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Would you like a free, agile and reliable player for your music and your videos? What would you be if in addition converts, organize your music and has several modes of reproduction?

Quintessential Media Player is the answer: has everything you need to play all kinds of audio files (including music CDs) and videos.

From the first time that 'Booting' program already you will see quality treasures. Quickly adds the music that you indicate, perfectly classified in groups, genres and albums.

Quintessential Media Player is very versatile, thanks to its three modes with different size interface (is avtivan with Control+1, 2, 3), their different colors and skins - you can download more than 300 from the program - and the number of options that you can deploy if you wish. Sure that you get a player to your liking.

Quintessential Media Player test, is a highly recommended download.

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Quintessential Media Player reviews


Unstable dove in terms of video: This player Quintessential Media Player is a normal player as anyone but occasionally play video is very unstable, although when you install also istala video codec you dial but actually only reads the following video formats files MPG:MPEG: M2V: M1V:AVI: WMV:ASF but I think that not have realized that the filesystems that are lower in video is in format mp4 because it occupies much less than other formats mentioned above is a pity now that I wanted to use your library to my videos but if you will get to use their library pra mp3 if it is recommended


Another more noooooooooo!: Tremendous program now which I choose is complicated when deciding... but good try to express my opinion I hope enough. This in English but there I saw a pack to translate it to Spanish. Best regards


NOP!: I didn't. The appearance is ugly and it is difficult to understand how that & quot; organizes & quot; the music...I prefer the AIMP.


Was swift to confirm as the best multimedia player...: Although always fantastic collection of skins use it as audio player due to its excellent sound quality, minimum use of resources of the PC, video playback was not very pleasant, however this version has fixed many things and without fear of being wrong I tell them that this is the best media player in 2009, try it and you will see because I tell you.


Very useful program and easy to use: I think it is a very nice program, it allows you to listen to the music of your choice while you are working with other programs without any problems, you can also record the tracks if problems... Excellent program

Eduin f...

Better than good: QCD is a great player too fast and facildeusar, maybe you should have some improvements in the appearances of their skins, global perolanota is that it is worth to have it installed as a player.,

Equisito is as clear as Crystal!: It is wonderful, it has always been the favorite of many, with ample reason, and this time even with video screen is completo.nada ask, this fantastic


Failure to improve: It's not bad when you want to listen to some music, a very valid alternative, but when it comes to viewing a movie, slows down the image.


versatile and excellent sound: Use this program long ago and left me with the on the excellent quality of sound that is warm and flat that is the point more Fort of the player most all functions beyond having a player, this always has to be faithful to the original sound and QCD certainly is


Athos450: It is one of those programs, that you see when you download and install, what is the very best I saw, very very good I recommend it really the best best, congratulations worthwhile to only be the maximum of 10, but would put him more votes.


The most effective to use CDDB information: I have used several to provide me CDDB information and any such


Surprising: With this player, I have no problems, and the selection of audio files is much more easier, than with others, and the appearance is not nothing wrong.


Very good player: I've been using QDC 4.51 and I think it is one of the best players that exist. easy to use, good sound and even video plays. Recommended


It is ok: Good player mould filling machine simple and functional with some failures, very good sound, but very good in reality.

Leandro Gómez

QMP: This is great player for users like me averages. It has moved to the large amount of players that I have tried and so far I don't think it changed! EXCELLENT


BEST WITH MMD: For me is the best player does not consume hardly anything about resources and is utilizar.pero quite simple if you use the mmd colors skin already is out even more especially in compact mode.


Bue... More "pa'lla ' that" pa'ca ': QCD, the rival nth of winamp and wmp, has been more than 1 year without updating a milestone. That means that... QCD has died.


QUINTESSENTIAL MORE POWERFUL: I repeat: this player is better than winamp. I suggest to get off called enhancer 017 audio compressor (softonic has it). When you install it, it has as destination the winamp folder by default. Just to address to the quintessential folder. Then run the program and go to plugins and strike the dsp option. There you will find the enhancer, activated it and ready The sound will simply improve a lot. The enhancer has its 'preset' and you can adjust it to your liking.


