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TIPP10 is a program of free code with which you can learn typing and practice your writing with the keyboard to gain speed and ease.

TIPP10 offers 20 lessons in which you must practice different combinations of keys. Thus, in the first lessons you will focus on the keys asdf jkl; and as you go forward we will be adding other letters, numbers and special characters, in the style of a typing course.

TIPP10 screen shows you all the keyboard, marked with colour codes, one for each finger. At the top will appear the characters that you must click.

After the exercise, TIPP10 gives you access to a report of the findings. The depth of this report is amazing: General statistics of errors and characters per minute, error rate by finger, rate of error and frequency by character, etcetera... amazing.

TIPP10 emphasizes by his intelligence when designing the lessons. The program analyzes the characters that you have higher rate of error and produces the following lessons based on them. Thus, each lesson adapts to your style of writing and your characteristics. Would that cost you hit with commas? TIPP10 will make out the double commas.

The only but that we find him TIPP10 is that it is only in English and German and that complicates a little learning, but this fact nor is also vital in order to improve your speed and efficiency when it comes to typing. Moreover, TIPP10 is a perfect tool to practice your typing.

  • Custom smart lessons
  • Comprehensive results reporting
  • Variety of lessons
  • It is not available in Spanish

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If it can be: Not everyone has a computer in which to work properly Dragon Naturally Speaking since it requires certain peculiarities, not everywhere, you'll find that program, so it is better to learn typing.


It may not be: It can not be that these programs, exist if there are already great programs like dragon naturally speaking, thanks to the, you can take your hamburger and soft drink while dictas you computer and dictas commands.


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Never again you lies with the fingers typing on a keyboard

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Learn to type fast, with ease and safety

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