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Video Cutter Max is a practical tool with which you can split your files video quickly and more comfortable impossible.

Let's say you want to select a piece of a film to a montage. The easiest way to obtain that cutting is to use Video Cutter Max, since you will only have to mark the starting point of the Court and the final point.

After that, Video Cutter Max allows you to choose the output format and (4:3 or 16:9) aspect ratio. Once done, give Start and stop Video Cutter Max is responsible for the rest.

The process is very fast, of truth, so if all you want is to cut a video and set aside other aspects of editing, Video Cutter Max is an ideal program to do this.

  • Very fast
  • It works perfectly
  • It allows you to choose between various formats
  • Built-in player
  • The design of the interface is not working

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Video Cutter Max reviews


Very great loss of quality: I do not recommend it. In addition to being very slow the target file it does not seem at all to the original in terms of quality. By ej. a file with bit rate = 10.3 Mbps divisions are only 1 550 Kbps


DRIED CHESTNUT!: Other so-called great program that does not fit anything. When cutting mpg completo the guard with a terrible quality, both audio and video.


A fiasco: I think the same as the previous ones. It gets a lot of garbage and you alter the configuration. I uninstalled it


worthless: Useless, short what he wants and then tells you that you cannot save avi format, when the original file is in this format and gives you the option to save it as well.


IF CONOSCO A PROGRAM MORE RAPID AND EFFICIENT FOR CUTTING VIDEOS: is sea fast cut video or audio files in atube catcher


I dared not to install it. Wicked: It comes with a lot of publicity. One seems to let her choose, but I noticed that the other imposes it. I chose not to install.


It did nothing: To start the program it did nothing, and not content with that installed I a (Yontoo) program that altered my firefox and IE changing home pages. I uninstalled everything and still even when making changes in the browser to return to open appears again google as home page (I had Fast Dial home page).



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It is divided, returns to unite and easily cut AVI videos

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Split video files into several fragments easily

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It unites in a single video track several VOB files

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DeFishr (64 bits)

DeFishr (64 bits)
DeFishr (64 bits)

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DeFishr is the ultimate solution for the effect Fisheye for any type of digital camera recordings.

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