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Windows Media Player 11 is a player for audio and video, with a complete library and other extra functions.

More than a simple player

Like its predecessor, Windows Media Player 11 offers audio and video playback, digital extraction of CD Audio sound directly to WMA (with or without protection) or what would be the reverse process, that is, burn to CD videos or music.

Windows Media Player 11 library has been enhanced to provide better functionality and maintain ordered our multimedia files, whether come these drives, portable devices (like an iPod or any other MP3 player) or online music shopping.

Customization to the maximum

Imported directly from Windows Vista, this version for Windows XP Windows Media Player share virtually the same appearance (and many other things) with the previous version, although you can customize is downloading themes, plug-ins and visualizations to mold it to our liking.

Good performance and ease of use

This latest version of Windows Media Player for Windows XP offers excellent performance, and is very easy to use. If you're not especially demanding with your player multiimedia, the popular Microsoft program is a very good option to enjoy your music and favorite videos.

A safe bet

While there may be players with more features, Windows Media Player 11 complies perfectly with its goal, making it also hassle-free for the user. A safe option for those just looking to enjoy music and video without problems.

  • The latest version for Windows XP
  • Outstanding performance
  • Easy to use
  • Good search functions
  • We need to validate Windows to install it
  • Not reading DVD
  • Synchronization of devices limited

Windows Media Player 11 screenshots and videos

Windows Media Player 11 reviews


Is not necessary, and will could do even more with VLC...XD: It is bad... capabilities are not good, and also has many shortcomings of software

Synchronization of the covers in mobile device: I have my WMP 11 library with all the covers and multimedia information published in accordance with the metadata that are given on option & quot;Search Multimedia information & quot; in that year, edit interpreter, covers etc... The problem here is that if the data (year, interpret, Album, genre etc.) and music are passed to perfection! But the covers of the albums are not passed, my question is why? or is there some trick? The portable device is a Sony Walkman Digital Media Player NWZ-E443, according to your owner's manual if you must pass the covers. Yes please someone I could help in this case. Thanks & best regards team Softonic


Everything has an Achilles heel: Since that I've tried (in 2009) I've noticed that this player is pretty poor in the field of audio and video codecs. If you do not install external codecs (such as k-Lite Mega Codec Pack) you simply won't see the potential that have other codecs in relation to the already archaic WMA and WMV respectively. In addition, the requirement to validate it is annoying, since if you have a copy of Windows not genuine, you will give a few good headaches to install it and use it. In the other was a good program.


Always improving: Windows Media player since its inception has always been improving incorporating tools varied in their versions, without forgetting the aesthetics. Now also WMP is comfortable, easy to use, it also offers several utilities from playing multimedia files, copy audio, manage media files, it has tb tools recording, etc. It is a very complete program. Although they occur today unveiled a wide variety of video formats we have k lite codec pack to complement this excellent player.


If your Windows copy, do not install it.: Like the Windows Defender, Windows Live Messenger 2009, Microsoft Security Essentials 2010 and other products from the same developer, this is also valid if the license of your operating system is genuine or not.


is good but ask validation: not like this Player 11 windows since it asks for validation and its functions is complicated, but I recommend the player windows media 10 and vcl player are real good and free...

[email protected]

Windows Media Player XI: This very good player by its multiple options, plus the utility of search in internet videos and music through the player is very useful the only downside is having to have genuine windows in order to use it.He is the best player that conozco.lo recommend but very careful, if you don't have original windows may cause side effects in addition to not being able to use it.


Good but missing wmv 2012: no improvement in development of codecs looking like a finished program years now despite being updated, d making it a trick to prove authenticity your OS. Seems to only improve for more machine, something merely economic does not have q do with their quality


FOR THE BEST MUSIC AND VIDEOS: It is one of the programs that this company has managed to improve on the way as you achieve the reproduction of videos and music. Figures of Fund according to the chords of the sound are excellent that transports you to a dance (Disco) Hall.


$moneda$: very good this version of the player good taria aunq put an amount over varied reproductions bone more formats for the may q to play with this player...


Windows Media player 11, excellent program: Very good excellent producer to save my cds and watch my favorite movies

erix 2010

the best audio and video player : This player is only compatible with Windows xp this player plays different formats of audio and video for example: wav Mp3 wmv looks more technological and is very simple to use everything that one needs the player needs it.


It is very good, but it can improve: The truth is my favorite music player, and once downloads codec pack is better, the library is very attractive because it shows much more organizafa and also integration with other microsoft products like the zune and the xbox 360, but has even those annoying small flaws, should come with codecs once and sometimes locks with videosat the end is very good and take only good view (presentation), but like all programs, it is not perfect


The best player.: This player plays its role, play. This player is great with Windows Vista and Windows XP. I love your interface. I recommend it. Without doubt the best player


I TRUST YOUR QUALITY: Until today I have had the opportunity to install the WMP on my pc. Consequently my opoinion remains on hold until work on it, but, knowing the quality of previous versions, I think that it will remain my favorite. Thank you.


yeferson1272: It seems to me that it is one of the best players that exist, have overcome the only past failures is increasing capacity at the reception of the different audio and video codec.


