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RealPlayer is a player and organizer media specialized in the reproduction of music and video streamingfrom the Internet

RealPlayer features

RealPlayer can play most audio and video formats. Not only their own formats, but also MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI and many more.

Its function of multimedia catalogue, where you can manage all your music and videos is also important: one that you have on your PC, on your MP3, CD music player or even what is more shared on your Facebook.

RealPlayer includes also some additional features such as CD recording, online guide (with links to radio stations from all over the world) or video formats converter.

Usability: Perseveration and patience are required

Use RealPlayer requires some patience and study to be able to access all functions of the program.

Some features are actually hidden: one is accessed with a button, others from a menu, and others think that they are, but they work only in the Premium version of the program.

RealPlayer is slow and heavy

RealPlayer is slow, and makes the experience with the program will suffer. Takes especially to open the catalog, but also guide online or start playing a video. And that, when playing.

In general, the feeling while you are using is instability and heaviness, as if the program is about to be hung.


RealPlayer is a dinosaur that is struggling to stay afloat. Offers a few interesting functions, but it is little agile, practical and too focused to sell the paid version. Only suitable for nostalgic.

About RealPlayer

The RealPlayer player was launched in 1995, focused and specialized in the reproduction of multimedia contents from the Internet. At the dawn of the net, became an essential program for listening to radio and video network. In fact, version 4 is included in the installation of Windows 98.

Since then, its popularity has been dropping as alternatives to enjoy multimedia on the Web grew. In 2012, RealNetworks had Real Player for Android.

  • Compatible with common formats
  • List of radio stations streaming
  • Integrated CD recorder
  • Multimedia online guide
  • It works slow
  • High consumption of resources

RealPlayer screenshots and videos

RealPlayer reviews


excellent application...!:


It is not worth for nothing.: Not use it and download music, and when I want to pass it on to the phone, they fail, and if they are cut.


I need help please: program is very cute, but to download it does not appear me in Spanish, and the truths that I do not understand nothing so I can not use it, what can I do?



Free low, you pay to see it: This program is a waste, you click and now want to charge, if you want to convert to mp3 also want to charge, we note that they have a hunger for silver.


Dead of hunger!: The downloader only in version pays. Crap!


Bad boy: no longer serves is a bad application because damaged it was the best now only is a player click more


REAL PLAYER IS THE KING OF THE GOOD DOWNLOADS: It is very good, but I can not download for wqindows 7 ultimate at chromw


excellent application...!: very good application, you recommend not be regret,


is not me:


help: How do I change the language from english to spanish? someone tell me please

interactive: I have not yet tried it on my pc but I say is that we will see well see what happens


cheveesresss: It is a poko slow download aunk is very chebere descragr not copy links XDXDXD


Bad boy!: Before it worked great then something happened and did not do anything good. The download button I did not appear anymore from the chrome and if button in the configuration option; was marked so we had to open the realplayer to swear and navigate from there (a real nuisance)... Lately after download youtube videos already not transforms them into any format and do not know if any new security or what. It no longer serves for what one needed it...


well but can be improved: is masomenos when the disclaimer are locked as if they are loaded


very good to download videos and music files: Really, like me it is very good with downloads and Yes serves with you tube, especially when I have no intention to download new version of java


well it is very good for descargarn many things ect.: to very good to download videos, music and games from the internet


: the trouble with real player is q all downloaded videos appear in that format and you can not play one hundred that program or in another format conbertirlo

extraordinary: you stand me a great program as part of download songs download also the video; it is very full


very bad this update:


the best program: I think a good program x does not say the best for incompatible formats of videoesta is the solution


excellent application, thanks: excellent, was the only application that I served on my phone and it looks great, I tried bsplayer, vcl, mxvideo... and only realplayer served I don't know if it is a new or old vefrsi´n but serves excellent if I took wave is that it weighs much more than other apliucaciones.


all profit not Sirba:


REAL PLAYER PLEASED TO LIFE : It is the most comprehensive and easy, costs nothing and produces very pleased to use it. Only missing the window that says what is downloading


INSTALL WITH ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT: What I don't like is that you have to install with administrator user and not with standard user


That it remove bugs that have: The only thing is that it fails many times, it does not leave the pestañita on youtube that does not let you to convert it to mp3


excellent: It is very good I like that I can record my favorite songs


Essential! the option to download videos from any site.: Review the already pointed to by Jhugs4 but is that it also has priceless option which you can download from any web video you want.Properly configured inevitable annouying ads just in free version which is what I have.

Yocy H

: fails much, for what is this downloading, you can not convert videos that low to mp3 even so if you are using another program to do so, it must be uninstalling and install it again so that functions well


Travel... pesadito, but effective.: Travel... pesadito, but effective. Download is fast, very fast.


