 screenshots and videos

Panda Global Protection 2014 reviews

Elena Torreta

Recommended 100%: I am super happy with this antivirus, since I installed it I have no problem on my computer!


You can install on your computer with confidence, not often disappoint. : The Panda antivirus are those who have given me better results, either; with fewer problems I have had. I've tried all the free things that are at the top. And payment Panda, Norton, Mccafe, Karpeski and some more, in its versions most complete.


A security solution for todods your devices: A global solution for all your devices, if you have com I many gadgets this is without doubt your antivirus, with the quality offered by Panda in all its products, is without a doubt a leader in the sector


Powerful real-time protection.: Pretty good, can give false positives but these can be checked with the relevant Department giving resolution to do so. In time real and permanent, protection against the analysis that says that not verifies the safety of Web pages, this goes beyond and check anything that roll by the PC, so perhaps their consumption.


Highly recommended: It is a very good antivirus. Is true that can be somewhat slower than other versions, but also involves a comprehensive protection... As a whole, the best on the market right now.


Excellent anti-whole: Panda Global Protection 2012, is best in prevention both this as their younger siblings, including the panda cloud free has a high prevention system and your scanner although somewhat slower is very safe and effective. The only downside is that despite not using lots of RAM, if you have a constant CPU usage, and that alters a little speed team, but still within its category is not of the worst performance. I believe that with panda cloud are more than safe. And if not this avast free.


In 7 years it has kept me Virus-Free Pc.: I have spent 7 years with the and have never had problems with viruses already which is getting deleted them immediately.(7 years intensive practically without turning off the pc with different desktop and laptops). In 2004 and 2005, I said about this antivirus and discussed complaints that often have regarding the consumption of resources and slowing-down of the system in general. These problems depend on more than the Pc having each one/a processor, memory, and the use that we will give to the computer... logically the system will run you more fluid than most current PC with one of 4 years ago. There is antivirus that work equally and not & quot; loaded both system & quot;? perhaps...but I can not comment 100% in this regard because I have only used Panda, which for me is fantastic since I've not had need of no other antivirus protection has given me all these years. And when something works well...Why take chances to change it? Greetings to all / as.


Recommended 100% detects what others don't: excellent antivirus and tested kaspersky is, nod32 is, avg is, and norton, and truth I do better this detccion and all 99% recondable, 1% missing for 100% is for a little bit more slow in its scanning. But if I give 100% for my total satisfaction


spectacular jump 2011 beta: good I'm trying the BETA of panda global protection 2011 and the truth that is spectacular. It has a touch to his little brother cloud antivirus. and consume the same resources as the. It analyzes in the cloud. its colourful appearance and its great detection make it the best that will come out in the market. I'm testing it with a mini laptop with 1 GB of tam and hardly uses me 50 MB of ram. Best regards

una perspna

of the best: for my best, better than nod32, kaspersky, among others not me encourages compu unlike kaspersky norton and no is ta bad unlike nod32 removes viruses bloclea attempts to intrucion etc. very good antivirus!

Edgar Ignacio

Excellent: Not me to any given problem, I buy a new pc and is me occurred installing this version of panda to see that such... and I found 4 viruses that rapidly eliminated, I taste.


about panda global 2010: I just conincido that relantiza the computer's memory, but also need to understand that antivirus is active when you turn on the unit until it is turned off. that you can reduce it by installing more memory. by what else meets his cometimo, defend your computer from intruders and viruses, just to have it 100% in all its parameters of Defense, and pass the panda whenever travel some of internet when you see or know that that page is not very good provenance. for my part, it meets its mission.


Panda global protection 2010: The truth is that panda products have had a breakthrough from the consumption of resources since previous versions were not frowned since they had a high consumption and a low rate of detection. Now with the 2009 and 2010 versions have a good rate of return and low consumption of resources as well as a good interface, worth buying it. Congratulations panda security


Great improvements in the new version of panda: Most of the time I use panda antivirus as it is if not the best the best for my. His only problem was the space and resources to busy, relentizaba the machine...etc. But now with this new version has changed everything. The panda is now faster, efficient and lightweight. Its installation is sensilla and knowledge extras are not needed for use. For my a great antivirus


Panda global protection: Panda the best antivirus that eliminates all kinds of viruses and has web protection epro is not very good you undetected viruses and pornographic pages but is good

Vicky Vikingo

VERY good great change with respect to other versions, does not occupy resources already.: For that, took time testing Panda products and it is true that some versions were enough resources but with this they have a 180 ° turn. It is very fast and lightweight and with a power of detection really good


very good: Hello. the 2010 beta bersion probe months ago, and with my reports and others think that this suite is quite improved. now today we are beginning to test another beta of 2010. by what miro ba more faster than before. consumed little at the height of avira premiun securiti site. in processes panda has some more. but for the moment is all good. Finally, do not hesitate. It gives protection to good price and excellent service


procteciton: It is good to clobal proctection is more well that kasperkin and the unpredictable too but I recommend AALL the world this is very unpredictable for me and for all of you try this list of some of the best antivirus in the world.