TRICK TO SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE SOUND: View successful opinion of david-snake (below) that there are them that sound much better, I propose the following trick: winamp.com lose the pluggin (dsps) enhancer 0.17 (eye, not the mp3 enhancer). Once downloaded install it by changing the route of winamp to quintessential player, start the program and a song and go to preferences/plug-ins/dsps and activate the enhancer check box. When is displayed, press set/presets/pop (or want) / load/ok and the team starts sounding to glory on Earth... This plug-in gives much problems in winamp that occasionally produces memory peaks that make the system (especially the mouse) become crazy for several seconds and even than they do two or more songs at the same time. However, in quintessential, behaves correctly and now we only need connect to the ordenata speakers of wood (enhanced clear is) so that sounds as never was heard on a computer. A hug to all / as


I proud and I am short...: Because, its exceptional playback quality joins the happy circumstance of being free (hard to imagine) and that of the author's website you can download skins/visualizations 57 (seeing is believing) and a number more than acceptable plugins/filters/codecs both input (reproduction) and output (Multiformat conversion). Between the input plugins stands out of mp4 for its versatility, breadth and effectiveness and that makes it take much less the output mp4 plugin, although I suppose that it will soon too be available (for the time being there is to resort to nero latest version that incorporates digital audio format conversion). This mp4 format is called to be the successor of the mp3 and to satisfy the expectations of those who we have always wished to store as much music in a minimum of space and with the best quality of reproduction, so that he finally stops ringing us to "Tin". And the numbers sing because with the "Packager" (audio and video) "compressor" (and not trimming as mp3) mp4 format is achieved (in variable 70-72 kps with weight of 1.2 to 1.4 kb per track) a quality similar or superior to the most high "decompression" mp3 (in fixed 350kps with weight of 12-14 kb per track). Just to know when they will be in the market root hub or external in the form of cd player players to not have to spend all day glued to the ordenata...


What was said: What was said by several already: If you are looking for bright colors and lights this is your player. Now, if you are looking for is quality of acoustics, not you went down it. It is also true that not everyone has the ear as demanding or developed, if this is your case you download it.


The very best in MP3 players: Quintessential player is perhaps one of the best (if not the best) of the reprodusctores mp3 thing now. It incorporates many of the functions of winamp missed but with many improvements, both visual and technical. The only drawback I see is that it has few plug-ins, in particular the dsp, in which there are few external programs that adapt to this wonderful player.

Pedro J.

Quintessencial Media Player now available: This program is being replaced by the new qmp and you can download it from their official website. The bad thing is that it can not be translated, hopefully someone with the time to do so.


The best in quality and eculizador and low consumption: The best options for mp3 and audio are quintessential playes and foobar2000.en quality foobar quintessential then takes her and winamp does not give battle to none by the amount of resources that consume.cosumo in Jetaudio 27 Winamp 17 Foobar mb 5mb to 12mb depends on if you are using ecualizardor.quintessential 5 mb and stenby 2.44 mb Foobar does not have a good eculizador and winamp better in that but if you want better bass and an eculizacion more refined quintessential is the calle.para lleba completion probe and evaluates various repro MP3 up to the jetaudio and truth I stay with quintessential auidio quality, eculizador, and the pareciado who have with winamp from the ease of uso.pd winamp I have been following since its version 2 but now I think that I already pass on consumption of mb and lack quality.


Diego: I have spent much time with winamp, and some time to try this program. I have now removed the winamp, and use only this, without a doubt is to my best, take less memory, boots faster, millions of skins that you download from the options etc. In addition, I never decided to change it definitely because not enconte any add-on/plug-ins to the mirc ircap. I've already found it, and it is very comfortable, so I have the same or more benefits he had with winamp. Maraaaaaaaaavilloso xd ^^

Pedro J.

And where is the Quintessential Media Player?: As already wrote above latest version of the qmp came out, to replace this betusto (but not negligible) Player, you can place it in the page oficail of the program: Quinnware.com The latest version is available from 14-09-06 and this is the direct link: Http://www.quinnware.com/start_download.php


THE best (at least for my): The truth is that this is the best mp3 player, but combined with the skin wamp. I've always used winamp but I decided to change and as this received good reviews I wanted to try it. At the beginning it was very exaggerated and colourful, but after installing the skin wamp change everything. Apart is very practical, since you can always keep visible and not having to always click on the start bar (I say so because not be called really xd) (for those who don't know how to keep it visible only have to press control + t). In the end, I liked all


There is a new version...Quintessential Media Player Beta.: Daregonu that the qcd is slow and is heavy?.. .venga yaaaaa... QCD is a good audio player. Winamp is one (or possibly the best player that there)... but in return for that?... It is a "Devourer" of resources. There is a new version, although still is beta... quintessential media player beta, you can download from the web quintessential.


