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TypingMaster Pro is surely one of the best tutors to learn typing by and for the computer. You can learn the techniques of writing with a computer in a way that is practical, simple and very enjoyable.

The way of learning is progressive, with specific exercises depending on level and highly customizable way. All this in order to get a great fluidity of writing.

TypingMaster Pro is very suitable both for inexperienced people already learned on the subject, as well as being very useful in organizations with network environments.

We set the pace of the lessons, and when we complete them will see statistics that will be showing us the progress. We also mark the pace of learning, and if we get tired of the exercises we can try the game bubbles included.

Some of the features of this typing tutor are optimized learning technology, exercises with multiple forms, instant response, the dynamic revisions Wizard, multiple curricula, support for use in network, etc.

TypingMaster Pro supports Spanish and Latin American keyboard.

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fantastic in all the senses of Scripture: excellent, very good to learn how to use the keyboard keys and handle it efficiently

Julieta Alejandra

Best typing programs that exist.: I have used it for several months, is very good, not only carries hand who is introducing in learning, but it allows, who already have knowledge of long ago, correct bad habits, impressively improving speed, properly master keypad, allows also use text files that one choose to perform examinations and practices (i.e.(, if there is particular text that you want to study, you can use it in the program, thus, study this text while you practice the fingering) Although the practices of review for the domain of a particular character that hard work, very little, is always the option of uploading a text that incorporates the use of that character and so practice it whenever you need. I recommend it widely, speed and accuracy in fingering improved impressively.


Hello: It is a very good program works very well and till now all the time k it lleba using no and had problems and till now I write fast and best k before try it is very effective and fun.


The best thing in "typing": The best program for learning to type in a quick and simple, but very simple manner made me very easy to learn how to locate the keys and write more fast 100% recommend it


I love it : A lot, I like to advance typing, but only I could lower my test program would anyone know tell me how to get the completito program? Thank you

Dani Jovell

Perfection on the keyboard: TypingMaster is a program which allows you to improve your performance with the keyboard, that sometimes, as bad moves makes us... Thanks to this program you (to my ran me), you can write a lot more quick and get to write without looking at the keyboard. If you want to improve, this is your program


Very good but...: This program is very good, but as the assessment only gives you a few lessons and going when gripping the idea of the fingers with their respective letter... You can to download the full version, personally I leave with the desire to continue.


TypingMaster700: How to have a Prof of typing: D xD very good guys they recommend for my e very useful: D a way very easy and entertaining to learn how to use fingers: D!


It's great! I was delighted!: It is quite fun... very easy to use and learn, it explains everything perfectly... is good even for children.


Nothing boring: In my inetento by learning to touch type using different programs, but leaving them in principle by its simplicity, none brought anything new, they were just same as with another name, since I use TypingMaster things are very different, I already have more than half of the course and I am finalizing it. Indeed, the full course allows you to optimize your learning time and effort and looking forward to you can complete it in 5 hours.


A brilliant method and innovative: For years I looked for a program to learn how to type and they were all equal to proposing an activity mechanics that ultimately finished cansandome and I discouraged This program is something that sets apart it by far to others and how they go to guide the user with a dynamic method and at the same time very easy and intuitive It's almost a certainty that who use this program will come out knowing typewriting


It is very good: It is as courses k is paid to learn is great


Very good: Very well, it is I have at the Academy and the truth I have seen others but I see this more than others. I think to buy it because at home with the evaluation program I'm wanting for more.This well designed and learns quickly.It is entertaining and fun


Very good: It is excellent so I recommend I learned much is a good programa.chau


Not bass properly in my computer: Because that could not download successfully not I could use it, so I can not express no opinion; I don't know if I didn't download it or if the problem is the program.

Jorge Anibal

As it may be to anyone to know that this is the best.: I've tried typing programs most, and the final conclusion is that this is without a doubt the best, perhaps the only one who can reach the heels is mecanografiax 5.5 program. But this is more intuitive and better-looking, also introduces you of little in the learning of the letters, even you can activate the option of writing that you corrected already not in the implementation of the programme, but anywhere, all you need is time, which is not much, but yes much consistency, and you'll see that in a few months you have already mastered keyboardthe speed and the accuracy is achieved when you write. The latest version is the 6.21.


Very good: In the staff I liked after the used my skills have been much improvement.

GOOD BUT...: The truth is that it is good but then you get a little bored because it is always the same... But if you do not get tired of the set is truly well.


(Student Test) 1.1

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Never again you lies with the fingers typing on a keyboard

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Learn to type fast, with ease and safety

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Impressive open source typing program

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