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Winamp is a multimedia player specialized in MP3 very customizable by installing plugins and themes.

A player for all

Where Winamp really shines is in the audio playback, but it can do much more. It is compatible with MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA and almost any existing audio format: otherwise, surely you can download a plug-in for the format you want.

It includes a complete multimedia library from which to manage your music and videos, so if they are on your PC as in services online or media players (also smartphones).

Some of its features are: full EQ, list management playlist, format converter, notifications about the current song, compatibility with multimedia keyboard...

Power and simplicity

Winamp is a multimedia player with great potential hidden behind its not overly sophisticated appearance. Navigating your complete and complex options you will notice that Winamp is a program that you can set to your own liking.

However, if all you want is to hear music, the buttons and options are well visible in the main window (or, better still, use multimedia keyboard...)

The player of a thousand faces

If you don't like the look of Winamp default, you don't have to change it: on your website you will find thousands of skins of different issues.

Install a skin - or skin - is very simple. The only thing you need is to download the file and open it. Winamp will change appearance at the time.

A dinosaur that still has a lot to say

The golden age of Winamp already spent, but it is still a very interesting and effective player for all those who still listen to your music collection in MP3, rather than streaming like Spotify or iTunes services.

Winamp is a real dinosaur of computing - the last time that included a new feature, these still populated the Earth - but manages to survive because it is a stable and high-quality product.

Differences between Full and Lite version

The Lite version of Winamp is a trimmed down version that lacks some features of version complete such as video playback, support for skins or the converter.

However, these options can be unmarked also during the installation of Winamp Full, if you choose custominstallation.

  • Modern and functional
  • Light for what it offers
  • Remote playback
  • Improved library management

Winamp screenshots and videos

Winamp reviews


Excellent!: Very good, if you can hear the difference between having and not having equalizer, apart of that player is highly customizable, colours and everything:)


Is it Malware?: It will not let me download it. Avast gives me jumps with a threat of malware...


Unmatched: Once you try it, not change it on the other. I have 10 years to use it.


Good: Winamp never fails to be a classic has many modern and attractive themes recommended for those who love the good in eye-catching designs wing time to listening to your music or watching your videos

very great: the best play in good toodo program the truly serious little say it Winamp even way too good comment

Maria Bcn

Winamp goes away :-(: I have just learned that Winamp disappears on 20 December, a pity!


EXCELLENT..!: Very good with wide range applications. Very functional. Excellent.!


Good: good aa


Winamp is very bad: It is a M... No sound nothing stamina Aimp3 lml is a lot better C: is almost equal to winamp but muchisisisimo most improved


Winamp works and leaves you satisfied: Winamp is a program that works beautifully and comes in program, prtable and skins very divertds for all tastes in the page and to create your same is excellent.

Maria Bcn

Winamp goes away :-(: I have just learned that Winamp disappears on 20 December, a pity!


WINAP is a player that starts slow: WINAP chilero player but at the beginning is very slow is this defect that has


nothing more to say Winamp, it is the most: I'm a fan of music, Winamp has satisfied me, I install lots of music, I can be hours listening, thanks Winamp... ha, with a excellent sound


Simple, classic, quick and effective. Download now!: It is simply beautiful to listen to music in this program, very quick, easy and useful, even if I have it in English, but surely there is how to put it in Spanish. Download recommended 100%


Very good : It is a super player well I loved it, the only problem is that it takes a little to open but then is perfect


A-C-T-U-A-L-I-Z-A-C-I-O-N: This chingadera will never happen in 5.6?


THX, multichannel, DOLBY DIGITAL don't work in WINAMP for Windows 7: The use for several years saying closed eye which is the better player, especially if you have Realtek 97, but with HD audio output, multi-channel, you want to take advantage of not only the ability to multichannel but the quality of the DPS as Prologic, Dolby Digital, DTS capability, filtered THX and all the luxuries that now gives the sound for users who can pay more for a neat and comprehensive audionot only noise and indiscriminate low. Returning to the story, winamp is was more to get juice to the online services that improve your support DPS if we speak today on day of windows 7 up, if you have a card sound blaster, for example the Recond3d or 3Di, winamp simply omit it, since not take him or 10 per cent of its capacity and quality, for those who have a sound card as this will know that it's like having a denon hifi component in your PC for only 100 dollars, that if you put each speaker quality not lower than 250 dollars, you can connect a hometheater by input optics or a speaker as the 906 logitech THX and dolby digital. Today the only players I know giving sound hifi DSP of high quality are POWERDVD12 or JETAUDIO, it will be fixed, and have better performance.


Excellent multimedia player ever developed.: For me the best multimedia player that exists, since it is constantly updated without losing its original characteristics.


Grosso!: It is inexpensive and simple I recommend it for amateurs use it in my work and let me to paw!try it


Winamp: for my taste, it is one of the best players, and easy to use... it's free! on the other hand it allows me to open several different files when playing, this makes me more easy to hear only what I like =)


It is not as good as they say: It is not so good, does not tolerate files in flv or has many difficulties with them, also has very slowly to start and does giving errors (these mistakes been dragging them from other versions). In order to play a video with winamp, not always starts playback, I do it manual, you have deficiency in codecs, that is a little pain in head. So, never going to be the best media players as they say is softonic, (is the VLC senoraso light years). VLC has flown, has all codecs in the world, runs from Pearl, has super tools, etc. For me winamp is panzaso or seven, seven and half not eights and nines as they say.