I can't give my opinion: I can not comment, since enquiry to repair my computer and the uncle I install a windows xp copying, why do not I have seen that such is the windows media player 11, I would like to know that I can do to remedy this lack.


I liked East program easy to use: This easy program I liked to use and also is not like do I walk in an I not original greetings find out more about this marabilloso product


Espero and more fast...: Seems to me q this windows is really good, this update is more rapid and more novel, and live softonic x these programs graciasssssss


only for original: Hurts to only install in the original, if they installed a copy to us pirate to have guilt as we pay for all equipment and software, in addition to not pass validation is not installed anything, fortunately does not appear any sign or the famous blue asterisk, I simply stay with the desire to know him, greetings...

el iniero

Windows media player the best: because the best windows is media player 11:-with Windows Media Player can play all kinds of multimedia files as well as make other actions as digital sound extraction from Audio CD (in WMA format or unprotected), burn music CDs and videos, tune in to radio and TV stations online, etc. -because this new version offers enough improvements over the previous 10 version. In particular, design restructuring some functions and categories has been improved, optimized library and included support for purchase online media products (CDs, DVDs...) -Windows media player 11, one can hear, listening to music etc.


Troublesome but useful: It is not my player favorite since its release 11 since that single version is notable for its style and nothing else. It is problematic since it does not allow me to rate my caniciones correctly, it tends to stir all the songs when I start it. For me this single player would be useful in extreme cases now that in my opinion this little codec and I have to download them from klite code pack. Me is only useful when my player homocinema not can run fine my videos or when to upgrade a version of my itunes.


Very little support: It promotes the monopolization of the media to always (wma/wmv/avi/mp3) formats and avoids that as a user you know best and most advanced formats. Only count with the support of Microsoft and not with the hundreds or thousands of independent programmers who support a free player. Microsoft does not intend to give support to the growing list of more advanced formats (mp4, aac, 3gp, 3g 2, flv, avi/divx5, mtk, m4v, and the list keeps growing). It does not support because he knows its wma/wmv formats to 'lose' before them. I've seen videos high quality visual and auditory mp4 to wmv videos better and lighter. Packs de codecs that go are not safe, even for the player but for the operating system, for DirectShow exactly. These packs are risky and destabilizing the system (I have lost the sound for these packs). Or fail to use it as a tool of monopoly or better to do aside and give opportunity to the players free


It is good but because this old: This version is lleguada at the moment in which went to the vista windows world but in a version for xp although this version is relatively old compared to the windows player 12 for windows 7 which has a better definition of sound and all sobrer plays most formats of sound to film

joe alexander

does this player wmp for vista?: Hello, ps I'm looking for wmp for windows vista but I can't find it, my question is if I download this player from softonic that says for XP operating system, helps me to windows vista or that would have consequences, you agradeseria please help, my system operating is 'windows vista basic' and the player stopped working, so I'm looking for the wmp for vista


The film and the music perfect complements: Great player, with very good picture and sound and many ways to personalize it, I hope that you go slowly updating. A good option to enjoy as if you were in the film.


excellent: firm and simle handle is very good player by its multiple options, plus the utility of search in internet videos and music through the player is very useful, good player.


Very basic.: If you want a better player I recommend - TheKmPlayer if you have few resources - Gom to watch movies - Winamp to listen to music and videos - Aimp2 to listen to music at very good quality - VLC for anything is excellent.


Windows media player: good poedemos set this player as the best of the players that has existed in the market and is the best also some of us we have in common saying that it may improve however this takes away you the post. its fluids and the m, anera that plays music and videos is something that none of the players can do and with this term I hope you like it says goodbye to abop14.


Always the best!: This player will always be the best reproduction thanks to Microsoft with better appearance, this is the best! Better usability.


Media 11: To date is the best player I've ever had, there is no doubt that it is the best, their applications and how to reproduce the rolas come to me...


Maso!: pretty good but version is quite old q I hope the xii have the q xq hope this version is ase because as more than one year I hope q will strive in the next version

davo rm

Super bully loko: This very good player by its multiple options, plus the utility of search in internet videos and music through the player is very useful good player... this all machin, not me this konmadre kejo


always being renewed: For people who like to watch videos, listen to music is a good choice, very simple to use and it is not complicated; I hope to continue with more news.


Windows media player11: good player good for windows xp excellent best speed access to the internet in music stores


very good: For me is the best player that there is, then also use vlc, and nothing more, with those two, I am satisfied, and they are also free of charge.