Viva!: I have used this program for more than 1 year and never I was disappointed, since it is very stable, fast, light and free, as well as being fully customizable by the ability to install plugins... condecoro it as the best music player!


It is still the best: Despite the emergence of new players, the quintessential is still the best. You have tried them all and we remain confident in qcd. Together with the enhancer (dsp), the sound is wonderful. (for the new, the enhancer is a sound optimizer. Download Softonic and when is installed is redireccioona to the quintessential and pespues folder is the active going by dsp) Despite that the program not updated long ago, still has excellent sound quality and consumes very few resources


Terrific!: Excellent audio player. It supports some compressors Winamp (dsp) and surpasses it in playback. You are missing some features that probably in the following versions will add you (multi-window, crossfader, a variety of skins, etc). But so far the better player.


IT IS STILL THE BEST: This player is still the best, despite the emergence of others like cinemati. With compressor of audio enhancer 017, the sound is superb and excellent on win xp. This enhancer is also installed in winamp and works well, but in the qcd is superior. For those using the qcd in windows 98 and if the enhancer makes it sound becomes clogged or something, then can be downloaded free compressor called comp_wide. Once you lower the mentioned compressor, copied to the following folder: programaquinttessential playerplugins files and ready. Restarted the program, and go to preferences, plugins, dsps and activate the box of the compressor called "compressor & wider..." It also has its preset to adjust to taste. Enjoy it


How to use crossfade, midis and my opinion: The crossfade that say that you there is, is wrong, because it turns on after a little complicate your life (normal that they make mistake). Go to preferences and there plug-ins. Looking for reproduction and will be 3 If you have not changed anything. Select crossfade, and click Configure at the bottom. By the way this have looked it with plugin of Spanish, which can be downloaded from your website. Only you tangle with him and also search on google that is fast. My opinion is very good. It surpasses winamp and will overcome all. The skins are very accomplished. I have one iTunes, only had to go to the skins and the skins download option menu, or something similar (had the program in English). To be able to play midis you will have to download another plugin that is on the official website, but will give you Googling "quintessential midi", you must close and reopen the program.


The best audio player: If these tired of winamp (or want something new) download qcd, and overboard desistalando winamp... that I happened to mi.carga more faster than winamp and has many more options, converter... the sound quality to my seem equal... tine million skins and winamp playlists can be used, plays all kinds of files... the best


Critics of this program have no fucking idea...!: PA which wants it in Spanish, in Spanish, molestate in search in your website because in this idioma.este player is great, supports plugins as the enhancer 017 Winamp and a reduced resource consumption, is heard well and sessions can be recorded is radio type this shucast(bueno las que reproduce el winamp) you listen to them and record them at the same time, pa who says that it has few playback formats that go to the plugins section and get off pa play the file you want to but let's be frank, parete mp3 wma, ogg, what kind of files you want play?. You want to rip cds as also can, ties skins and that comes by default this very well with the option of power are a reduced skin and always shows encima.tiene more plugins as one pa record the songs you hear in the nero, cone, thank goodness that has few configuration options.


Without a doubt the best: Occupies little, fast charging, listening to the music of luxury. I have also a time using it and the truth is that you convinced me to not have to use any other

Mike Vazovsky

Excellent: A gem. Forget about winamp: is much more manageable, configurable. For the crossfading, you need to activate the necessary plug-in.


PROBLEMS WITH...: It seems the best of all the players, since it offers a wide variety of options both as a player and ripper, in addition to supporting a variety of skins, that are very colorful and like much to people. But I want to look good as follows: When one inserts a music cd to the hard disk in mp3 format, then one opens the box of dialogue recorded cd, what happens is that when trying to edit the songs and put them a name so rip them to the hard drive, this immediately pull out an error message, saying that it is not a library for this. As it is possible that this version do not bring this library knowing that the previous if tapeworm? Everything improved, but what a shame that they removed this option of truth that so did not much.