It is excellent Winamp: for me it is one of the best music players... I love has many things. to advanced much winamp


The best player of all history: I've tried several players and I'll stick with Winamp for its stability, design, ease and quality of reproduction. My songs are safe with this player that, undoubtedly, is the best of all.


for beginners and experts: easy to use for the common user... and with multiple options for users more experts, also there are very fluid plug-ins to extend its functionality, I recommend the dsp type.


The better if a doubt.: The best player that ever to play music. I have read some reviews claiming excessive consumption of resources... If 27 MB of memory physics think much... where we're going to stop. Whatever they say, Winamp is and will remain the best Audio player ever created.


A monster that still stands in the world of Audio: This program is and remains the best Windows Audio playback. Not no complaint when assessing it.


Winamp: Malisimo, resource-intensive, the audio quality is not the best, I'll take the aimp 3 beta

Winamp 5.58: Winmap is a super player not only reproducce music and videos also allows you to emit radio have your own broadcast from your home to broadcast radio, you must install the shoutcast is very good program.


Super in the CEL...: I have it on the xperia and works biensisisisimo...!, sound quality excellent, and the appearance is the same as the computer

The best of the best: That say Winamp, simply the best player, for three simple things. It is very practical to use its features somehow improved in this version. It requires few resources to run. the Organization saved files or in reproduction is very orderly, maybe without fear of wrong the more orderly.


The Pope of the Pope: Not anyone dethrones it for now, it will be the best forever. They have left good skills but is still the number one.


not this good... this super great.: as this super, super efficient program... I think it is the best of all the programs... and with a wide variety of very nice to do unique things...


Winamp is exceeded: Music and much improved video player and gives you the option of internet, without leaving the program.Good sound, as always has had this player.You always have a favorite song, you can add it to your Favorites, etc.


Winamp: the sound quality is a disaster, I decided to download plugins ulgunos of page but with sound enhancers you can hear well, I had to uninstall then of disgust that I caused, I now use aimp2 v2.60 and is a luxury sound beside this program quality


Winamp alternative : It is quite simple and doesn't take up much space, has good sound and also can handle without problems.


spectacular player: the truth that is a player for multiple formats and very easy to use. It has multiple functions and built-in equalizer. Easy installation and quick access. You can listen and put in playlist to various topics


The best music player for Windows: For me it is still best player that there are for Windows, and the truth is that it shows in everything. I mind I have put in the cd that I am not going to reveal and Winamp recognized me all the songs and no Windows player. The only bad thing I have is that when I install a cd and I get the AutoPlay and choose Winamp I have hung. To watch movies the truth is that it is not bad. You enter words advise it for windows.


One of the best: Before I had winamp, but I left it as the sound had others that sounded better, I have spent recently to the latest winamp and Android and the sound is something spectacular is iniguanable, the videos if you have the codecs installed never really a video, but that does have a library that you can put whatever you want is a little metijosoIt bothers me, but the associations takes them very seriously, because siquieres see a video with windows media player, winamp goes in the foreground and is not seen by the codecs and tells you that there is an error and that windows will attempt to resolve it, so you have to choose the player before viewing the video, but good for music I think it is the best


Peter: For a long time had ceased to use this program for particular reasons, the question is to return to this and here's me many facilities for its use, it is easy and fast and I feel very comfortable, you give athanks Softonic


The best reproduction program: It is easy to use, takes up little space on disk, plays almost any format, you don't have to be an expert...


Very good: For me it is the best that I have used because others that I have used I have put a disc and I had to go from song to song whenever it ends and having reproduced at the time.


It is the best of all music players!: I've tried all the best-known players and always return to winamp, is the best in all respects: Organization of music, auto-tagging, visualization, a plugin can record radio broadcasts over the internet... The only flaw is that it only has a skin that is worth having, the Big Bento, the rest are too bad, but well, we are satisfied for now with change the color to the skin. The best of its kind!


is a good player: previously use it much but then leave it to use, since I started to use another player. well makes me I decided to use it again to see that both had changed... at first glance not to changed muxo... but quickly that if you notice... Recommended.. .excepto that Windows 7 is somewhat unstable... not is if in other systems it will be... To my was I Hill twice while played an album and once when you leave it in pausaen the win7 lacks Polish with windows 7 compatibility, leverage this interface...


is very good: Winamp is too good is the best player in the world has an incredible sound and many other things


Very good: I think it is a good program, I like the library because from there I can access any media that I want to use. Furthermore I have much visual information, for example I can see the folders of audio while I listen to music.


Help: Hello just download this program and install it, so me ah gustadk much, but bothers me whenever I put play opens the display window that bothers me I want me to stay on Library How do I? Do I have to install or modify? Set up? Thank you


Winamp 5.581: It is 100% practical, easy to install and when tuned the radio sounds clear in lima city peru. It is worth to use software, congratulations, download not be regret.


personal opinion: It is a good reporoductor and is more sophisticated than any player but I have uaduda this prodicto when one installs is already rsgustardo? or to get the serial because I understand that all winap gets serila so not be venca


Winamp... I give him a 10 total... Best audio and video player: Winamp has improved much since its version 5.57 since there accumulates us missing codecs for video mkv to flv with the novelty of avi (divx and xvid) are added to the collection... It is unmatched since suuu presentation until the end of this, it is good to manage the library and their searches... Recommended 100%... :)

Vïctor more

It is one of the best: In so many formats that there are today in day is one of the best suited to our times, version test sometimes is locked only q 20.2.o11 an a search engine for winamp, and if you want more format so have no problem with some applications will be better q buy one full but it is a spending inesesario q is almost the same,,,


(32-Bit) 11.1.3

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