BAD AS THE PLAGUE, FROM 9 TO 12.: Where you put KMPLAYER not needed to install you codees since it has them built-in. If Windows can only only, with some formats. It is not capable of opening files FLV (YOUTUBE). Often refuses to work with so many films.


Good player: For me it is one of the best players. I do not like this version of the player is not showing you the total duration when you have a play list, whether it's music or video.


media player: media player I like because it is more easy to my I love music I love all the sfunciones that has


This modern: It is like the average windows 7 windows player and this is the player that I say.Much more modern than others


Slow and useless: The player is slow and unhelpful and unfortunately we are condemned to host it on our hard drive Windows XP users, should Microsoft require a tool to get rid of this junk that does not allow other programs to handle multimedia files on our computer, hate the contextual menus that installs and not leave that other programs are associated with the extensions of audio or video. Also plays a very limited number of formats (can open MP4, FVL or 3GP? these are essential formats), I think that the only good thing that has is that it reproduces the WMA with excellent quality (actually perceive) but since this is because it is a format of the program and because Microsoft does not release at all. Or to speak of the insecurity that having it on the PC, the amount of virus and spies that passes, is also wrong as often leave patches, by God! take out a version descente that does not have to be arranging and arregandose every day (or perhaps hour!).


good player...: good player... but you could update... xq version 11 takes a lot time already... so q... and then q do not eat as many system resources because lags a little computer progress


EXCELLENT PLAYER. THE BEST AMONG OTHERS.: WMP on my computer goes very well and when I installed the Full Pack Codes its functions were then excellent, be finished completely headaches. I recommend it to all those who have faced similar difficulties aaahhhh and if you install the Pack Codes will immediately notice the good results. There will be videos of the version that is that they resist. As for the audio, it has also improved considerably.


Maxina Decilucion: does not exceed the previous, you download it asks you for the serious that this Chinese search for him, but to find it and install it always asks the serious you, which is an unofficial file, etc etc. Too bad I thought that was superior or better than the previous AAAA I forgot to tell you that it does not write to cd.


For me, the best as usual: Windows Media Player always have used it and always considered it as the best player, though is that there are players better as the AIMP, Winamp, VLC, among others. But I am in the habit, i.e., have in mind that this player is my favorite and consider it as the best. Especially for its design and interface. This version 11 of Windows Media Player brings more features such as changes in your media library, where each song shows more detail on their album, year of release, image of the cover of the disc, name, etc. And it also offers a highly acceptable interface, which would be the same as Windows Media Player 10, but instead of celestial blue tones, is a black colour. Usually, this version doesn't change much compared to previous versions, both as the 9 version 10. Noticed more changes are in the interface, and in the media library (as explained recently), then all this equal, supports the same formats, menus and options are the same, the visualizations when playing a song are the same, etc. To install this version of Windows Media Player, must have genuine Windows as request validation during installation. In the event that the installer does not exceed the Windows Genuine validation, you shouldn't become a problem, we can install previous versions like version 9 or version 10 which is extremely similar, that do not ask for validation. Or you can even install other players. No doubt is a very good player that & quot; by my usual & quot; It is the best I have used.


Wpm11: This mu well but and had problems with the Xke Player library within a time is the Reproducer does not record me files and e had k uninstall... aor teng the wpm10 and mui going well...

ozkar 123

Windows Media Player 11 a great free and full development: WMP v11 (windows media player 11) is an excellent program for playing multimedia on your computer the formats supported are various: MP3 (audio) is an audio format in high quality without loss of volume, which is used mostly for its ease of reproduction and its compatibility. WMA (audio) is a low-quality audio format or loss of sound which becomes heavier, but with less volume or sound radio, normally Windows Media Audio formats is only played by Windows Media Player since it is the only program with licenses. WAV (audio) is a format of windows without loss of sound sound, these archives reproduce more eco and waves sound they reproduce quickly and in high quality MPEG (video) is a format or the format most used to be the most variable and known that the videos are in high definition and fast but heavy AVI (video) is a high-quality video format but most of the time is not heard or seen WMV (video) is a video format of windows which only opens with windows media player for your licenses the player now has better appearance than the 10 it is more advanced and is not so difficult ayar files as in previous versions if it was, you can see more colors and more formates already than before only WMP played formats (WMA, WMV, and WAV) windows for its lack of compatibility. until now the windows media player player not able to play flash video which is a disadvantage. in this new version already you can navigate in online stores from within the player, multimedia stores are: Farolatino.com Tarabu.com/esmas among others, however in previous players not be could This is windows media player


Cool windows music player: I think that this updated version is very cool because it has many more features, burn, sync your music, among others. In addition to having a very attractive visual image that outperforms many other music players.


Very attractive design: This is a version that gives it a twist fully for those who wish to have their player a day with last it that comes with windows, in this case & quot;Windows Vista & quot; same design as above, only that in a different color.


the best: Without doubt the best player, it has everything, and increasingly is growing more personally a best windows applications.

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