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RaidCall is a free program to chat in and out multiplayer video games. Used primarily for organizing and coordinating split into clans or groups. Its mode overlay allows you to chat during games.

Once created your user, you will discover that RaidCall handling is very simple. Chat rooms, to which you can join using the search box or by adding your ID, they function as a voice conference. Press Control to talk style walkie-talkie or click on the blue button to enable talk-around mode.

With RaidCall can also create your own room and share the ID with your friends. The user limit is 30, more than enough for most teams. For greater safety, RaidCall allows you to set a password for access, administrators and a black list of users.

RaidCall resource consumption is low (around 10 megabytes of RAM), being ideal for use while you play. Perhaps not as complete as XFire, but its lightness and good work are an excellent business card for the more hardcore gamers.

And users? There is a large community of fans of RaidCall also in Spanish, which shows the wonderful reception that enjoys this application in Spain and Latin America.

  • It is very easy to create new rooms
  • Search chat rooms
  • Free chat and push-to-talk mode
  • You can use while you play (overlay)
  • He doesn't have to choose a custom icon
  • Very little documentation available
  • Few fields to the profile

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RaidCall reviews


Excellent and can improve: Raidcall is a great application sobreotodo for those who are passionate players and we have groups in our favorite games and is lightweight, has great advantages in comparison to other applications of the same type. I think it would be excellent to its developers think in the option of creating a mobile version, for example in my personal case I cannot be always in front of a PC and therefore neglect my group while I disagree. With version Mobile could be more aware of my stuff without the need of PC.


TROJAN VIRUS: RaidCall has VIRUS Win32:Dropper - gen not you the download. Also infected at the official website of RaidCall


Great for Gamers: Good Ping, easy to use, free, little use of CPU and RAM is... perfect, but you could have more options as other speech programs


efficient: It is the most easy to use and more light thanks to that you can carry out your games without any lag problems in your online games no doubt to my best

Senior Rodrigo

Ideal: It is extremely over used. It is easier than other programs.


Very good option aside from the TeamSpeak: If maybe TeamSpeak is well known online gaming world this is a good successor. The ease of creating up to 3 free channels account is very useful, there is this option in TeamSpeak and make you your own channel/server is expensive or economically or for the time spent in doing so. I have not tested it with many users at the same time but it has worked, so far, to perfection. It is easy to use, very intuitive, easy to set up, shows you the ping you have at all times, you have a list of friends that you can write via chat outside the channel itself, or within it, your choose Alerts like to receive or not sound format... For me a very good alternative.


The only one for me: No problem at all hours of use. I've tried other similar programs, and at the end I have failed on occasion


not served: is this version of raidcall not this allowed the actualliza k


A fantastic discovery: The program is great, great discovery... many options, create a group is free (or several), you can create channels, subchannels... the group can manage quite well, General announcements can be or channels so people can see them when he comes to your group or any of its sections... supports Flash ads, and url's... and has very interesting optionshow a channel configure was can only read messages (Bulletin Board), as a channel to only speak administrators or to be a channel in which to hablarf you have to apply for & quot; the word & quot; (SHIFT and in order, with a maximum of 300 seconds to expose your opinion until you spread the word to the next... They can be ups and downs for the club, for profiles... I don't know, I liked much and free, ready at a time to play and communicate by voice. The quality of the sound, also very acceptable. Registering an account, well, easy, fast and simple.


Much better than Skype and TeamSpeak. + 10: This program is going very well. I used Skype, but I started to have a problem since I change of headphones. Sometimes people not listened to me, disabling me my microphone for a few seconds when while playing. Thanks to RaidCall I already do not have this problem. Others do not need someone hoste call. Nor does lack that you seek, as in TeamSpeak servers. And you can mute or ignore the voice to the users you want.


Unfortunately, the worst. : The worst program I've seen in my life. Fault aleatoroiamente, closing and showing a Crash Report that does not lead to any side. Zero documentation, zero troubleshooting, any forum that helps, or that is up to date with version 7. The website, apart from fatal go does not solve anything. I understand that it is a free program, but that is no excuse for such poor service, no other program you know failure "by Yes", faults or bugs corrected them in versions acualizadas, or the worst cases offer documentation or FAQ, thing that lacks this.


His version of RaidCall is not already allowed. Please upgrade to version: not me sive, k tells me to update and does not help give me the option!


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