OKAY BUT I CAN NOT RECORD STREAMING IS TO MY I WANT: I'm also addicted to winamp but was looking for a program that would allow me to record the radio (streaming) files and I read the help of the program on this effect, and when record emissions of page that they put as an example www.shoutcast.com there is no problem but when for example try with cadenaser.com or m80 prevents me someone who dominate this program could lend me a hand? [email protected]


Really very good.: Normally used winamp 2.91 because it was a program that is confined to what I was looking for, very light and was a player of very good sound with any aspiration to play videos (latter not looking for it: d). This program, in my opinion, makes this a little more without plugins. For example, skin of the program I entered through the eyes from the first moment and the remote option is very comfortable. That Yes, never understand because they emperran "to get" to the good sound players the option to play video. I am sure that you have and you use best programs to watch movies and other videos that this or that of winamp.


A lousy player: A player who does not play midis, mp3pro or ogg vorbis, that is not a player, it is crap, so clear. Okay that the midi is a format with increasingly less adept, but is a format usada­simo in the pa web pages., since they occupy space poqua­simo That do not play or mp3pro or ogg vorbis, â © sto is unforgivable. If I give up listening to switch me to quintessential mi Música en ogg format prefer long before staying with the crap out of the windows media player. In this program have been concerned ma s by a graphic interface fica with pijaditas and decorations instead of functionality. I recommend much before vale than winamp, winamp of Yes not only reproduces org vorbis but there is need the corresponding plug-in facila­simo find. Windows media player, is slow to reproduce music and hangs very often, in the playlists, the end of a song and the start of the next flip, winamp a © sto does not happen. I am not of those contrary is carried by habit, not. But I am surprised it is valued so much to this program with the shortcomings that have. Recommendation: for audio winamp and realplayer video


Quintaessential Media Player: This new version, unlike the old brings many problems and yet, not many advantages... Maybe see an advantage in that if you want to disappear while listening to music, if it is only reflected in the home, next to the clock bar, with regard to the others better this version 4.51 very lightweight, stable, sound, valid for non-experts...


It does not work: To read the opinions here, I got to try it, but turned out that did not work...


The best of the best: That wonderful is this program It has many options and many but many skins to leave it as you like, I'm really thrilled. I like the playlist with integrated search, plugins that you can be loaded, the "quicktrack" (second button click and appear all your songs sorted by artist in the form of menu to have easy access to a song in particular), música(te muestra informacion deel artista, discos etc, a través de internet) Explorer, you can convert songs, edit tags, you can make music segments You can pass CDs to your pc in the format that you like, you can leave it and Spanish.... You can even control by simple clicking on the icon, and change the icons in the system tray. And it spends even more memory which is very important for some. Really, I think that everyone should occupy this magnificent program. I've tried several, but I'll definitely take it. The skins are on the page of the program, devianart, etc.


Very good and nice: This very well, is easy to use, loads fast, and the best thing is its sound if instalais sautéing best 017 this Softonic and is very easy to adapt it, I would like that it was translated into Spanish in order to use all of your options, if there is any way to translate it or any manual in Spanish I would like saberlo.venga! download already!


Very recommended: This player has like all strengths (such as skins or "Repeater" songs) and its weak (sucks enough resources), even so, I acknowledge that it surpasses winamp widely in many things.

Quintessential Player (QCD): It is great to listen to music is the best, even outperforms the winamp.


The better together with Winamp: This player asks nothing to none or even to one of the best as it is winamp and complaints that it does not play midis. We will closes them the mute in the official website there are all sorts of things to improve the player (plug-ins) and a lot of skins, this is one of the best programs I've downloaded Softonic and give him poor grades by the midis!!!!that no one already hears and that if plays seems a bad review.!! Apart does not consume resources clear if you want to use it on a 486. Bajenlo this very full every day you are new features.


Very good: Without problemas.agradable and easy to use.


Worse than winamp?: Of course not lol, I have had the chance to try both, and qcd consumes fewer resources and has the same functions as winamp. It is more stable. I've tried these programs on a k-6 less than 200 MHz, and this works wonderfully, while winamp is short. In appearance the winamp always had heaps, but most are desepcionantes, while in qcd the most (although less than winamp) are much better.

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