changes in versions panda: as we know, when we change version of panda, also changed the license we have contracted, since the license is anchored to a version specifically. If for example we are using the 2009 version, and want to change to the 2010 version, like me and we all know it must pass a renewal of contract, i.e. the 2009 license to the 2010, therefore different versions are not updates, they are renewals. an example, if you are are using 2009, and you are three months to terminate the contract, and you want to pass to the 2010, there are two ways, one contract it already, and another wait that contract comes to an end. but in one way or another, we will always pay that change, the only thing that if you do it before the deadline, you can hire the option of three months, which is the more low, and you'll have the 2010 with 6 months contract, since the months of 2009 transferred them to you to version 2010. at least isn't as overwhelming as other programs have them pay integers for each version that removed.


Who says that panda is bad!: Who sends the poor Devils having a pc of shit with 125 of ram or 256, having a 700ghz processor or 1.20 ghz. At this time games, antivirus, programs all occupied maor speed, is that these fools are complaining of k are the sims 3 les does not run, saying that a shit is game when elos has a pc of processor and ram 125 700ghz, obio which not going to serve, as the antivirus, anyone know pork nod32 is light? Pork virus detected but always mark error deleting and wing quarantine where you can go out and moves them Solo is antivirus and antispyware, up to fuck by the smart security who say that it is heavy that it slows down and spoken, only pork in the pedaso of compu no les served I'm using panda internet security 2009, and I am going is excellent I want to buy the 2010 , my pc is a dual-core 4.20 ghz with 3 gb of ram, enduring any game and antivirus as if nothing. Turns fast and everything Cambiense of pc, we no longer live in 1998 where the compus of 700ghz were the best we are in the 2009 actualicense, and if they don't want to, say, stop make negative comments only pork you not them served by the tuco that use.


CAREFUL WITH PANDA!!: I have hired three licenses of Panda Global Protection 2009 with validity until the 28 of May 2010, identified with the number of client 71897030. November 1 day I received an email from Panda could update Panda Global Protection 2009 to version 2010 without additional cost and duration until the expiry date of the licences. I proceeded to update but, despite repeated attempts I could not activate antivirus. I sent an email to Panda telling them the problem, that is have not deigned to reply. To my surprise, today on 13 November, on the computer that had proceeded to the update, a window me of Panda telling me that I should renew the service and redirecting me to Panda page, amounting I suppose reasonable, Panda renewed me Panda Global Protection 2010 license until May 28, 2010. I.e. to date initially hired in licenses of Panda Global Protection 2009, pretendiendo charge me twice for the same service. I have no technical knowledge to know if this brand products are better or worse to others, but a trade policy as that keeps this company defines them enough.

Activation: From the Assistant does not activate panda global protection 2009 took a month trying and I cannot. Number of client 81128489 name ccf22anjh7 password 4z3d26h6 astivacion cdl42l-37607704 code (end of service 2010-03-01 What do I do? should I delete antivirus+firewal? I have to download program panda global protection 2009?)


I do not understand: I do not understand how an antivirus so ranker can staff trusting him, I haven't seen program executed worse than this one, both standalone and network


Security vs. performance: After using multiple anti-virus solutions, panda is not exactly the best sensations I transmitted. But in this new 2008 version boasts an effectiveness very high in the detection of viruses and other threats (a fact that is actually true) we have a significant problem in relation to the resources it consumes. Obviously these resources are based on what you define as options, it is not the same as estee continuously analyzing different files to only look at on-demand. Are common mistakes of drops in the the antivirus service in addition to get to lock certain applications that serve little without access to the internet (software p2p, customers of mail, etc...) It is a solution antivirus for comfortable life, I have an antivirus and I despreocupo (automatic updates), but at certain times it is always advisable to opt for other external analysis (online from other antivirus solutions) since there is no 100% secure antivirus.


Panda: It is a complete program, practical, easy to use, simple... It could define thousand possibilities but for my the more correct would be: security. Gives you an impressive security first and foremost type threats, to me is the best.


Very good antivirus: An existed several Panda antivirus for me this is the best norton antivirus is worse than the panda


I like the panda: Me is giving results, much better than the avg 8 to not be as you may recommend, already not for anyone, or anything thank you panda


have done me pretty well: The truth is that the version in testing has been me pretty good, although it seems to me a little slower the truth is that he stops a lot of attacks and viruses, I have liked and is also easy to use...


