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SMPlayer is an interface for MPlayer with an endless list of options to play our videos with comfort and without too many complications.

It allows to reproduce archives of video, DVDs, VCDs, and streaming video, offering support for multiple tracks of audio, customizable subtitles, adjusting the speed of playback, the image and synchronization, audio and subtitles.

SMPlayer has very good memory, so if we reproduce a video, the next time that we do so we can resume where we left it and chosen options, and offers filters for processing of videos and even karaoke.

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SMPlayer Portable reviews


perfect: Perfect to install a laptop hard drive if you have to play movies in any format on various computers in which you don't know if the player having to be compatible with various formats...


Impressive!: Excellent program, supports all formats, is lightweight, easy to use, delays or advances subtitles and voice if they are outdated, and much more. Impeccable and to be crowned: Portable...


SUPPORTS RMVB: It opens all the RMVB. Moreover you can find the file scanning. Or otherwise, the location opens and is dragged to the playback screen. Best regards


Player smplayer: Although it is not the best there is no doubt the msplayer q is a very good player as q plays many formats such as mpg, avi, flv and others, 3ggp at the height of vlc.


It does not support rmvb: Does not support this type of files, I have several movies with this extension and not open them. Best regards


After much searching: Hello. I have a laptop with Vista Premium, and I could not view many video formats. My computer skills are very limited, so after trying numerous players, couldn't that none worked very well, and I clarified nor much with the installation of new codec and remove the old in the Media Center of Vista. I saw this program, I've tried it, and I was thrilled. I can see videos that not once seen (vob, divx, and even quicktime) without any problems, with the menu in Spanish and best of all, without installing anything unnecessary or that may lead to conflicts. Decompressed once (takes little), from the same pendrive a simple click on the executable, and is already. Decompression requires the program 7zip, but also comes in format portable if you don't want to install it. I've been testing with different videos that before he could not see, and I have not yet entered into the details of the program, but in a first display of the menu seems to have, among other things, options sound interesting, and screenshot, by what seems to be very well. For the use that I wanted, it is perfect.


Save caleta: Buenisimo, remove troubles especially in lectures in the u. I recommend it to any area, you open it and play you almost any video


Valuation smplayer: I think a player more, although if appreciate the rapidity of his execution


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Multimedia player that also download videos from the Internet

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Full-featured video and audio player

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Media Player Classic

(2000/XP) revision 107r1
Media Player Classic

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Classic feel with this versatile multimedia player

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Media Player Classic

En espaƱol (2000/XP)
Media Player Classic

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Agile video player free, now in Spanish (non official translation)

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