REAL PLAYER EXCELLENT-.-I LOVE THIS PLAYER-.-: Feel wound my susceptibility to read the article of the opinion of the Lord of softonic with respect to such a wonderful player such as RealPlayer for me is the maximum if it is for nostalgic I will be nostalgic, if it is a dinosaur I'm a dinosaur... with one large quality both are current and running at 100% for my team it is not heavy works very well; I love real payer is excellent-.!


It only serves to lower xxx : It is not more than a player of the lot, to reproduce as VLC there best, download videos YouTube, Songr, or Ares, the only advantage is that you can download videos from pages such as for example, the of content erotic, from there to only you people who don't know which are some perverts or other programs use you.


ENOUGH ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: I had it installed and sometimes the download button does not appear, and you have to search the video from your own browser of realplayer, click with the secondary and download, a mess!.! THE UNINSTALLED


excellent in downloads: I think the same, for me is excellent. It also allows you to pass the downloaded videos to mp3 format. very good


Excellent! Clear with a few flaws...: This player is excellent, since it plays any format of video, has a converter very useful (although it is very slow and therefore very slow), a very intuitive interface, but has some flaws that do not have much importance as slow to load the video on my PC. In my opinion it leaves much to be desired. The converter is useful, but it comes default only a few devices, and create another type of device is very difficult. I think that could have more options in terms of the video.


The only player that gets worse in each new delivery: Many years ago I met this player, despite the technical limitations that had, played well throughout, but the latest versions come with fewer features than I had before, because I can not sincrnizar music to my ipod with this program, even recognizes it, to transform video to see them in PSP now I have the paid version, thing not happened beforeto watch a movie on DVD the latest versions before that I have now not reproducian, the program was closed, now I need to purchase the full version to watch a DVD, when many programs are paid for or cannot play this media without problems, surprised that other media players including windows media player have greatly improved this done otherwise that never is has been able to edit data mp3 files by referring to some bases data from the internet as they do some programs such as sonicstage or mp3tag or even windows media player


: I was very happy with it so far, but since I have upgraded to the new version, that is, not you can download videos from any site.This option has disappeared. Or already solve this same, or now I am removing this program and putting another. Real gentlemen, espabilen you! Kikerik.


The best Real Player is as follows:: EH read ke gives many probremas this interesting player but I have on my computer the Real Player version installed on Windows 7; the most interesting of which I have now is that also use the unloader of videos that has this good little program, and is now compatible with Google Chrome and Explorer 9 does not give me problems at all and is ke at the time of installation will ask the user to register then create your account, but that is not necessary to do sojust continue or close and ready. The best version is that Indian at the start I hope that you find it to my cost me some time, but managed it, luck.


THE MAXIMUM!: The best, very good the best program that can be installed over the internet to our computers to download for free videos, music etc. Congratulations and later!


The best: It is definitely the program. I have it in my personal and mothers-to-be pc, you can download any videos from web that is, in very good quality... who can ask for more


very good player: This very good porq with their add-ins you can download videos from almost all pages yconvertir the videos in the video format q conforms to your cell


RealPlayer: POS that I say that everything cool so far q update my realplayer and I realize that it not I can download any video from youtube or anywhere, and valio see..., therefore solve this problem, thank you.

RealPlayer more than a player's audio and video: RealPlayer makes delivery of a program that no doubt for many is a blessing for the options that it offers, it is still a great player both music and video, features a web browser, a very nice bibliotateca, but not for there the thing (here I wanted to arrive). RealPlayer includes a toolbar which you give the option to download videos from various pages like youtube among others this toolbar will be installed tento in Firefox and in IE, although the maximum probecho that can be given to this option is to do it directly from the own RealPlayer. Without a doubt this is the solution for those trying to download internet videos and that they have been dissatisfied by aTube Catcher, VDownloader, among others. In general they have worn with this player.


It's great I like very much recommend it : It's great: D! I really like I have it in my sister's House and it is great no words :)

domingo quiroga

the former real player running vien now 15 is a disaster : If mandarian something q work would be fantastic q send not bring videos 15 is a disaster


is very good and well-download : the only thing is that it is not the new version is not compatible with some browsers but the rest is very good


Do not download it!: Do not download it! It no longer has the option of downloading videos... That is to say... Already not worth it! even though says that if it is false!

Yagami Natch

Good choice as player : Excellent multimedia player, plays a lot of formats, both video and audio.


safe, reliable, and up-to-date: I like realplayer that is safe, reliable and easy to use both for one as well as for children


It is the best program: Like me, helps me to download the videos that I like, I am novice and this program is inspensable to me

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