Good only: I found a good antivirus for your firewall but there was a moment q had a problem with that antivirus let me spend some viruses and why I have bitdefender and kaspersky


very good suite! *: Panda Global Protection is without a doubt one of the best suite at present... It has a very good detection and removal before any code malicious that stands... In this version of panda, what I like most is its anti-spyware...I am using it I see that it is very good detectanto spyware... and your firewall also is excellent. This suite is very efficient.!* Recommend it! * Salu2!


Panda antivirus!: I think that panda is very good antivirus indeed. Panda protects you against all viruses and protects you against hackers. Panda does not occupy much space in memory, and best of all is that panda is always updated every day. I recommend Panda indeed. Bajenlo.


Excellent: Until a few weeks ago I had problems with the DVD player, but since I download & quot;AVS DVD PLAYER & quot; I am very happy with its functionality and easy handling, or end a player that is worthwhile and that is going great.


The best antivirus of all: For me this antivirus is one of the best since I've been with the 6 months and it has not given me any problem, before you try this antivirus, I tried almost all (Avast, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, etc) and none reached me to detect what is detecting me Panda. Kaspersky is not as good as described to me personally gave me false alarms and consuming many resources of your PC, ademñas has intrusion detector in wifi networks, which is one of the things that all good antivirus should have at this point. The AVG not cosume almost resources but neither scans well the PC, and the firewall leaves much to be desired. Avast is very light weight and its virus base is not very extensive, although they say otherwise. Definitely stay with Panda Antivirus and Firewall, since has shown me, as I have said before, for me is one of the best and that is not only facade as some say.


This program is not good... is great: The panda antivirus and farewall 2008 eta of luxury and the best thing is free! no longer complicate life and download it a Council: download, download and download what I liked about this program is that tienew a sensillez and efectibidad, while excellent and happy downloads


The new 2009 range... more light: Very good and complete security suite... I think it is very good antivirus, protects, and works pretty well... And really, this 2009 range is much more light to the previous years... the system starts without delay... This much better


Panda antivirus + firewall: This antivirus is the best and always put it to the test, makes me feel safe and in perfect conditions to my pc thank you softonic friends. Panda antivirus + firewall


It is not what it was: Panda has lost much with this latest version, it is virus where before had not, I lags the ordenador(cosa que antes no hacia) therefore panda has lost the enthusiasm that received my share of moemnto I prefer kaspersky, hopefully to the next version. In short an antivirus echo for those people that get not very well with the computer and who prefer simplicity above all.

tu asecino

Panda global protection 2009: For my panda is the mejor.y also eliminates any virus haci be Trojans or viruses.


One of the best: Longtime e used several anti-virus and the truth none gives me so much confidence as the panda for its new systems of detection, this excellent besides that ps already not slower the computer as previous versions, this is much more agile for me, I recommend it but if you have enough ram memory as so they feel much the same performance.


very good: It is one of the best antivirus I've had would say I better than kaspersky because I see every thing one installed or low question if add to close zone then even if you have a virus not detected I have had 2 and when I have the kaspersky and then install the panda detect me a lot of virus.


It is the best!: I love an antivirus so! It is the best thing that could create panda! The most complete indeed. But I can not use it long time since only we can get the evaluation!


If...: If you have reason, but who read this I recommend the avg 8.0 and avast 4.8 for me are the best antivirus in the world also nod32 is very good but came out a new version too bad I do not recommend them to discharge the pork pc are you will very slow


Panda global protection 2009: Very good suite of protection, only ke would be much better if not it took over so many resources on a pc... Salu2!


Panda global protection: It is an effec antiviru and efficient. The bad thing is that the pc panda encourages.


The best: It is the best antivirus for my as it has very good accesibildad and also is easy to use


Problems connecting to the internet by Wi-Fi: The appearance of the program is very good, it is Curran and seems to be fairly intuitive; However, the one time installed the program I had problems to open Web pages. I uninstalled it and I went back to install, but again no it allows me to connect to the Web. Another thing, I also noticed when the uninstall program does not provide its deinstallation, seems he refused to be uninstalled.

each look worse to make better use of the cyberdefnder: For me is an anti-virus software bad enough, by his greatness suck resources is great if you are looking for a good solution pa be trnakilo don't hesitate to download the cyberdefender antivirus security suite, antisyware.antiplisng, antispam, and all free


It slows down the pc...: So many things that you have this antivirus slows down you much the pc, if you have it you can realize by pressing ctrl+alt+supr:veras that you are consuming, their antispyware is very good but too bad that it is very slow.Also too heavy this antivirus but that if detect you all viruses and delete them!


Panda Global Protection 2009: Panda Global Protection 2009 is very good on the pc my not be nor a viru for Panda Global Protection 2009 all the virus the saca


Virus: For me this antivirus works well, but I don't understand why other ne it works, say that it does not detect viruses but with migo sip

Immunet Protect

Immunet Protect

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